Saturday, October 4, 2008

Elsa skins

I think, by now, people know I'm horribly and completely insane. If you didn't before, here's some proof for you: my new skin project. More Frankenstein's monster options than any one person could ever want. Well, ok, except kinda me, as I have a weird thing for monsters.

Face has somewhat face transplant stitching, with dramatic makeup and drawn on long angled brows and a chin dimple. I think this one is my favourite, but then, I like over the top. The stitches can also be brilliantly subtle with hair that has full coverage, just vaguely hinting from certain angles with scars along the jaw. Smile has smokey eyes and shiny vinyl lips on all but the red "Smoke" tone, with stitches making you have a bit of a gruesome smile. Lobotomy has a line of stitching where they may have removed your brain (or replaced it, you never know!), and a pastel line of makeup with smaller shiny lips. Eye has mismatched eyes (and eyebrows) with 2 tones of makeup.

There are 4 upper body options- intact (no stitches), neck (just neck stitches), chest (y-incision, spine, shoulderblade, and arm stitches), and chop (a number of semi chaotic stitches running across the torso. Chop also features no nailpolish, while the rest are shiny black). And 3 lower body options, intact (again, no stitches), leg (one set of stitches on each leg), and chop (multiple leg stitches, as well as on the bum, hip, and tummy, again no nailpolish, the rest are shiny black). All 12 body combinations are included with each head (times two, counting the fact the lower bodies come in both anatomical and "doll" options).

While the examples here show 4 tones, only the pale tone is currently available. Setting up 480 skins damn near broke me (you get 2 skins with each purchase, ladybits and no ladybits, for your wardrobe malfunctioning pleasure). There are currently a halfassed 4 demos, see: setting up skins broke me, so if you want to see something in person, ask me. Those should at least give you an idea of how it will fit your shape.

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