Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Schadenfreude Dicax Ankle Boots

Strappy Ankle boots for Collabor88!  Spikes are optional.  For feet completely hidden, these will fit most standard sized ankle bodies, for both men and women (Belleza users may need to use the "Slink fit" feet version of their bodies to switch to standard ankle, though depends on your shape as to whether you will need it).

20 colours to choose from, singles allow you to change buckles, spikes, and zippers- packs and multiple singles also let you mix and match leather sections: boot outer, toe, sole, and each strap.

At this Collabor88, until October 6!

Friday, September 3, 2021

Schadenfreude Mini Cauldrons

Little cauldrons at RITUAL!  Available empty, or with your choice of 3 succulents.  All cauldrons are texture change with pastels, metals, and blacks options- 13 colors to choose from, each with your choice of blank or 3 embossed front designs: a pentacle, triple moon, or triquetra.

The empty cauldron comes in three versions: no handle, handle down, and handle up.  Each is 1 land impact at small cauldron size, and stays 1 LI even when scaled up a bit (but not forever, as is the nature of mesh).

There are also three succulents that come in cauldrons, each plant with 6 or 7 texture options: Curio rowleyanus/Senecio rowleyanus (string of pearls), Aloe vanbalenii (crawling octopus), and Cotyledon tomentosa (bear's paw).

At RITUAL, September 2 - 22.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Schadenfreude Neon Royal Crowns

Celebrating the Neon Eons birthday at Collabor88 with crowns!  Each crown comes with three options- with a black crown edged with lit neon, and open neon with and without the bottom circlet.  The Crown is a large crown built to be worn on the head (more or less).

The Floating Crown is a mini crown to float (or wear perched atop the head).  Each crown includes a HUD with a number of neon colours to choose from- you can also tint the neon yourself and then choose to "set" it on the HUD to update the glowing effect and light.  You can also edit the light and your settings will be remembered (if you wish to not have it lit, or wish it to be brighter or dimmer).

At Collabor88 until September 6.

Schadenfreude Ramune

Ramune that isn't quite the normal flavours, at the Okinawa Summer Festival!  Each ramune is texture change with options to choose from.  Ramune Time includes various times of day, with sun or moon marbles, and if you wish, stars for the night.  Ramune Gems has replaced the marble with a gemstone, and has a few suspended inside as well- Ramune Hearts and Stars have appropriately shaped marbles with suspended objects.  Hold them or rez them at 1LI each.

At the Okinawa Summer Festival until August 31.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Schadenfreude Candles on Skulls

RITUAL is a spooky themed monthly event that sparked my interest (being of a spooky sort myself)- for this month there are new drippy candles on animal skulls for it, to softly light all your rituals at home!  Or in the woods, I'm not judging, just don't burn anything you don't intend to burn, ok?  I'm not down with wildfires.  There are three animals to choose from.

The Pygmy Caprus skull from a pygmy goat; the Felis skull from a cat; and the Equus skull from a horse.  Each comes with a HUD that allows you to choose from bleached or yellowed skull, and from a selection of drippy candles in brights, pastels, and neutrals.  Touch to light or extinguish the candle, you can choose whether it has the extra starry glow effect or not.  Cast light and non cast light versions included- the cast light version can also have its settings edited while lit and it will remember (if you want the light to be brighter or dimmer, be cast out further, how much the flame glows, etc.  The flame and light colours can also be changed, though you may find that the optional starry glow does not suit tints and may wish to turn it off with the HUD).

At RITUAL, August 2 - 22.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Schadenfreude Flappit

Flappit wants YOU for the magical girl (gender optional) army at The Crystal Heart!  Coo over how cute Flappit is when you get magical powers and....are sent off to war against a magical army.  Dark side of 魔法少女 mahou shoujo optional.

Flappit comes in a gacha of sitting Flappits you can hold or rez at 1LI each and a rare hovering up and down Flappit to wear as a companion or rez at 3LI that is texture change with the 9 coat options on touch.  Flappit also comes in a copy pack of all the colours plus a solid black, with 6 more static poses at 1 LI each.  (All Land Impact at given size, resizing can of course change it.)

At The Crystal Heart until August 26.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Schadenfreude Belle Ribbon Heels

High heels wrapped with ribbons to wear for a night on the town at La Riviera for Collabor88!  These shoes require third party mesh feet to wear- System feet cannot go this high!  Rigged for the highest of high heeled feet for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza female mesh feet.

Each single colour comes with a HUD to change the sole between 10 options (5 neutrals and 5 colours), and if you have multiple singles or the uberpack, you can also change the main base of the shoe and the ribbon to be the same colours or mixed, as well as change the left and right shoes independently.

At this Collabor88, until August 5!

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