Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jerry's Flight, Lucent Batwings, and a little gift

Jerry's Flight is finally out, a shiny vinyl collar with a vinyl winged Jerry hanging down, and a simple silver buckle in back.

(~silentsparrow~ Putrid Selador from Deader Than You; Schadenfreude Langwidere Amythest skin, Thom hair, Jerry Skull earrings; retired Miriel eyes)

The wings from the Batwing Lucents are on their own now- with a few extra textures, in soft non shiny colours. The shoe fatpack has the new textures too, and both also have mini wings included as well now.

(Draconic Kiss Demona hair; ~silentsparrow~ belladonna:lepidoptera tattoos; Schadenfreude Langwidere Amythest skin, Strix corset; retired Miriel eyes)

And another free seasonal giftie, a charm bracelet with some spooky thingies on it.

That may do me for Halloween this year! (Which, you know, is good, since it's here already.) Good thing I'm spooky so I can do some of the rest of the stuff another time.

All, of course, smashed into the overcrowded elephant.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Strigoi Oxford, and Strix Corsets

A little for the boys, a little for the girls, and obviously I'll only be making things with bats on them until the day I die.

The Strigoi Oxford is a special edition Oxford with silver bat buttons. It's a little lighter than Noir, but darker than Charcoal, because 30 colours wasn't enough!

(on him: &Bean Closer Smiley skin; Schadenfreude Thom hair, Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes
on her: Den-Dou Vampire Mona skin; Tiny Bird Autumn Leaves hair; Schadenfreude Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes)

The Strix corsets have made a reappearance, because nothing says "I'm a spooky vampire" like an acid green bat corset. Separates in colours to match the Morois and Striges skirts:

(Schadenfreude Veronique hair, Lucent Batwings, Striges skirts and Moroi trousers; retired Miriel eyes; unreleased Jerry's Flight collar that I might get to eventually; mask that may or may not ever be available, but it's my Halloween costume, dammit)

All at the elephant.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Moroi is something of an offshoot of the Strigois. While playfully accented, they are more traditional in tone- Moroi takes some of the same motifs and goes in a different direction, for a more modern daemon. It also differs in the colour options, in that it actually has them- the black is accented with your choice of 6 colours: crimson, pumpkin, slime, azure, purple, or noir. A set consisting of a cropped jacket with sculpted cuffs and optional pointy pointy tails, and 2 pairs of mildly distressed black pants (traditional waist, and a lower slung option) with leather belts and big silver bat buckles. If you want to wear a shirt, you'll have to find your own elsewhere (Alle, of course, doesn't bother with a shirt, but it's rather nice for swirly tattoos to peek out from).

(hums "one of these things is not like the others"-
on her in all but Slime: [][]Trap[][] Vampy skin, Stained; Schadenfreude Jinx hair; retired Miriel Flame eyes
on Allegory who snuck into the photoshoot: Schadenfreude Veronique hair, Alabaster Langwidere Emerald Joe the Lion skin, Jerry Skull earrings, unreleased Jerry's Flight collar; retired Miriel Absinthe eyes
on him: [][]Trap[][] Vampy skin; boon hair; First Flower Valerian boots; retired Miriel Flame eyes. on Crimson and Pumpkin: Schadenfreude Electro-spook tees. On Slime: Schadenfreude Charcoal Oxford shirt. On Azure: unreleased stitch tattoos. On Purple: unreleased Strigoi Oxford shirt. On Noir: Schadenfreude Elephant t-shirt, available in the little booth in one of the elephant's feet.
p.s. I obviously need to take vendor pics of more crap...)

Shoved out in a corner of the elephant.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The Striges are skirts- scalloped batwinged over contrasting underskirts, belted with a batwinged buckle and studded with coffin studs and spikes. They're fitted to a rather small frame so I didn't hit the scaling wall, so stretch them to fit your shape. The glitchpants aren't much in the way of pants at all, but continue the waistband above the belt, and at least ensure you aren't entirely falling out underneath. 7 colours are available in paired separates: ghostly white, noir with 2 toned black, and the strong colours of crimson, pumpkin, slime, azure, and purple. The pairs are with a black overskirt, and the alternate colour peeking out from underneath, or the colour vibrant on top and the black peeking out from behind the scallops. There's also a scripted fatpack that lets you do all that and more, letting you mix any of the combinations together to your heart's desire, and comes with all 8 glitchpant(ie)s. (Yes, it's a theme, if I can script things to have a stupid number of options that most people wouldn't care about, but I rather like having, I shall.)

