Friday, December 28, 2012

Fifty Linden Friday vests! And some bubbly

Ring in the New Year with some vintage 1977 L'Elephant d'Or champagne, for this Fifty Linden Friday.

Mesh champagne bottle and glasses for display, with animated bubbles, gives out glasses of champagne to wear and drink on touch.

And, of course, your pair of vests! This time half and half: black and blue, and black and red.

(I got hya drunk and made her pose with me <3)

At the elephant, for this Friday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Seamless lace patterned thigh high stockings and knee high socks to match the Casati dresses.  Sold separately by colour, and in a pack of them all.

(most of those underpants are from Pig, a couple are Balderdash from one of the Starlust Panty Raids, various random skins and poses, I think the aDORKable ones may be the only ones you can still get)

At the elephant!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Fashionably Dead skin
Clawtooth hair (@The Arcade)
LaVierre crown (past Collabor88 item, may or may not still be around)
Schadenfreude dress (new!), stockings (new!), shoes, jewelry
aDORKable pose, from the advent calender

house by Trompe Loeil
plushes by ~silentsparrow~, Intrigue Co (@The Arcade), and d-lab
pictures by ~silentsparrow~, Scribble, Yummy&Nylon Outfitters (frame and picture both @ The Arcade)
clock by Sway (@The Arcade)
origami deer head by Commoner (@The Arcade)
candle on mantle by HappyMood (in the secret Christmas room)
cocoa and cookies by {what next}
blench by pda (no longer available)
vouboos, table, tree, and stockings by Schadenfreude

(that's every year's stocking, including this year's, which is out for the taking in the elephant)

The Casati dress from Collabor88 a few months is back. Now in 13 colours, 10 solids and 3 ombres.  They are named after Luisa Casati, an amazing patroness of the arts, who was a living work of art in her time.  Hand beaded rigged mesh dresses in women's Standard Sizes (experimental deformer versions for men and women also included).

At the elephant!  Where you can also get this year's stocking to carry around and get stocking stuffers from.

Leith Boots (and shoes)

(Pitch mixed with Thistle, and Pitch mixed with Ash)
(hair by Clawtooth, skin by Tres Blah, coat by Fashionably Dead, horns by Illusions, dress by Schadenfreude, pose by marukin, taken on Oubliette)

This month's Collarbor88 is the frost nipping at your toes, frostbite in deep wintery jewel tones.  I made convertible boots and shoes- the uppers are rigged mesh, and can be worn with the shoes- and both can be worn without.  The uppers will work with (some!) other shoes- the angle of heel changes with the shoe base, so they don't have to be identically heeled, though you may find they work best with shoes that are (*gasp*) modify, so you can tweak the fit a touch.  And the high heels can be worn alone as high heeled shoes.  They also come with a HUD- the buttons on the uppers have 6 texture options, and you can also mix colours in sections if you have more than one colour.

The uppers are rigged mesh, and therefore unresizable- but come in Standard Sizes for men and women, so there's likely to be a close enough fit for you!

(hair, dress, boots, and pose from this session of Collabor88 from Tableau Vivant, Fashionably Dead, Schadenfreude, and marukin; hand bees from ~silentsparrow~)

In five colours, at Collarbor88 this month!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


The Arcade exists again this month, this time I made little vinyl art toys, that I have dubbed vouboo.  There are 20 vouboos to collect in series I, each 1 LI, 100% original mesh and art.  4 are rare, and the arcade variant of alle will only be available at The Arcade- when they move home, that one won't be making the move with the rest of them!  The other rares are also Arcade specific- you might recognize archie, he always greets you at the door on your way in.  pizza and katdragon are two of the organizers, octagons Yazimoto (of crazy amazing sim builds) and Katharine McGinnis (of Intrigue Co. and adorable pjs).  (Expect more vouboos of people I know in future series, of course!)

They are mod, if you so desire (though due to the nature of mesh, make them too large and they will be more than 1LI!), and transfer to trade with friends (or the trading group!), in a blind box gacha.  Only at The Arcade for the month of December!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Fifty Linden Friday vests! And vouboo

Another Vestday, of course.  This time with snowflakes, tis the season.  Also a special Arcade preview, a Christmasy 3 pack of vouboo.

(holly by Illusions, lace doily by HappyMood in the hidden room)

More vouboo at The Arcade, opening December 1! 20 vinyl art toys to collect, sold in a blind box gacha.

(her skin by Launa Fauna, her hair by Clawtooth, her crown by Miriel [closed], her necklace by ~silentsparrow~, her shirt/pants/eyes by Schadenfreude, her pose by marukin, his hair by Dura, his skin/shirt/tie/pants/eyes by Schadenfreude, hi pose by {TERHO} [closed])

In the elephant as always!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Collabor88: Painted Desert

(hair by Clawtooth, skin by Fashionably Dead, jeans by Scribble [closed], bracelet by Yummy, pose by marukin, at Tableau)

Whoops.  Forgot to blog about this month's Collabor88 with all the other things going on!  (Eek, holidays = madness)

This time there is a pair of boots in 5 colours.  Each colour comes with a HUD with options to change various parts of the boots- main body, tongue, and heel/toe can have the carved and stitched leather patterns or be plain; two options of laces, two colours of heel, 4 grommet options.  And a pack of them all that has everything together.

