Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Veronique, Nekomi, and Fairuza

On and off I've been working on hair textures for....a very long time. I have a tendency to do a couple, decide I don't like them, and start over from scratch. Finally this time I made a full set that I think I can live with though! It's all Hair Fair's fault, you people got me in the mood, even though I'm not going to be in Hair Fair (I learned my lesson about getting into a fair with a bunch of unfinished things with Shoe Fair....I still have boots I was going to release at that unfinished...)

All the fatpacks come with wackyass HUDs that let you change the whole shebang to any of the colours, as well as the ability to change sections you choose to any, so you can do mixed things.

Veronique was mini released in October, with an earlier hair texture revision, just in black with white streaks. Now Veronique has a full contingent of colours:

(Miriel eyes, Schadenfreude skins/clothing/jewelry- the skin and jewelry on green 'hawked Alle aren't available yet, the earrings on Frankenstein's monster Alle were a freebie last Halloween)
Single (well, 5 colour) packs of Veronique come with solids, and with white streaks (except white, which has black streaks), with the solid colours. The tips have tips flipped both directions, no streaks. The fatpack has easy control of dying the streaks and/or the fringe/bangs the colour of your choice (plus you can select individual prims to change in all fatpacks).

Nekomi is something I put together for an ad series, because I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but couldn't find the hair I wanted to do it with.

(Miriel eyes; on Cotton Candy tips- ~silentsparrow~ meatcake dress, Schadenfreude unreleased skin; on Azul hair- ~silentsparrow~ gutter glitter outfit, Schadenfreude Diamond Dogs skin and Jerry's Lament jewelry)
Both styles of fringe are included in all packs, additionally mini packs have the ability to hide or show the little fluffy bits at the base of the ponytails, and the fatpack lets you show/hide those, change them to the colour of your choice, and also change the bangs/fringe, the side pieces, and change one half independent of the other, for mixing (as well as choosing individual prims).

Here's Nekomi coloured with the HUD to be all rainbowy for the new ~silentsparrow~ lucky chair set:

Fairuza just sort of weirdly happened- I was playing around with yet another bob, and pulling hair back behind the ears to show off jewelry and the face, and ended up with something that strongly reminded me of Fairuza Balk from The Craft (what is it about the batshit insane ones that make them so hot?)

(Miriel eyes; on Fairuza- MiaSnow Sofia 2.0 skin, Nomine tartan plaid skirt which you can't see much of but is the _perfect_ naughty schoolgirl skirt, Balderdash rosary, Schadenfreude White Oxford shirt, vest from Strigoi; on Screaming Lizard tips- Fashionably Dead skin (I forget which one, it's from one of the older sets), idk shirt, Violet Voltaire Starlene jewelry, ~silentsparrow~ crow jane tattoos)
Tips for Fairuza come flipped both ways. It's not an easily divisible into obvious chunks style, so the fatpack simply allows you to change the whole thing or choose individual prims.

All are copy/modify, of course. Fatpacks also come with updating balloons that will send you new copies if you happen to accidentally destroy one, or in case of updates.

All hair is now exclusively on the marketplace.

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