Saturday, December 8, 2012



The Arcade exists again this month, this time I made little vinyl art toys, that I have dubbed vouboo.  There are 20 vouboos to collect in series I, each 1 LI, 100% original mesh and art.  4 are rare, and the arcade variant of alle will only be available at The Arcade- when they move home, that one won't be making the move with the rest of them!  The other rares are also Arcade specific- you might recognize archie, he always greets you at the door on your way in.  pizza and katdragon are two of the organizers, octagons Yazimoto (of crazy amazing sim builds) and Katharine McGinnis (of Intrigue Co. and adorable pjs).  (Expect more vouboos of people I know in future series, of course!)

They are mod, if you so desire (though due to the nature of mesh, make them too large and they will be more than 1LI!), and transfer to trade with friends (or the trading group!), in a blind box gacha.  Only at The Arcade for the month of December!

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