Friday, September 18, 2009

Orpheus skins: Siouxsie

Boy skins from Schadenfreude: Orpheus is the companion to Langwidere, and comes with similar makeup options. The first release involved playing catchup with the Langwideres for the most part. I'm spreading this out a bit to avoid flooding the feed with a huge group at once!

2 different lipstick options per tone, and each skin also comes with 4 different nail options (finger and toe match): clear, black, red, and blue.

(Hair is Schadenfreude Augustine, suit is ~silentsparrow~ Severin, eyes are retired by Miriel)

At the elephant.

1 comment:

hyasynth tiramisu said...

"Orpheus went leaping through the fields
Strumming as hard as he did please
Birdies detonated in the sky
Bunnies dashed their brains out on the trees
O Mamma O Mamma..."

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