Friday, December 28, 2012

Fifty Linden Friday vests! And some bubbly

Ring in the New Year with some vintage 1977 L'Elephant d'Or champagne, for this Fifty Linden Friday.

Mesh champagne bottle and glasses for display, with animated bubbles, gives out glasses of champagne to wear and drink on touch.

And, of course, your pair of vests! This time half and half: black and blue, and black and red.

(I got hya drunk and made her pose with me <3)

At the elephant, for this Friday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Seamless lace patterned thigh high stockings and knee high socks to match the Casati dresses.  Sold separately by colour, and in a pack of them all.

(most of those underpants are from Pig, a couple are Balderdash from one of the Starlust Panty Raids, various random skins and poses, I think the aDORKable ones may be the only ones you can still get)

At the elephant!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Fashionably Dead skin
Clawtooth hair (@The Arcade)
LaVierre crown (past Collabor88 item, may or may not still be around)
Schadenfreude dress (new!), stockings (new!), shoes, jewelry
aDORKable pose, from the advent calender

house by Trompe Loeil
plushes by ~silentsparrow~, Intrigue Co (@The Arcade), and d-lab
pictures by ~silentsparrow~, Scribble, Yummy&Nylon Outfitters (frame and picture both @ The Arcade)
clock by Sway (@The Arcade)
origami deer head by Commoner (@The Arcade)
candle on mantle by HappyMood (in the secret Christmas room)
cocoa and cookies by {what next}
blench by pda (no longer available)
vouboos, table, tree, and stockings by Schadenfreude

(that's every year's stocking, including this year's, which is out for the taking in the elephant)

The Casati dress from Collabor88 a few months is back. Now in 13 colours, 10 solids and 3 ombres.  They are named after Luisa Casati, an amazing patroness of the arts, who was a living work of art in her time.  Hand beaded rigged mesh dresses in women's Standard Sizes (experimental deformer versions for men and women also included).

At the elephant!  Where you can also get this year's stocking to carry around and get stocking stuffers from.

Leith Boots (and shoes)

(Pitch mixed with Thistle, and Pitch mixed with Ash)
(hair by Clawtooth, skin by Tres Blah, coat by Fashionably Dead, horns by Illusions, dress by Schadenfreude, pose by marukin, taken on Oubliette)

This month's Collarbor88 is the frost nipping at your toes, frostbite in deep wintery jewel tones.  I made convertible boots and shoes- the uppers are rigged mesh, and can be worn with the shoes- and both can be worn without.  The uppers will work with (some!) other shoes- the angle of heel changes with the shoe base, so they don't have to be identically heeled, though you may find they work best with shoes that are (*gasp*) modify, so you can tweak the fit a touch.  And the high heels can be worn alone as high heeled shoes.  They also come with a HUD- the buttons on the uppers have 6 texture options, and you can also mix colours in sections if you have more than one colour.

The uppers are rigged mesh, and therefore unresizable- but come in Standard Sizes for men and women, so there's likely to be a close enough fit for you!

(hair, dress, boots, and pose from this session of Collabor88 from Tableau Vivant, Fashionably Dead, Schadenfreude, and marukin; hand bees from ~silentsparrow~)

In five colours, at Collarbor88 this month!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


The Arcade exists again this month, this time I made little vinyl art toys, that I have dubbed vouboo.  There are 20 vouboos to collect in series I, each 1 LI, 100% original mesh and art.  4 are rare, and the arcade variant of alle will only be available at The Arcade- when they move home, that one won't be making the move with the rest of them!  The other rares are also Arcade specific- you might recognize archie, he always greets you at the door on your way in.  pizza and katdragon are two of the organizers, octagons Yazimoto (of crazy amazing sim builds) and Katharine McGinnis (of Intrigue Co. and adorable pjs).  (Expect more vouboos of people I know in future series, of course!)

They are mod, if you so desire (though due to the nature of mesh, make them too large and they will be more than 1LI!), and transfer to trade with friends (or the trading group!), in a blind box gacha.  Only at The Arcade for the month of December!
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