Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crann Bethadh Trees, Barrel Bridge, Ice Floes, and some flowers

I've been working on these trees for a while (after finally biting the bullet and saying "ok, I drew these leaves ages ago with the intent to make trees, just make the damn trees already"), finally I finished them. The Crann Bethadh trees are somewhat akin to oak trees, with their dense foliage and heavy trunks. They are another testament to my obsession with low prim: the trees themselves are only 2 prims (add an optional shadow, your choice of static or animated, and they're 3). They come in a selection of 9 colours, normal tree colours and various not-so-normals, and each tree has a particle falling leaf effect (the owner can turn this on and off with a dialog on click). They also come with 2 types of fallen leaves on sculpted groundcover: lightly scattered, and raked up into a pile. They come set with some light glow (the black and white ones have the trunks glowing, the rest it's the leaves), but they're mod so you can de-glow, or more glow, to your preference. But remember to mod your megaprim versions with care, don't resize them!

This bridge is something I made for an area on Horst (I quite liked that swampy little corner with the cattails, and when I was nesting I started making some things for around there), and I've used around the Starlust now and again, right now it's used for the crossing of the river up onto elephant mountain. Three planks tied to four barrels, a rustic 3 prim bridge.

Another thing you might have seen around the Starlust, the Triple Ice Floes were actually originally made for hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ to grace one of her snowy builds. They've also made appearances around whenever I've frozen the sims. 1 prim for all three chunks of ice, static and slowly rotating floating in the body of water of your choice.

And lastly, those desaturated flowers I've had by the elephant since Lloyd was born. They're somewhat primmy (especially the elephant ears), which has been why I've been rather hesitant to offer them, but I've gotten a few requests for them anyway, so here they are, finally.

All of these are NOT in the elephant! They're in Baba Yaga's hut, instead.

baba yaga(Baba Yaga's looks like this! Though the environs have changed a bit with my gardening lately)

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