Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last call for the Panty Raid!

The 3rd Annual Starlust Panty Raid ends tonight. We'll be mounting up on our horses and the clam posse will be rounding them up starting around 8pm- feel free to join in as we go around hunting down clams.

I've got 11 clams in the raid. I could have sworn I already posted a blog about this, but WHOOPS, I didn't.

There are button fly manties for the boys(?), a ruffley bra that matches bits from previous panty raids, a stripey bra and undies set that will be around in other colours later, rotating pasties, and a ridiculous number of "hats".

We'll be meeting at the lobby around 8ish to get rid of those clams!

Monday, August 9, 2010

It was a blur.

I've been remiss at blogging. But, I'm a part of another fantastic installation at Mirror. This time, it's Blur- once again I'm alongside an amazing lineup of artists.

From me, for Blur:

(Something about Mirror installations makes me want to make creepmasks.)

Mask and bird (in this form) won't be seen again after this installation, other items may be available at the elephant or on the Marketplace.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Langwidere Cool Planet of Dreams

Glitter...yeah, it's just something I do on skins. Just the cool tones are available so far (greens, blues, and purples- this way I actually got some done....skins take forever >.< The rest will happen at some point)- from the old Moonage Daydream set, Ocean, Lunar, and Emerald are updated for the new skins, and they brought some new friends. Like the Basics, nude lips come with the skins, and matching glitter lipsticks are on the tattoo layer (plus this time matching nails as well) so you can mix and match to your heart's content.

(Clawtooth hair, Pig shirt for oneeleven, Pig pants from Potter's Field)

In the elephant!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Langwidere Basics

A quartet of minimalist makeups are available in the new Langwidere skins. Skins come with regular boobs and a pushup option, as well as optional freckles. Brows are tintable with hair bases (and there are a bunch of sample hair bases to get you started). The skins all come with light lips- and darker lips on the tattoo layer. Each skin comes with one set of lips (just the lips, and lips with red or black nails), and the four pack of skins comes with the entire set of 10 lips (with and without nails). The lips are also available separately in sets, and work pretty well with a variety of skins (they are not guaranteed to work though! It all depends on the lip shape of that skin). Moonlight, Twilight, and Dawn come with shades of pink lips.

Alopex, on the other hand, comes with shades of purples.

(Undies by Schadenfreude, Schadenfreude, Pig, and ~silentsparrow~. All hair and eyes by Schadenfreude)

All skins available in the elephant!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Skin Sale!

I'm retiring the old Langwidere and Orpheus skins, as I've been messing around with the bases again and am happier with them now. So, time for the old ones to clear off! A few of the new Langwidere skins are available now in a small selection of tones, more will be added as I go...eventually. Yeah.

ANYWAY. Retirement means retirement sale! L$100 per skin for the old ones, in the basement room with the blue sparrow wallpaper (and the furniture on the ceiling). They will be on sale until I nuke them which will be...sometime, when I've got more new ones out. There will be a warning in the in world group and the sub-o group when I figure out when.

Go to the elephant, drop down the purple glowy hole in the foot, and walk into the purple bat room from the red elephant room, and then turn and walk up the stairs to the blue sparrow room. The skins up in the elephant proper are the new ones!

On sale are:
Siouxsie: Langwidere and Orpheus
Spellbound: Langwidere and Orpheus
Banshee: Langwidere and Orpheus
Peekaboo: Langwidere and Orpheus
Diamond Dogs: Langwidere and Orpheus
Rock&Roll Suicide: Langwidere and Orpheus
Clean: Langwidere and Orpheus
Smudged: Langwidere and Orpheus
Moonage Daydream: Langwidere and Orpheus
Joe the Lion: Langwidere and Orpheus

All the old makeups will be available on the new bases in some manner, eventually.
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