Boots come in men's and women's Standard Sizes, rigged mesh.

The month of November at Collabor88!

The full release of the Amargosas are now available at the elephant.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fifty Linden Friday vests! And boots.

Carnaby boots in a grey red ombre, for vest day.

skin by MiaSnow, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, pose by {TERHO} (closed)

And of course, the pair of vests!

skin by Den Dou (closed), hair by Dura, poses by Imperial Elegance

skin by MiaSnow, hair by Clawtooth, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, pose by {TERHO} (closed)

At the elephant, for this Friday!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Watchful Bones

(hair by Clawtooth, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, poses by Imperial Elegance)

A jewelry set, with mesh eyeballs and bones linked together.

This is probably the end of this year's Halloween releases...before Halloween, at least.   I'm a spooky sort, some may still happen off season- I'll still wear them even if no one else will!

In the elephant, next month I really need to do something about the clutter...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Occular Dreamlanders

 (tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, pose by Imperial Elegance, skin&shoes by Schadenfreude)

It's the Year of the Eyeball at Schadenfreude (I tend to have a general theme each year, though not everything is strictly a part of it), and thus, there were also Dreamlanders with eyeballs all over them.

(bottom Anatomy book by MiaSnow)

Five solid eyeball colours (4 to match the bikinis, and blue also matches the glutton set), and a heterochromatic pair with 4 different colours around it (not red, normal eyecolours only), available separately or in a pack of the lot of them, for extra eyeball pleasure.

(hair by Clawtooth, pose by Lazy Places [closed])

At the elephant, of course- no room at the party!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Flitter Dreamlanders

(books and skull by MiaSnow, tattoo by ~silentsparrow~, pose by Lazy Places [closed])

It should probably not be the biggest surprise that I draw bats sometimes?  This little dude (well, actually, he's a got a kinda decent wingspan on paper) was one that I drew a bit ago and then had scanner issues (as in...the scanner didn't want to admit my computer I started a pile), and I FINALLY got the scanner working (not the easy way, of course, but a way, and that's all that counts, right?).  The Leopard Dreamlanders were constructed with him in mind, even though he was still only on paper at that point- one of the great things about mesh, I could plot out the construction and texture mapping for things like this, which would have been...not so easy or successful with how one is dictated to by sculpts.  There's a matching little bat in back, he was an exercise in forcing myself to draw with the tablet (which is still clunky and slow, but actually becoming semi feasible, so that's a start?)- also, you know.  Sort of fed up with the scanner at that point.

8 colour choices, along the colour scheme of the rest of the bat-themed pieces.

Awaiting you in the clutter-filled elephant, of course.  I've really got to take the time out to reorganize the basement pretty seriously sometime soon >.<  (They aren't at the Beach Party, because that's even MORE of a disaster right now, because I keep trying to cram in more stuff!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eyeball Glutton

 (Fashionably Dead skin, Clawtooth hair, ~silentsparrow~ tattoos and squirrel painting, MiaSnow books and skull, Schadenfreude table/eyeball/jewelry/shoes/etc., Lazy Places pose)

So, I eyeballed the gluttony lingerie, because, you know.  Why not?  Also, year of the eyeball.  The floofy skirt that made a brief showing at Motif* has also been eyeballed to match- this is a flexi skirt, not mesh!  It will flounce around while you move, it's kind of a fluffy dense thing.

The lingerie set includes bra, undies, garters (with optional red prim bows), and stockings- all separate, so you can pick which parts you want to wear.  The skirt is just a waistband on the clothing layer, so you will flash people if you don't wear something underneath!  A version with somewhat adjusted structure is also included, that works a little better with corsets (though, of course, you may still have to modify to suit your particular needs).

Both are at the Beach Party and at the elephant.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New hats!

New hats! The Charlotte Sun Hat is at the Beach Party and at the elephant (did you know that the 15th was the 60th anniversary of the publishing of Charlotte's Web?), with webs and eight eyes in back.  You will need a mesh capable viewer!

(skin by Fashionably Dead, hair by Clawtooth, cuff by ~silentsparrow~, poses by Imperial Elegance)

The Scratch top hat comes in 4 variations- red and black leather hat, with and without tail.  All with horns, because that's the point, after all.

(skin by Fallen Gods, human suit by Curio Obscura, eyes by Miriel,  pose by Imperial Elegance)

And the top hat from Strigoi Mort FINALLY gets a proper rainbow treatment (too much Lisa Frank as a child?  Perhaps).  HUD change, leather hats in crimson/pumpkin/alime/azure/purple/hot pink/white/black, and matching bats in shiny and soft, plus silver.

