Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Schadenfreude Treat Buckets

happy halloween!

Most of these have been out for a bit, but a couple of them have only been available a couple of days!

There are so many treat buckets this year.  This might be my way of dealing with too much stress (ugh) and getting sick too much this year (it's been ridiculous, at least 3 times in the last couple of months?  And the air quality with the fires is messing me up even when I'm not sick-sick, I'd be cool with that stopping now, but at least I haven't been in real danger from it, unlike some poor people!)  But match your bucket to your costume!

the treat buckets

ANYWAY.  I do treat buckets every year.  They are free, and meant to be carried around.  Anyone can touch it to get a weird toy or candy.  It's all very silly, and it's tradition, since the very first year of Schadenfreude.

Basic bucket.  Elephant, on the dresser, as usual.

For my group members, a green bucket- activate your tag, sit on the mini elephant in the head of the big elephant you walk into, it'll take you to the super sekrit hidden group room, wherein waits the bucket.

For the members of the (free!) I (heart) the Starlust group, there's a purple bucket in the trailer.

For hyasynth's ~silentsparrow~ twittery birds members, a bloo bucket.  In her house, "hidden" (in plain sight, somewhere inside the house).

For *katat0nik*'s group, a pink bucket!  Go to her sim, hop out of the store onto the ground.  Again: plain sight.

And then a few that do not require any groups this year!  Most of these events end REALLY SOON, so hurry.  CADERU ends in the early morning SLT on Halloween even!

I have a Linden home, one of the trailers!  You can find a grey bucket when you come to trick or treat.

A black bucket with red eyes awaits you at my booth at Hallow Manor.

A purple with neon green lurks at my booth at Panic of Pumpkin.

A crowned bucket is at my booth at CADERU.

And a crowned pink bucket at my booth at Gothical!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Schadenfreude Vitreous Peonies

Eyeball versions of the Vitra Peonies, for Hocus Pocus!

vitreous peonies

The Vitreous Peonies also come with chokers with the flower at either side, flowers for your hair, and a metal cascade (this time drippy, not necessarily with blood coloured gems, though that's an option!).

Hocus Pocus is a mainstore event, find the ghost (he's on the dresser in the elephant, not much to find!) say "hocus pocus" (no quotes) to him in open chat, see if he gives you this!  If he doesn't, you can come back tomorrow, or buy it now for 50L.

Hocus Pocus runs October 25-November 9, after which this will go to full price.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Schadenfreude Spooky Cupcakes and Vitreous Peonies in Heart Vase

Hallow Manor opened at noon today, and you can find some cupcakes there. 

spooky cupcakes

The spooky cupcakes come with 6 toppings to choose from, each with three flavours of frosting (6 in the pack, the cupcakes that share icing styles can borrow from the other).  The bat candies come in three colours, the pumpkin candies come in three colours, and the eyeballs come in 3 candies or three colours of realistic eye.  You can also pick from a number of striped cupcake wrappers and 6 optional plates.  With and without plates, all can be worn or rezzed with temp giver versions to feed your guests.

There is also a hunt going on at the Manor!   You can buy a HUD for 50L and hunt for keys and choose the prize you desire, pay a little more to skip the hunt part and go straight to the prize, or splurge for the great big HUD that unlocks them all.  My reward awaiting you is the Vitreous Peonies in a Heart Vase.  The petals are like the Vitra Peonies, but instead of oversized pearls, the centers look at you, with three eyecolours to choose from.  The heart comes in various metal options, including painted red, pink, white, and black.

vitreous heart

At Hallow Manor until November 1!

Schadenfreude Boney Shelves and Flederbat Banners

At Panic of Pumpkin, wall shelves held up by skeletal arms, in 5 lengths. The left and right arm brackets are also included.  Texture change with shelves and bones you can mix and match in pastels, bright colours, and 2 woods, plus a glass shelf, extra bone and metal arm options.

boney shelves

And my day for trick or treating is almost here! Knock on my door between October 18 at 8am SLT and October 19 at 8am SLT, say "trick or treat" and get these bat banners!  1-2 LI each, with 8 coloured options that you can mix or set all the same.

flederbat banners

Panic of Pumpkin is open until November 1, Japan time (so 8am SLT).

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Schadenfreude Sweet and Gothic Crowns

A pair of crowns for Gothical.  Each enclose a rose, and also include versions without the rose, and also plain without the decoration down the ribs.  All are texture change with crown metals in bright and more tarnished options and roses in brights and pastels (both natural and unnatural).

The Sweet Rose Crown has ribbons and ruffles- the ribbons come in a selection of pastel and bright colours, the ruffles can be white, ivory, or black.

The Gothic Rose Crown is a bit more aggressive, studded with spikes.

(item credits on flickr.)

Crowns can also be rezzed for decor, of course, and are 1 L1 each at the given size.

At Gothical until November 3 at 7am SLT.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Schadenfreude Haunted Arrhythmic Heels

To Dance with Death this Collabor88, high heeled platform shoes with skeletal hands for the heels.  The Haunted Arrhythmic Heels fit high female feet for Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya- and will require third party feet to wear.  There are also unrigged versions included, if you wish to attempt to adjust for any other bodies, but they are too high for System feet!

haunted arrhythmic heels

There are 14 options for the shoes, 7 dark solids and 7 patterns.  (Yes with the side toes and top toes, Bones have 7 toes in the feet.  but it looked too stark one way or the other without, and three tops on top just looked wrong!  So, 7 toes, it's just a touch of polydactyly.)  All include a HUD to change the textures of the skeletal hands- to assorted bone, metal, and black plastic options.

This October at Collabor88 until November 6th! 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Schadenfreude Andromeda Antlers

Fallen Gods is another year older!  12 years of beautiful skins in SL.  There is an anniversary market this year again, and I'm taking part.

andromeda eikthyrni antlers

andromeda ceryn antlers

The Eikthyrni and Ceryn antlers are all dressed up in stars for the zodiac.  There are 3 versions of the antlers included- with small hanging metal stars, with small hanging crystal stars, and just looping chains with nothing hanging.  Antlers include 13 texture options- gold, rose gold, and silver tips in black, brown, blue, and purple; plus a bonus solid untipped black.  Chains and stars include a bundle of options, stars can be all changed to the same, or mixed with up to 6 different star options on each antler.

In the rooftop courtyard at Fallen Gods for the month of October.
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