Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Christmasy

A small glass bird to perch upon your shoulder (or head, or wherever one chooses!), touch to colour change, transfer for giving a cute little bit of cheer to a friend.

Glittery tinsel trees, for decorating: they come in a variety of colours, and in a rotating and hue shifting version, with assorted settings you can monkey with.

tinsel trees

And a gacha machine, finally! I've been meaning to have a gacha for a while. I've got some of the stuff for it but haven't finished all I was thinking about doing in the first go (I'll probably end up adding more later anyway, but still, I need to start out with something!) This is not the gacha I've been thinking about, this is geared just towards Christmasy, a gacha full of ornaments. The machine itself is a little tree on a post.

The bird is at the gifthaus, the purple Turnip Homes house at the base of the elephant. The trees are at the tree farm on Horst. And there's a gacha both places!

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