Saturday, September 12, 2015

Autumn Bounty at The Arcade

schadenfreude autumn bounty gacha

Autumn has come to The Arcade, and I'm celebrating by sharing some of my harvest with some animals of the forest as well.  The Autumn Bounty set consists of some tasty foods of fall and some critters who have come to share it with you.

fat wren says get your own cider, this one is mine

Many of the animals are animated (just a little bit!).  The squirrels enjoy perching on shoulders, and heads, as well as hanging out around sims.  The candles can be carried around and held, and anyone can touch them to light or extinguish them.


The rare toffee pears will give out toffee pears to anyone who touches them.

quail family

To be found at The Arcade for the month of September!

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