Saturday, July 11, 2009

August, Augustine, Cinder, and Jinx

4 new hairstyles. Fatpacks, of course, come with the HUD that lets you change any bit of it to any of the choices so you can mix your own as well as choose from all the options.

August is very loosely based on the second hair I built for me (the first one is just a total wreck with alpha flicker), a chunky messy floppy 'hawk, though it's been refined quite a bit since then. Both left and right sides come together, as sometimes you want to show off one side of the head, and sometimes you want to show off the other. Or, ok, sometimes I want to show off head tats or earrings on one side or the other...

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; [][]Trap[][] Heart skins; Schadenfreude Houxin and Bixin, created for the aforementioned awesome skins; unreleased earrings)

Augustine is a version of August that covers the entire head, a messy short style with body.

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; ~silentsparrow~ Voltaire suit on him; ~silentsparrow~ bunting set on her; unreleased skins)

Cinder is a razorcut A-line with fringe, with a dyable undercut hiding under the back- the single packs come with mini HUDs to change that to any solid haircolour, the fatpack lets you choose whether to change the fringe, the undercut, and/or the rest of it to any of the options (including the tips on the undercut). It also comes with tips flipped both ways, with the transition being nearer the roots or the tips.

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; Versteck dress, Kunstkammer Sugar Skull necklace, and Schadenfreude Langwidere Spellbound skin on red; hyasynth Tiramisu for Crimson Shadow batpunk and retired Fleur skin on the black with purple)

Jinx is a somewhat messy bob-like haircut, yet another of the random bob experiments (maybe just a teeeny bit like what happens when I try to give myself a haircut). The tips come flipped in both directions on this one as well.

(Miriel eyes, sadly no longer available; ~silentsparrow~ Severina suite and Balderdash Whiskey and Plum necklace on purple-black; Thimbles Daddy's Girls shirt on red; unreleased skins)

These hairstyles are now available only on the Marketplace.

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