Saturday, August 8, 2009

I see London, I see France

Are you all hyped up for the panty party next weekend at the Starlust? I know I have been bitten by panty madness, and couldn't wait. A couple of the Electro-cutes will be hidden around the (oh my god can you believe it's 10 already?) sims, but for those who want their underpants fix now to tide them over:

(tats on the ends by ~silentsparrow~, middle henna by Tuli, antlers by Illusions, owl hair by Lazy Places, fish hair by Calico Ingmann, elephant hair by lamb, skull hair by Draconic Kiss, bird skin by Fleur (may be discontinued entirely by now), owl skin by Ugly Dorothy, fish skin by Fashionably Dead, all eyes by Miriel and unavailable)

Also, there are more stripey socks- this time mismatched, with shoved down optional attachments.

(tats by ~silentsparrow~, eyes by Miriel and unavailable)

At the towering pachyderm of Starlust.

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