Friday, May 13, 2011

Eleanor Sleeveless Blouses

the eleanor

(Tres Blah jeans, though they are ancient and probably long retired but I love them; bracelets are a mix of Violet Voltaire and Lolapop; pose is fine.)

Newly out at the elephant, the Eleanor Sleeveless Blouse. Sort of the little less traditional sister to the Oxfords, a cropped sleeveless button down blouse with a band collar and shaping darts. I have this weird little affection for this type of shirt in RL, and wanting to wear them with the corsets (and with jackets...though Alle tends to go shirtless with jackets...a lot) finally got me to bring them to SL. 25 colours, in brights, pastels, darks, and neutrals so, like the oxfords, they could match whatever I wanted- sold separately and the whole lot of them together in a discounted pack.

In the elephant!

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