Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ties, tree corset, and a special RFL release

A few new things from Schadenfreude:

Neckties that go with the oxford shirts- they can, of course, also be worn without, and in the box you get sized for male and female avs with just the ties, as well as with a texture change collar attached to match any of the oxfords. Fatpacks and in pairs with the colour/black of each pattern, this is the first tie pack of, what will probably end up being quite a few (a couple didn't get released yet because they're a little different style, and I'll most likely try to put together more matching packs for them).

3 of the ties match wallpaper corsets: the elephant, the bat, and the tree, which matches the new tree corset. In the future, when rooms are opened, ties will be released as the corsets have been (and every so often I'll put together another pack- with the rooms being opened singly, they may not always be available in fatpacks right away).

There's also a special deep purple oxford with another tie set, all proceeds of which go towards RFL.

And there is a new room corset, the tree.

As with all the room corsets, it comes with a bonus tattoo, this time the tree across the back (upper and lower, it's a rather large tattoo). The avatar resolution is rather irksome in this case, as much of the detail of the pattern is lost- you can see the tree better in the room in the basement, and the tattoo also shows a bit more detail than the corset- it's still obviously a forest on the corset, but the tattoo and the wallpaper make the designs in the branches and roots more apparent. The newly opened room is a bit of a random stuff room while I continue to get organized- the antlers, trees, bed, and taxidermy have moved there for now. There's also a very wicked spiral staircase that allows entry and exit to the basement in another manner, but I advise approaching it with caution- SL is not particularly designed for spiral staircases, and they take a bit of patience to use (in other words, the old way in and out is still by far the more convenient!)

Items in this post blogged for other looks:
Fallen Feather tie, at Kami-no-aisuru


Alyx Sands said...

I've been running arond in the tree corset (and matching tie!) for days now-it's such a lovely design!

What's the hair you're wearing in the corset ad? I had my RL hair EXACTLY like that a few years ago, black and blue...

Allegory Malaprop said...

It's "maybe some day I'll release this if I ever finish my damn hair textures" hair!

Bright side, I've been battling them again lately, so maybe sometime soonish!

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