Saturday, May 17, 2008

The opening of the new Starlust!

I'm sure you're tired of the feed spamming by now, but I have to join in.

Today at 2, the motel opened, and you got to see that we've expanded beyond just a motel. There are many sights to see- climbing into the head of the Fashionably Dead dinosaur, mining up jewelry at Ki2's mine, sitting down to chow down on a delicious Pudgeburger, climbing the dangerous peaks of Mt. Lolita, hanging out at the docks getting scurvy and god knows what else while looking at scenic Dogtown, stumbling blindly drunk into the Smersh duck, speaking in tongues at Marly's little church, and oh so many more. The Thimbles buildings are not actually boobs. You have a dirty mind for even coming up with the idea. But you can also see the Schadenfreude elephant.

with hyasynth Tiramisu of silent sparrow in her daymare, I'm in the pants from nightmare after having finally taken the jacket and hat off to take pictures for things.

Some may recall that I used to have my shop at Juicy (it was La Reina back then) sit trapped. I made them pie menu sits as people kept accidentally clicking and ending up in random places (and complaining), which, of course, means no one knows they're there. As I could sit trap the exterior without doing such to the interior, I've reinstated click sitting (and I've only begun to sit trap, this was something I was doing as a break in between getting the place actually, like, functioning). There is a guide that you can get from a sign, or you can find them yourself- poke the elephant and see where you end up! Also, it would do my heart glad if you climbed the rope.

For the opening, freebies abound. I've put a pair of colour change bangles out, in a constrasting colours box, in the middle of the floor in the elephant. This perhaps is easier to see than the last one? As well, there are souvenirs in one of the elephant's feet, and the mother lode is in the motel lobby.

Some of what you will find in the foot:

And in the lobby:

(I will have you know, that I get a completely immature giggle every time I read "so and so has paid you L$1 for Starlust Herpes")

In the elephant ads I'm wearing pants from silent sparrow (jeans from the thorns suit, and the pants from the new nightmare riding set), in the motel ads jeans from Tres Blah, her hair from Pudge, her skin from La Sylphide. I think that's b00n hair on him.


Achariya Rezak said...

Hoi! Who's calling who spam, woman!

:D TY for the lovely gifts. I really enjoyed wearing your boots today, and the elephant and tea set are in my pad now.

Alyx Sands said...

I only had time for a short look yesterday due to work (I HATE marking research papers...), but i had fun with the elephant all right-I LOVE IT, and I went clickety click all over the place-Oh, AND THE ROPE ROCKS! Will explore more later today!

Allegory Malaprop said...

Hahaha, you hit it early, Ach! By the time I was getting around to it there were already quite a few ;)

Yay! I'm happy you had fun Alyx! The whole sim is full of funthings to explore!

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