Sunday, February 15, 2009

Langwidere skins: Banshee

More big eyeliner, accented with white eyeshadow and underliner to give the appearance of larger eyes. Again, the same brows from Siouxsie.

3 different lipstick options, and each skin also comes with 4 different nail options (finger and toe match): clear, black, red, and blue.

(This time it's no hair for you, a sneak peek at some tubular crin falls I've been on and off playing with for ages. The dress is Nox (white) from Canimal with a Schadenfreude Noir Tease corset over it, the earrings are Violet Voltaire's Glitterati, which just came out with awesome matching bracelets, the collar is Violet Voltaire's ganK, eyes are Miriel Silver Screen, and the bracelets were an opening gift from when the Starlust was rechristened at Lloyd)

At the elephant.

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