Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digital Alchemy - The Seven Top Hat

I've been working on this for....a very long time. Before I met the vast majority of people I know in SL. In fact, I was wearing it when I met a number of them- as the prim work has been done for ages. It's just that I really wanted to have lots of whizbang options with a HUD...and it's taken me this long to face coding some of it. I'd do some, and then run screaming the other direction, a lot (bright side, I figured out some way less painful ways to do it in the meantime, so some of it went a lot easier than I expected).

(hair: Fashionably Dead Dreamboat Annie autumn mix, eyes: Miriel grape Luminous, skin: Tuli Emily light coal, dress: mix of ashes and mint silent sparrow How We Quit the Forest which I haven't taken off since I bought it, tattoos: Etchd Monstrosity, necklace: Schadenfreude Pearl necklace with cameo)

8 hat choices (dusty felt, and in leather your choices of black, white, 2 browns, oxblood, blue, and purple), 16 cord (silk: white, black, 2 shades of grey, red, 2 pinks, orange, green, 2 blues, purple, brown; leather: 2 browns, oxblood), 8 metal textures (untextured, silver, gold, 2 coppers, rust, 2 verdigris), and 8 metal tints (2 golds, silver, pewter, gunmetal, iron, black)- symbols can change all together, or by particular symbols. Pretty labeled HUD like Koijini.

Sitting on the dresser in the big black elephant.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

PSA: Regarding Release Candidates

Thankfully the newest RC was pulled this morning.

Edit: They said they were forcing people to go back to 6. Apparently, they aren't, so this is especially important!

However, if you are using the Release Candidates it is always your responsibility to read the release notes! This newest candidate released last night gave erroneous prices on mouseover on everything (some were trash characters like L$? or L$g, but it also would give a single digit number for some people- everything appears L$0 until you actually buy it, and it's not). This was stated in the blog entry on release as a known issue. This was also not why it was pulled.

I think it's reasonably obvious how disasterous this could have been. As many vendors now sell their wares in no transfer/copy permissions for various reasons (including grid instability), a buyer is stuck with the items regardless of whether they wanted them or not. Many sellers will not refund money if you "accidentally" buy an item you can't return, nor should they, as there is no way for them to know you aren't just ripping them off. You do have the items you paid for, whether you wanted them or not.

This is a warning to all: CHECK THE RELEASE NOTES! They let this go to release once already (although I do not think that it should have in any way), it may happen again.

(Bright side? They say they fixed the system skirt bug. So next RC release may see skirts working again! However the camera still makes me want to throw up.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Drama Llama meets its end

The drama llama has no real predators, and, as such, tends to breed out of control and adversely effect the environment. Here at Schadenfreude, we enjoy culling the herd, and have preserved some perfect specimens for you to display. If the drama llama has ever followed you home and you wish to make a point that it will not happen again, or even to just scare them off to begin with, the mounted drama llama may be for you (or someone you love).

Sold in a pair of gossiping drama llamas (a pair is on display in the lobby of the Starlust Motel), which the owner can touch to change with a friendly dialog:

Also available in your choice of singles (scroll through the vendor for your perfect llama), which are unscripted to avoid adding to the great beast lag:

(four of the sixteen options. There's one sitting out in the elephant as well, so you can see a llama in action)

Transfer because, well, what good is a drama llama if you can't share it with friends?

Available in the Schadenfreude elephant.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The opening of the new Starlust!

I'm sure you're tired of the feed spamming by now, but I have to join in.

Today at 2, the motel opened, and you got to see that we've expanded beyond just a motel. There are many sights to see- climbing into the head of the Fashionably Dead dinosaur, mining up jewelry at Ki2's mine, sitting down to chow down on a delicious Pudgeburger, climbing the dangerous peaks of Mt. Lolita, hanging out at the docks getting scurvy and god knows what else while looking at scenic Dogtown, stumbling blindly drunk into the Smersh duck, speaking in tongues at Marly's little church, and oh so many more. The Thimbles buildings are not actually boobs. You have a dirty mind for even coming up with the idea. But you can also see the Schadenfreude elephant.

with hyasynth Tiramisu of silent sparrow in her daymare, I'm in the pants from nightmare after having finally taken the jacket and hat off to take pictures for things.

Some may recall that I used to have my shop at Juicy (it was La Reina back then) sit trapped. I made them pie menu sits as people kept accidentally clicking and ending up in random places (and complaining), which, of course, means no one knows they're there. As I could sit trap the exterior without doing such to the interior, I've reinstated click sitting (and I've only begun to sit trap, this was something I was doing as a break in between getting the place actually, like, functioning). There is a guide that you can get from a sign, or you can find them yourself- poke the elephant and see where you end up! Also, it would do my heart glad if you climbed the rope.

For the opening, freebies abound. I've put a pair of colour change bangles out, in a constrasting colours box, in the middle of the floor in the elephant. This perhaps is easier to see than the last one? As well, there are souvenirs in one of the elephant's feet, and the mother lode is in the motel lobby.

