Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amortentia Stockings and Aqua Koi Corset

love potion no 9

(hair by Calico Ingmann, beta skin, Lucent heels, Strix skirt. Cheesy extra Valentine a silly reference to the name of the Stockings (which are in turn the most obvious of the theme to the Stumblebum items' naming choices!))

Striped mid-thigh stockings, in pairs of sheer and opaque- the Rose stockings from Stumblebum make a reappearance in other colours (with a bit of restriping of the feet...). 12 colours to match a little bit of everything!

(Schadenfreude Lucent Heels, and a combination of bottoms from Scribble, ~silentsparrow~, and Schadenfreude. Tail you can barely see from Gritty Kitty. Poses from Luth and LAP)

New room time! I excavated a new room in the basement because I ran out of space, oh, months ago and just hadn't gotten to opening up a room yet. Aqua koi wallpaper in the room, which means a matching corset to wallpaper yourself:

(Fashionably Dead hair, which is AWESOME, Toast is amazing at the sculpting hair. Schadenfreude Koijini necklace and Bixin trousers, unreleased skin)

Out at the elephant!

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