Saturday, September 19, 2009

Orpheus skins: Spellbound

Big semi Egyptian eyeliner with flat drawn on brows.

2 different lipstick options, and each skin also comes with 4 different nail options (finger and toe match): clear, black, red, and blue.

(Calico Ingmann Romeo hair; ~silentsparrow~ koumori suit which is currently in the secret sale area, I believe, so it will only be around until the next round of retiring; retired Miriel eyes, FORM pose)

At the elephant.


Sanpierre Juran said...

koumori's still in the shop, on the upper floor. But its spider-flavoured relative anansi (I always think of the two as siblings, or at least cousins) has moved to the sale area, along with a number of old favourites of mine. hya retiring things that I remember when new makes me feel old!

Allegory Malaprop said...

Ah yes, I have the same connection between it and anansi, so that must be it!

And that is part of my problem with picking out outfits for things...I never lose my love for the older items so I keep wearing them. And I have such a hard time keeping track of what's still around and what has been quietly retired :) (But she'd need 7 more sims just for the prims if she didn't aggressively retire all the time!)

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