Sunday, August 23, 2015

Festival of Sin: Acedia

festival of sin

The Festival of Sin is back for a second opportunity for some quality sinning.  My chosen sin this time is Sloth.  I'm too lazy to clean, so there are cobwebs.

The Acedia Single Drawer Side Table comes in 3 versions with two main body options (2 shades of wood, black and white, and gold and silver leaf), or the uberpack with all that plus all the extra things I did because I wanted them even though they might be ridiculous.  Ok, they ARE ridiculous and I didn't feel like making vendors for all 14 colours.  All have a HUD that lets you choose between clean and dusted textures for the base options, and all 14 colours for the trim and drawer handle.  (Please read the instructions to use the HUD, you must touch them a particular place to activate the texture change!)  They also all include 4 versions: a clean version with an opening drawer, a clean version with no moving parts, a cobweb covered version with an opening drawer (with a web in it!), and a cobwebbed version with no moving parts.  All are 1 Land Impact each.  You can also touch the cobwebs to hide or show them, to choose just how many spiders are hanging out in your place.

The Acedia Chandlier also has webbed and not webbed versions, the webbed letting you choose how many webs to display.  The HUD lets you change texture between 12 options for the ceiling medallion, the chain it hangs from, and the chandelier itself (the colours of the Side Table, minus the woods, plus an oil rubbed bronze).  There are 13 colours of electric candles you can choose between to match your decor.

There are also separate cobwebs to match, to invite the invisible spiders on to more surfaces in your house.

Found only at the Festival of Sin, in the Sloth motel, until September 5.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Garden of Daydream Bulbs

daydream lightbulbs

For this very special Daydream birthday Collabor88 round (can you believe Collabor88 is 4 years old already?  I sure can't!  And I've even been in each birthday round, time flies so fast), I made lightbulbs that light up with dreams.  There are three of them: a flower, a tree, and a butterfly.  When dark, the flower is a bud, the tree is bereft of leaves, and the butterfly perches motionless on the glass.  When lit, the flower blossoms, the tree blooms, and the butterfly takes off and flutters in its enclosure.  (Thank you hyasynth for the gif of them in action!)

Each lamp comes in 7 heights, from no pole to floor lamp, and with a lightbulb not in a fixture- each 1 LI at original size.  There are two versions of each- one is scripted to cast light when lit while glowing and animation, and the other only glows and animates but does not light up (in case the cast light does not fit the lighting scheme of your decor).  The lamp fixtures have 4 metal options (silver, gold, copper, and black), and each interior object has 8 texture options for your choice of colours.

Like most of my lamps and furniture, activating texture change requires the owner touching a particular part of the object first to activate the HUD (so you can have more than one rezzed and have them be different options!  Plus it's lower lag for sim health).  They will stop listening once touched by the owner anywhere, which is recommended!  Plus that way YOU can turn them on and off anyway.

At Collabor88 this month!
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