(skins by Tableau Vivant and Fashionably Dead, hair by Truth and Fashionably Dead, her tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, poses by Imperial Elegance)

Charlotte is at the Beach Party also, all hats are at the elephant (with this year's treat bucket!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PonPon Eyes, jewelry and bowties

The Beach Party continues! I've snuck a couple of other things out for it.

Bows with eyeballs- bowties, with and without collars, and a jewelry set.  The eyes themselves have 5 eye colour options (grey skeletons, purple bats, red spiders, teal kraken and ships, blue crows), the bows have 32, and then a slew of metals for the metal accents bits.

(skin by Tableau Vivant, hair by Dura, eyes&clothing by Schadenfreude, pose by Imperial Elegance)

(skin by Fashionably Dead, hair by Alice Project, tanktop by Pig, eyes/makeup/bikini top by Schadenfreude, pose by Imperial Elegance)

They are primarily mesh!  There are a few non meshy bits on some parts, but the bows and eyeballs themselves are.  So mesh viewer required.

At the Beach Party!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Collabor88: Pink Flamingos

 (hair by DECO for C88, jewelry by Yummy for C88, tattoos and cuffs by ~silentsparrow~, skin by Fashionably Dead, pose by Luth)

The theme this session of Collabor88 is the John Waters film, Pink Flamingos.  And so, I indulged in my strange coloured leopard print obsession.  Dresses and matching shoes, in 5 colour choices.  The shoes are unrigged, and can be resized to your heart's (and feet's) content.

As usual, a men's deformer version is included along with the women's, and the Standard women's sizes (and a bonus fit more to Alle this go round, if you fit an xs but are less endowed, it might work for you too)

(hair by Clawtooth, skin by Tres Blah, pose by Luth)

(the lovely hyasynth Tiramis, with ~silentsparrow~ uni-ee and cuffs, Frick Kani mod, Violet Voltaire necklace, Fashionably Dead hair, Schadenfreude anklet)

The month of October at Collabor88!

The Dreamlanders and Cry Babies have moved home to the elephant.

Friday, October 5, 2012

There's a beach party at the Starlust, a monster breach party! Twomoons Island is shrouded in night this entire month, and the monsters have come out to play.  I'm not done with all my partying, I'll be adding to it through the month, but to start, there are new bikinis:

For the discerning moonbathing creature of the night, the fangkini, with printed fanged teeth on top and bottom, the top tied in the back with sculpted ties:

(Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, ~silentsparrow~ tattoos, lassitude&ennui boots)

And four eye colour options of eyeball bikini, which I personally fondly refer to as HYPNOBOOBS.  Each Eye See You bikini comes with 2 different bottoms, super low cut and tied at the side, and a more modest brief.
(Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, lassitude&ennui shoes, Curio Obscura tentacle)

(Curio Obscura pumpkinhead and tentacle, Fashionably Dead skin, ~silentsparrow~ tattoos, lassitude&ennui boots)

 Come join the party!

Fifty Linden Friday vests! And a hat.

Another Vestday, of course.  The remaining brocade from Collabor88, joined by another colour.  And an unrigged mesh straw hat (so you can adjust to fit, as you will need to for your hair!), Angsa, with an optional ribbon to match the Ealas and Cygnettes.  (The long trailing tails can also be hidden, for just the top bow on the back, as well as a version with no ribbon or band at all.)  Hat itself is also texture change: between white, straw, and black.

(Clawtooth hair, Fashionably Dead skin, Imperial Elegance poses)

(her skin by MiaSnow, her hair by Clawtooth, her pants by Tres Blah, her cuffs and his pants by ~silentsparrow~, his skin by Tableau, his hair by Truth, both Imperial Elegance poses)

Of course they are elephantwards!

And if you wander on over towards the middle of the island while you're there, the Starlust Monster Beach Party is going on.  I'll tell you more later, for now, tiiiiiired.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Foxy Stoles

 (hair by Clawtoot, skin by Fashionably Dead, pearls by Yummy, eyes by Miriel (store closed), pose by Luth)

You have probably heard about The Arcade, I've been remiss about announcing (I held off at first due to the crush of people, and then, well, distracted by all the shiny and I have the attention span of an overactive ferret on a sugar high).  You can find stuffed toy fox stoles from me there- unrigged mesh, so resizable and adjustable, 11 colours.

At The Arcade, a gacha event open from September 15-October 15.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The Collabor88 round that included the Cygnettes, also had these matching dresses, Eala.  The colour mix is slightly different in the full release of Eala (there are a couple of shoes that didn't make it to dress format- but only three, one of the browns, one of the grey, and the bright green).  There are 21 choices of Eala, separately, in packs of 7, or an uberpack of everything all together.  Like the Cygnettes, all come with a texture change HUD with 31 options for the ribbons in back.

As always, at the elephant!

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