Thursday, February 12, 2009

Langwidere skins: Spellbound

Huge dramatic cat's eye eyeliner, with a touch of grey eyeshadow. The same heavy flat eyebrows from Siouxsie, something I never could get my RL ones to do (I was never hardcore enough to get rid of my brows!)

3 different lipstick options, and each skin also comes with 4 different nail options (finger and toe match): clear, black, red, and blue.

(I'm being a big tease again! with what I'm wearing in the promo, as this time the insanely awesome outfit is retired ~silentsparrow~. You can get the rest of the stuff though, I think: Silver Screen eyes from Miriel, Apatia hair from PIXEL DUST, ganK cuffs from Violet Voltaire, and you can just barely get a glimpse of the completely amazing new rosary from Balderdash.)

At the elephant.

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