(assorted Schadenfreude Langwidere skins and Miriel eyes on all, as well as the cat mask I'm still trying to decide if I'll put out even though it's not and may never be done that you can't really see anyway!
I went through all this styling just to cut off the heads, you know, but:
in the fatpack: Schadenfreude Nekomi hair, Electro-spook tank; Schadenfreude Veronique hair, ~silentsparrow~ Putrid Selador Deader than You Tour prize (goes away Halloween, so act fast!), unreleased Jerry's Flight collar; Schadenfreude Batkini and out of frame Cinder hair; Calico Ingmann Hannah hair, Schadenfreude Koijini necklace and Batwing tank; Schadenfreude Augustine hair and cropped Striga top; ~silentsparrow~ gutter glitter pumpkin top (Deader than You Tour prize, see above note about poofing soon) and envy waist cincher, Schadenfreude Tish hair.
Crimson: Schadenfreude Tish hair, Arachnophobia necklace, cropped Blood Striga top, also a Deader than You Tour prize.
Pumpkin: Schadenfreude Pumpkin batkini (Deader than You, again!)
Slime: Schadenfreude Slime Moroi jacket
Azure: Schadenfreude Batwing tank and Koijini necklace
Purple: Schadenfreude Caged corset
Ghost: Schadenfreude Electro-cute Skull tank top
Noir: Schadenfreude Strix corset, unreleased bracelets)

Shoved out with the rest of the new stuff in the elephant. New stuff comes with tokens, btw- remember to redeem your tokens soon, Halloween is the last day for the tour!

Strigoi Viu

Like Striga, Strigoi Viu is a year overdue. It was originally some extra pieces for Strigoi Mort, before both sides of the equation ballooned...a lot. Mort gained black and white tie and all the accoutrements due to a tuxedo, and was quite bloated all by itself, and so the frock coat and assorted other pieces were set aside to be their own set.

(skin: Den-Dou Scarface(B); hair: Schadenfreude Thom; eyes: retired Miriel Silver Screen eyes; shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Laudanum)

Strigoi Viu, the living vampire, is a mourning (har har) suit, with a generously tailed frock coat with pointed sculpted cuffs, bat brocaded waistcoat, top hat and cravat upon which bats have alighted, black pants with bat pocket detailing on the back, and a plain black shirt with starched sculpted collar. It's less formal "day" wear than the fully formal Mort, and I felt a tad spooky Jack the Ripper-esque while wearing it.

You can find it out in the elephant, who's getting rather cramped lately.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

50L Fridays: Electro-spooks

Schadenfreude is in 50L Fridays this week, with 2 offerings:

also set out tonight is also a set of tank tops with the Electro-spooks, that's more just for the girls:

Plus, all three Electro-spooks are also in cameos- they've been snuck into the Electro-cute jewelry fatpack, along with earrings and necklaces with skulls that also work with the HUD (so all bits, including the bracelets and hairbows and all, can be changed to any of the 12). If you have the Electro-cute set already, wear your updater balloons to magically get the new pack with everything!

Hop on over to the elephant to grab a notecard with all the participants this week! (Because I'm too lazy to list them. But they are good.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scary, a very godmotherly collaboration

scary costume ~silentsparrow~ AND Schadenfreude <3

A collaboration between ~silentsparrow~, Calico Ingmann (who as always with ~silentsparrow~ costumes, made perfect hair), and myself, Scary is our homage to a particular resident of the Fright Side.

One of my parts was the hat, and I made a bunch more textures for it (brim and crown change independently, so you can mix and match). And an optional spider (there's a no spider version for those who don't like spiders, but he's cute! And he can be candy striped!)

Scary, the set and the hat, are out at the elephant. You'll have to venture over to silent sparrow or Calico Kitty for the marvelous Jill hair though!

Items in this post blogged for other looks:
Scary outfit, at Pretty-pretty dress-up
Scary outfit, at Achariya

Monday, October 19, 2009

Batkinis- yes, bikinis with bats on them

I'm mildly bat obsessed. You see, my totem animal is the bat, for various reasons (not Allegory's though, she's an alligator). Also, bats are really fun to draw in a variety of ways. I'm also seasonally inappropriate, pretty much always, but on and off it's still been swimming weather for me.

You can only get the pumpkin batkini through the Deader than You tour- but you can get batkinis regularly in a bunch of other colours as well (p.s. they come with tokens, too).

But anyway- bikinis with bats on them! Bits of colour peek out from underneath black bat wings. Sculpted string ties at the neck and back, and either hip.

(Lazy Places tentacle lip ring on all the girls of the fatpack ♥; hair: Schadenfreude Tish, Jinx, BP* okappa, Schadenfreude Thom, Augustine, Cinder, Clawtooth by Clawtooth special edition of Electric Slide; all skins Schadenfreude Alabaster Lanwidered Smudged Black)

The batkinis are out on the floor in the elephant, for your spooky skinny dipping in the moonlight pleasure.

Jack o' Lanterns

A couple of years ago, I made jack o' lanterns in SL. They lit up with flicker units (they emit light...which flickers in intensity, as candles do), and they used traditional prims. I am still rather fond of them, and there are still a few clustered around one leg of the elephant.

