Friday, June 8, 2012

Color Field Dresses at Collabor88

coming soon to collabor88

I was honoured to be asked to fill in for someone who couldn't make Collabor88 this month. The theme is "shindig" and it's got a groovy retro vibe. So I decided to make some rigged mesh dresses with oh so scandalous short skirts (in the 60s they were!)- 8 patterns for Collabor88.

As they are rigged mesh, they cannot be edited to fit your avatar shape, so you may need to make some adjustments to your shape to fit them properly. There are 8 sizes included- the 5 standard sizes, a size for child avatars (the skirt's a bit longer as well!), and 2 versions using the new deformer under development, one for women, and one for men. The deformer may change before it is implemented officially, but if it doesn't, these will change shape with your avatar, not the other way around. For now, it requires a specific test viewer to use the deformers- otherwise they will only fit the default male and female avatars (which, if your shape isn't too far off in any of the wrong places, might fit you anyway).  There are demos, please try them first!

coming soon to collabor88

These dresses are to be found exclusively at Collabor88, which opened this morning, and will run through the month of June, closing July 7th for the next round.

coming soon to collabor88

Also: I'm in the process of moving the elephant, from Lloyd, which is up for sale (those interested in purchasing a full sim, please contact Apatia Hammerer), to Twomoons Island. Some older things are NOT making the move- most of those are simply being retired to the marketplace, but some things are being retired entirely.

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