Friday, December 17, 2010

Allegory's Attic- Frames & Safey Pins

I create my own sculpts. Most of them I probably won't ever license out, but some of them I don't mind so much. Putting together a set also gives me a reason to finish some of the extra pieces that I haven't uploaded because I haven't needed _yet_. And so, the first 2 sets from Allegory's Attic:

A set of frames:

The framed snowflakes use the square frame from this set.

My safety pins:

The Electro-spook cameo earrings with ears use the closed safety pins from this set, as do the Striges skirts.

Sculpt kits will be only available through the marketplace. They are also ONLY to be used in the official Second Life grid, use in any other grid will require licensing specifically.

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