However, this year, I played with sculpting. I swore a lot, because, as I have a tendency to do, I wanted to do something that wasn't reeeeally suited to the way SL works currently, and I had to struggle a little with finding ways to unbreak the things that SL breaks.

They come in two different versions, a low prim (only weighing in at one prim each), and a "deluxe" 3 prim version. Most of the pictures are of the 3 prim, but here's a low prim, in the wacky blue:

silentsparrow birdhouse

Both styles have the same selection of 6 faces, and 6 colours (2 shades of orange, orange tinged with green, white, jarrahdale grey-blue, and bright unnatural blue for fun above). The single prim pumpkins are always lit, bright yellow light peering out of carved holes, bright and flickering.

The three prim versions are a bit more complicated. For starters, the 3 prim construction allows for actually hollow pumpkins, you can look through the inset carved holes to see the interior of the pumpkin and candle within. The owner can also choose settings for the pumpkin on touch- you can extinguish the candle, leaving the pumpkin dark, with a black wicked candle, or you can light it, with the candle aflame. You can also choose lighting settings, which will remember their settings until the pumpkin is rerezed, or changes owners- the interior can softly glow, the exterior can be set to full bright or be effected by regular lighting, and you can either leave the flicker unit on or have them steadily emit non flickering light. I fear my gimpy computer refuses to show you the glow on the lit pumpkins, as apparently, even though SOMETIMES I can use shaders, right now I'm locked out because SL is "helpful" and locks out hardware it doesn't think should have things.

The pumpkins are currently arrayed all over the mountain upon which the elephant stands, you can choose the most sincere pumpkin to take home with you directly off the lot. Fatpacks that include copiable pumpkins in both styles, packaged in sets of 2 colours, are also available.

Deader than You Tour

(image lovingly stolen from hyasynth because she had it on webspace I could leech off of)

I'm a part of the Deader than You Tour, going on right now. You can buy bat tokens in any of the marked items from participating shops (I've got a lot hidden that aren't marked too >.< All fatpacks with the exception of the skins because rewriting the vendors would make me cry, should have tokens- as well as all the single things around that do, most of which I did put bats out at!)

Once you've got your grubby little paws on bat tokens, you can turn them in for fabulous prizes from any of the participants. You have until Halloween to turn your tokens in, the tour ends the 31st!

I've got 4 prizes out so far. The possibility exists I may add a couple more, time and SL willing:

There's a TP board at the elephant for easy hopping from place to place!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Magic of Oz hunt! Moonage Daydream Emerald

You might have heard, there's a hunt going on. The Magic of Oz sim is having a silver slipper hunt for their anniversary. It's like the previous hunts: you have to find silver slippers randomly spawned around the sim, and click them for something to wear to get your prizes, each slipper is only good for a particular place, and after you get the hat, you have to find that shop to get the prizes. There are lots of other events and things happening for the anniversary too.

I've had a little spot up in the Witch's Castle area (spooooky village!) since it first opened, so of course I just had to do something for it. Moonage Daydream skins, in a green and gold, in two tones, for boys and girls.

The boyskin also comes in the Copper above, I just ran out of steam photoing with all the other stuff going on, and that should be enough to give you an idea anyway! And I also forgot which tones were in the hunt, whoops- it actually a yet lighter skin for the light one than the one shown >.< With the skins I'm also wearing some of the other fantastic prizes: the jewelry from Balderdash, the dress from katat0nik, and assorted pieces of the prize from ~silentsparrow~ (which has grasshoppers because of me. I learned to read from the Oz books, and in Ozma of Oz, Ozma is turned into an emerald grasshopper by the Nome King).

Now, one might wonder why Moonage Daydream didn't come in green in the first place. The reason is that Allegory is more of a Joe the Lion girl, and I didn't think she'd get a whole lot of wear out of it (and I'm constantly having to talk myself out of colours, because you may have noticed I have a teeny tiny problem with doing too many...often. And it would be even worse even with the ones with 30 if I didn't already cut some!), but then the Oz hunt came up as I was packing everything up for release and I said oh hey, why not, I could play with a green then and if I wasn't super wild about it it wouldn't really matter.

And then, of course, I actually really liked how it came out.

So, after the hunt is over (at some point, since, erm, I'm kinda extra busy right now >.<), the rest will be out with the rest of the Moonages.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tish, Thom, and Wendy

It's October and Halloweeeeen is coming up, so there's lots of news, and I'm scrambling around trying to do all sorts of things and forget to tell it to you >.< For starters though, there is new hair:

Tish is rather what my hair tends to be if I don't run out and get haircuts all the time, as my hair grows fast, and I will, at times, just let it. (Well, actually, it goes a little bit longer and I sit on it, but close enough.) In fact, until a few weeks ago, Tish was my hair again, and then I hacked it all off one night and it is now more Fairuza. You can mix roots and tips a bit with the fatpack- the most options are with the black and white tips, as you can go coloured roots to black or white to coloured tips, as well as just roots or tips and whatnot. The singles include roots, tips, and both (the same roots and tips colours), in the tips packs. I finally tackled Tish, after playing around with long hair for years and never really being happy with the front, so I could wear it in the Striga ads, because, well, it's what should have been worn in those!

