Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feather boas

This is a project I've on and off been poking at for ages, and finally just sat down and _finished_ (yes, sometimes I need a kick in the pants to focus enough to get something done).

Feather boas in 2 styles. One is the more traditional hanging down tails in front, around the neck style of floofy feathers, and comes with 2 in the box- one with the tails even lengths in front, and one with one side being pulled longer than the other.

The second is part of the reason it took so long (aside from getting obsessed with colour shades, as I am wont to do)- I had this idea for something a little different, and making it work was the challenge. These boas wrap around your arms, and work pretty well with most poses (arms too far above the head don't work too great- but I think it's worth it for a pose that isn't all that common, for the tradeoff of the different style of wearing). They can also be worn in a number of lengths, as you choose how many of the arm attachments, if any, to wear.

Both styles come in 24 colours ranging from pastels to candy brights to deeps, sold singly or in colour change fatpacks (both to save your inventory, and for ease of fitting so you only need to fit one- plus you have a nice easy guide of what all the colours are with a click of a button instead of recalling the name of that particular shade). Yes, there are 2 blacks, because I'm spooky like that- Noir is competely desaturated grey-black without a hint of colour, Raven is a blue-purple black.

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