Saturday, December 12, 2009

I've been puking winter all over the Starlust

New wintery things from Schadenfreude! I made snowflakes this year, 10 different designs. They're sort of like the snowflakes we made as kids, folding pieces of paper up into six sections and cutting all the layers at once. However mine have hidden designs too (which, yes, I admit, I've been trying to hide in them ever since I was a kid, but I wasn't anywhere near as good at it then and mostly made squinty little devil faces with pointy ears then).

The snowflakes come framed in 2 different versions- one has a handmade light blue paper backing in front of which the snowflake is suspended, the other has no backing and is just the snowflake suspended in glass, the wall behind will show through. Both versions are 3 prims, so not too terribly hard to use for decorating.

And! All 10 designs are also available in matching lanterns! These are also 3 prims each, and cast a light that can be changed by the owner by touching it- it can be turned off entirely, it can be made still, or it can jiggle back and forth a bit with the wind.

All the snowflakes and lanterns are out in the new gift hut, a purple Turnip Homes tea house, sitting on the hill with the elephant. Everything in there is transfer for giving to friends, since it is that time of the year, after all!

Mako Kungfu has blogged them here- and you can actually see the glow there (since my shaders are still not playing nice).

Also, the tree farm is back up sprawled across Horst. Mopsie's a bit navigationally challenged this year, so I hope you enjoy smacking into the ice cream and/or the unicorn as much as I do (in fact...I kinda....don't want to fix it).

New this year at the farm are 2 prim fir trees.

Head over to the elephant, but don't go up the stairs! The gift hut is outside near the elephant, as is Mopsie whose dearest wish is for you to hop on her back and ride her to the tree farm. Her sister Flopsie would love to escort you back.

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