(on the demon lurking in the back: retired Miriel eyes; Schadenfreude Langwidere Smudged skin, Striga dress, Batwing Lucents wings. on the poor haunted soul in the foreground: Nomine doll skin without joins; Schadenfreude batbeater; retired Miriel eyes. Poses in both by Luth)

Thom is a case of me not having enough boy hair. Ok, not having enough boy hair I can use when I'm looking for something in particular, as I seem to always gravitate towards the floppy over the eyes dammit I can't see the makeup on this skin and my inventory is a mess. Thom is also pretty hot on girls, if I do say so myself.

(on the demon lurking in the back: retired Miriel eyes; Schadenfreude Orpheus Siouxsie skin, batbeater. on the unsuspecting innocent in the foreground: Schadenfreude Orpheus Clean skin, Teal Oxford shirt; retired Miriel eyes. Poses in both by Luth)

Wendy's been sitting in my inventory for a bit while I put off coding the bows and dealing with all the rest of it. It has the same 24 ribbon colours as the bows from the Electro-cute hairbows, all packs come with a HUD to select the ribbons of your choice (you can also mismatch them, so left and right bows do not match, if you are so inclined, as well as, with the fatpack, mixing the hair so half is one colour, half the other). The tips packs come with the alternate colour at the roots, or the tips (and the HUD has a little toggle for flipping back and forth).

(on Miss Loretta lurking in the back: retired Miriel eyes; ~silentsparrow~ Lottie dress; Schadenfreude Langwidere Smudged skin, My Mother's Eyes jewelry. on the dear sweet girl you'd never expect to do wrong in the foreground: Schadenfreude Langwidere Clean skin, Wolsey dress; retired Miriel eyes. Poses in both by Luth)

Hair is now available exclusively on the marketplace.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


(soon to be released, cross fingers, hair; Langwidere Siouxsie skin; Arachnophobia I necklace; not that you can see my shoes but I'm wearing the Batwing Lucents under there; and of course retired Silver Screen eyes by Miriel. poses are mostly by Luth, the one on the right side is by Curio Obscura)

A slinky slinky skirt with batwing scallops and a plunging neckline, Striga was originally going to be part of last year's Strix. They both stand on their own, although they share some motifs, and Strix was already getting...unmanageable, and then there were all the extra things I wanted to do with this part...and thus, so either ever actually got done, I set aside the sketches of extra pieces that became this set to do later (besides, Striga does have a different tone really).

The shirt comes in long (on the jacket layer, ending in a bit of a front point) and cropped with batwing edging, with flexi batwinged bell sleeves. The system skirt comes in two waist- "natural" waist, and a lower pointed dip front with a finished edge. And then there are a bunch of flexi skirts with different shapes.

The mermaid skirts have the sad limitation in SL of requiring a special AO to really work well (however...when I wear a skirt like that in RL, I automatically get the matching AO, as the skirt says "oh no, I don't think so, you're moving like this now, deal with it")- I personally adore the tight dress AO from Curio Obscura. It comes with 5 stands (one of which I used in the ad, in fact!), 5 walks (the hop is my absolute fav, but the rest are fantastic as well), and is otherwise fully loaded as well- swims, turns, flying, jumps, and everything. If you spring for the fully loaded AO, it also comes in an AO set up for you that automatically swims in Linden water and randomly cycles through the walks and stands, as well as the separate animations, plus free dresses! (The hardest part, I think, was choosing which dresses to get with it. I did not choose what you probably think I did.)

Yes, I know I sound like a spokesperson for Curio Obscura, but seriously, this AO rocks!

Striga is at the elephant, of course.

Friday, October 2, 2009

50 Linden Friday: Ghostbat Beater

(Smudged Orpheus and Langwidere skins; those unreleased pants I wear a bit on him, gutter glitter skirt on her; Lazy Places Liir hair on him, BP* Okappa hair on her; Illusions awesome bat wings on him, the white extrabonustexture Lucent batwings on her; retired Miriel eyes on both)

This week my 50 Linden Friday contribution is a ribbed tank with a blue-grey bat with red eyes. Because it's October, and yay bats! (He's sort of the grown up cousin to the Electro-Cute bat.)

You can pick this up at the elephant, as well as the list of everyone involved this week- as always, there's a lot of awesome deals to be had!
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