Friday, July 9, 2010

My last 50L Friday for a while!

This will be my last 50L Friday for a while, I'm taking a break from it. So grab your fill while you can!

This week, a batkini in rainbow, and the black vest I've been hoarding until the end, because it matches most of what lives in the black hole also known as my RL closet.

(~silentsparrow~ tattoos that are imprinted on Alle's snow white flesh most of the time; unreleased skin; Luth poses)

(~silentsparrow~ tats and pants (those are the Geist Batty pants only available on xstreet in a pretty awesome set; DECO fedora of AWESOME that I can beat you up with; Pig shirt; Schadenfreude skirt, eyes, skins, hair; Luth poses)

At the elephant, where you can, as always, also pick up this week's list!

After the event is over, some items will be available on the Marketplace.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Riga Kicks

A rainbow of slinky knee-high boots with a playful heel, the Riga Kicks were something I made just about exactly 2 years ago, but was kinda meh on my texturing skills at the time when it came to them. (Also, it was in the middle of a fashion show for which I was making a number of all new things _and_ Shoe Fair, and I sort of got a case of terminal oh god kill me now burnout.) I've dusted them off and started over from scratch on texturing them, and am much happier now. The are traditionally mod and _not_ made such that the foot must be sized particularly to the calf, for easier fitting on a wider range of avatars. They come with with one piece attachments with the ankle locked, and two piece (which also let you wear just the foot bit with long pants), so you can decide which way you prefer to wear them. They also come with invisiprims and with alpha masks, so whether you have a 2.0 featured viewer or not, you're set (me, I'm excited about alpha masks because that's another reason I kept waffling on them- the avatar foot doesn't go for a heel quite that high so it's made up in bulky platforms, so the invisiprims are larger than I really I generally hate invisiprims making floors disappear entirely). Uberpack has a texture change HUD to let you fit just once and then change _that_ at a click.

(Clawtooth by Clawtooh hair; ~silentsparrow~ skirt and armwarmers; a mix of released and not quite yet released Schadenfreude; Luth pose)

Find the Riga Kicks on the Marketplace.
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