Some of what you will find in the foot:

And in the lobby:

(I will have you know, that I get a completely immature giggle every time I read "so and so has paid you L$1 for Starlust Herpes")

In the elephant ads I'm wearing pants from silent sparrow (jeans from the thorns suit, and the pants from the new nightmare riding set), in the motel ads jeans from Tres Blah, her hair from Pudge, her skin from La Sylphide. I think that's b00n hair on him.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Batwing tanks

Yesterday I was locked out of where I wanted to be (thanks LL), and thus, couldn't work on what I really should have been. Instead, I did something small enough I could actually maybe get it done, ha. Let's not talk about all the things that are in various states of half finishedness.

The batwing tanks are summery and more avatar bearing than Allegory generally wears around (I, on the other hand, am heading into the 120F weather, in which I try to wear as little clothing as possible while avoiding the sun and trying to spend all of my time in air conditioning), but have given me lots of reason to go spelunking in my tattoo folder (which may just need to be expanded some). Three packs of three, to soothe my bizarrely ordered mind.

Available at the Starlust Motel, Juicy, Haute Couture, and onRez.

(middle: skins by miaSnow, hair the K-OH! by Pudge; right: skins by La Sylphide, hair by Philotic energy, cool and absence tats by Alexitimia, warm tats by EtchD; all jeans by Tres Blah, all eyes by Miriel)
And the exciting exciting awesome stuff that keeps distracting me from other things? New Starlust Motel opening next weekend! We've expanded into something that I hope you will agree is weird and wonderful. However, the place will be open before everything is done done, lots of little details that will be yet to put into place, I'm sure.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tonight silent sparrow released the thorns gown. It's a partner to the suit set (which has an ultra fabulous coat, and some really awesome jeans! plus great buckley shirt stuffs which Achariya blogged in fabulous purple).

And ooooo, lovely. The theme is a rose pattern, stainglass in execution. It has the same kickass buckles that hyasynth developed for the coat, optional on the skirt (there's a version without included as well), and on great arm straps, as well as the drawn waist buckles again, this time on a sleeveless turtleneck (in demure, and in "oh hey, cleavage!"). As always, it comes with bundles of bits so you can easily make multiple outfits of it, with sumptuous details all over the place (sexy sexy roses on the backs of the stockings that I'm not showing, for instance). There are also long pants, if, like me, you only wear the hotpants for photos and then feel the need to cover up because that's too much thigh! (Well, for outside of a club at least. I could go clubbing in that, maybe.)

I'm booooooring so here's the basic black (ashes), although it comes in the same selection as the men's suit (blood, violet, and sea, as well).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Koreshan Bake Sale!

You all should get down to the Koreshan Bake Sale. hyasynth of silent sparrow just put out a lovely meat dress, there are free poison cookies, and lovely little affectionate cupcake floating pets, as well as all sorts of other lovely goodies.

Also, occasionally, there is jello wrestling. For instance, hya, Chicanery, and I had a bit of a romp (hya and I wearing the lovely meat dress!). After I crashed, Canimal Zephyr unselfishly took my place in flopping around in jello helping hya kick Chica's ass.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Axis Mundi

Some days I feel like I blog in Achariya's shadow. She and I have very similar tastes...and she actually blogs things in, an, erm, reasonable timeframe, which I tend to not, because I get distracted while taking pictures and decide that instead I need to work on...

But well, I think this bears repeating, so nyah.

katat0nik is actually one of the first people I met in SL (the first random strangers to talk to me in all of my sliders-tinted-black glory were kat and EllisDee, who were both birds at the time). kat's always been a brilliant artist, and has had great paintings around. She introduced me to 713 Ayres at a party (713 is actually the origination of my obsession with silent sparrow's brokenhearts).

kat and 713 got together and opened up a sim, Axis Mundi. They're both brilliant artists, and have art on display around the sim, as well as assorted other little goodies (there are still quite a few sneaky little freebies hidden about from the opening). Axis itself is a great sim, full of all sorts of wonderful weirdness, and well worth a stop by just to explore.

They recently had a lovely party to celebrate opening up their boot shop (Stomp Lightly, which is a most splendiferous name, I'm sure you agree!), and not only did I get to be tempted by delicious stompiness, but kat was also wearing this brilliant Carousel dress with the Ghostfire boots (I stood there staring up at the wall trying to figure out which pair I needed first...oh, how tragic it is when people create things that cause us such troubles). See, there's a reason I keep stressing these people are artists (although generally, I believe a great deal of SL "designers" are artists as well, and use "designer" more out of convenience).

The sets come with 2 corsets, one a solid colour, and one with the two together; 4 pairs of gloves, short and long, in each of the colours in the set; two stockings with ribbons matching either colour. There's also a ribbon necklace I'm not wearing here.

The devil really is in the details here, these boots are absolutely brilliant with the winged hearts. The carousel on the skirt is lovely, and there are great little skulls accenting all over!

katat0nik (purple/green) Carousel Dress
katat0nik Ghostfire boots
Violet Voltaire ganK collar
Miriel eyes
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