Friday, November 13, 2009

Fifty Linden Friday the 13th

Schadenfreude is in 50L Friday this week, for the ladies and the menfolk alike, a vest in DANGER blue (much thanks to Apatia Hammerer for her naming skills, as I couldn't come up with what to call it!):

(House of Munster and Philotic Energy hair; Schadenfreude skins, oxford, striped pants, and lurking pants; retired Miriel eyes; Luth and Torrid poses)

And, it's Friday the 13th. So, the Electro-spook Black Widow necklace has snuck off from the Electro-cute jewelry fatpack, to be on special just for today:

Your taxi to the elephant, they're out on the steps up into the head.

And here's a list to everyone!

After the event is over, items will be available on the Marketplace.

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