Monday, June 28, 2010


A quartet of leather collars that take me back to my highschool years (not that I don't still have, and occasionally wear them still...). Though these have nice finished edges, and can easily be changed between 12 leathers (edging can be changed to a contrasting colour as well), 12 metals, and in the case of Adalheid, 13 gemstones as well, all with a uberfatpacks, if you wish to have mismatching spikes or gems.

(~silentsparrow~ fledermaus tats, a mix of released and unreleased Schadenfreude for the rest)

(~silentsparrow~ Birdies and Song of Anubis tats, Pig Alphabet City shirt, a mix of released and unreleased Schadenfreude for the rest)

(Draconic Achariya hair, Gritty Kitty Hoke-Troika hair, ~siletnsparrow~ meat jacket, a mix of released and unreleased Schadenfreude for the rest)

(Gritty Kitty Weapon X and Gazette hair, Pig Guayabera shirt, a mix of released and unreleased Schadenfreude for the rest)

Out in the elephant, which needs another basement room opened soon!

Friday, June 18, 2010

50L Friday

Another 50L Friday at Schadenfreude has rolled around! This thing there's a special cnady striped version of the spiral horn earrings, with a HUD that will change the horns attached to ears as well:

And of course, this week's vest! This time white, for your subversive formal dinner parties.

At the elephant, of course!

After the event is over, some items will be available on the Marketplace.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Electro-Cute Cameo & Solid Acrylic Plugs Ears

The Electro-Cute cameos have finally been added for the eared, in both Fey and Mer-Elf styles. There are 2 sets of ears in the pack, just the Electro-Cute cameos, and an Electro-Spook set with extra earrings and skulls. A texture change HUD lets you choose between all 10 Electro-Cutes (including the new skunk) and the 3 Electro-Spooks, as well as letting you change the metal elements between all 12 choices. The Electro-Cute jewelry fatpack set has been updated (wear your updating balloons!) with the new skunks as well. Finally.

(Philotic Energy and Old Gravy hair, both may no longer be available; a briefly released and a not yet released skin, both coming soon(ish) to Schadenfreude; Schadenfreude Electro-Cute necklace and tanktop; Schadenfreude Geoflake eyes)

(Atomic and Crimson+Clover hair; unreleased skins coming soon(ish); Schadenfreude Electro-Cute necklaces and tanktops; Schadenfreude Geoflake eyes)

There is also a new set of plugs- there are solid shiny acrylic, partially transparent, as opposed to the opaque plug set. They will also work with plug add ons, gaining solid insets with the selected plug art.

(MADesigns and Clawtooth hair; Schadenfreude Orpheus and Langwidere skins; Schadenfreude Oxford collar; unreleased fishnet shirt and collar; Schadenfreude Geoflake eyes)

(Schadenfreude and Ingenue hair; Schadenfreude Orpheus skin and unreleased skin; Schadenfreude Vitalle necklace, Seith jacket, and skunkbeater; Schadenfreude Geoflake eyes)

Out at the elephant, of course.
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