Monday, August 24, 2009

~silentsparrow~ Severin

And this is in the night:—Most glorious night!
Thou wer't not sent for slumber! let me be
A sharer in thy far and fierce delight,—
A portion of the tempest and of me!
How the lit lake shines a phosphoric sea,
And the big rain comet dancing to the earth!
And now again 'tis black,—and now the glee
Of the loud hills shakes with its mountain mirth,
As if they did rejoice o'er a young; earthquake's birth

     -from the letter to the editor preceeding John Polidori's The Vampyre

~silentsparrow~'s new Severin suit put me in mind of a decadent 18th century poet, steeped deeply in the roots of Romanticism. (It probably helps none that I'd just recently reread The Vampyre, quoted above, written by Lord Byron's personal physician John Polidori- the vampyre himself being based upon Byron.) It, is, of course, the suit companion to the Severina suite, sharing many of the same stylistic elements and brocade pattern; matched pairs are common in hyasynth's work- they often provide more pieces to mix to change the feeling of both sets to something completely different, as well as lending themselves to stunning couple's wear for those wishing to coordinate with each other.

Of course, life wouldn't be complete without options- each Severin suit comes with 2 pairs of pants, with the mismatched legs and solid, 2 styles of cuffs for how decadent you are feeling at the time, and 3 different jabots to coordinate with the 3 different shirts. Even if you do end up accidentally showing up at a function in the same outfit, with so much included it's likely you'll still not be the same!

As a recovering hardcore comic book geek (I would just consider myself a casual comic book geek now!), the pairing of them also puts to mind the Hellfire Club- the men dressing in an opulent 18th century style, and the women wearing...a bit less than would be seen in polite society at the time, shall we say.

(much thanks to Alyx Sands for letting me break into her house while she was away and use her chaise from October Rust- as well as thanks to everyone on my plurk timeline who tried to help me find a rowboat, though I ended up building my own quicklike for a prop and going to Error instead. Mr. Spoonhammer would so beat me up if he'd seen me taking my short scrawny little boy for pictures there, I'm sure! Bonus thanks to Achariya for taking my random "oh hey, you're on, wanna sit still for me?" IM and being boy Alle's daydream.)

on boy Alle:
suit: ~silentsparrow~ Severin, kohl and iris
hair: Gritty Kitty Hoke-troika
eyes: Miriel eyes, no longer available
shoes: Schadenfreude Winklepickers
skin: unreleased

boy Alle's muse and dream girl, Achariya:
dress and stockings: ~silentsparrow~ Severina, menthe
hair: Schadenfreude Black Sambuca Boon-mee
hair bows: Schadenfreude Electro-cute hairbows
earrings: Violet Voltaire Melancholy Earrings
collar: Eat Rice! Cutie Collar
legwarmers: Curious Kitties Bound Ribbon Legwarmers
shoes: Unique Needs Death Dolly Goth MJ
manicure: Schadenfreude Green Glitter Manicure
skin: Schadenfreude Porcelain Langwidere Diamond Dogs Emerald

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lookbook 2

This time...I'm not wearing any pants (as in trousers, I am wearing pants as in knickers!), truly, I usually do! But the Starlust panty party is coming up, and between a couple of sneaky previews I've gotten to try on, and more I've gotten to get peeks of on plurk (a few people are making the clothing making plunge with panties!), and looking through my inventory fondly at ones from last year...I've been without pants most of this week. The Starlust panty raid: encouraging prudish avatars to wander around mostly naked!

And, to top it all off, ~silentsparrow~ just released helena, a lovely lingerie/swimsuit set that I would love to wear as a swimsuit in RL. As it is, Allegory wouldn't be seen dead at a beach without an umbrella (an old project that I may or may not actually finish some day), with skin that pale she'd burn horribly.

Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash created her first clothing ever, these panties, which are absolutely magnificent. Allegory of course knows the boots first, then corset rule- and often it's easier to wear something else getting ready so you don't get makeup all over your outfit.

Last year Ki2's contributions were great old fashioned underwear with bloomers (for the prudes among us!)- this year she goes a bit more modern traditional, with these comfy things in a variety of colours, for those days when it's too hot to wear pants (and, of course, you're staying in!)

The Mythical Pantycorn made an appearance last year, and I'm (not so) secretly hoping it returns this year. The shirt is also by Appy, from Pig, for the Skipping Stones hunt- the fact that it is actually in the colour of unicorn...doesn't have anything to do with why I'm wearing it. It also has great fringey hanging bits in an attachment, but I didn't want to distract from the glory that is the Pantycorn.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I see London, I see France

Are you all hyped up for the panty party next weekend at the Starlust? I know I have been bitten by panty madness, and couldn't wait. A couple of the Electro-cutes will be hidden around the (oh my god can you believe it's 10 already?) sims, but for those who want their underpants fix now to tide them over:

(tats on the ends by ~silentsparrow~, middle henna by Tuli, antlers by Illusions, owl hair by Lazy Places, fish hair by Calico Ingmann, elephant hair by lamb, skull hair by Draconic Kiss, bird skin by Fleur (may be discontinued entirely by now), owl skin by Ugly Dorothy, fish skin by Fashionably Dead, all eyes by Miriel and unavailable)

Also, there are more stripey socks- this time mismatched, with shoved down optional attachments.

(tats by ~silentsparrow~, eyes by Miriel and unavailable)

At the towering pachyderm of Starlust.
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