Friday, February 29, 2008

New hat and jewelry set

I'm not entirely certain why I'm bothering to update the blog, because I can't get into either of the fashion feeds. iheartsl is down entirely, and world just keeps bumping me to the general feed.

No, you don't understand. I'm missing my sweet delicious crack here. I'm going into withdrawl. I usually scan the feeds multiple times a day.

But anyway, I doubt most people actually come _here_, and instead see me feedscraped. So this post may well disappear into the ether.


First, the Aviary Riding Hat. This is sort of evolution of a top hat here, this is an interim step on my way to my top hats. I hadn't drawn any lace for it yet, and eventually did, so here you go. All the textures are greyscale, which means it takes tints beautifully- there are a few tints thrown in for you, as well as a probably-very-confusing crashcourse in how to tint it yourself.

Koijini is the first thing to feature my new magic changey HUD, as well as the first time I'm actually using metal textures. I kind of prefer shiny, due to the fact it's way more dynamic than textures can ever be- but on the other hand, I'm stuck using the Windlight viewer now, and it took me a while to figure out how to turn shiny on! (Long story: short form being SL no longer likes my graphics card as of update a few weeks ago, and has become Monsier Crashypants with anything else...and I've really been scraping the bottom of the barrel on viewers when it comes to "anything else." Fingers crossed, WL actually lets me use SL without crashing in under 5 minutes, or turning half my face red and sculpties into huge amorphous blobs.)

But right. Back to Koijini. 3 metal texture choices, as well as untextured, 8 tints for all that, black or white pearls, and red/pink/orange/green/2 shades of blue/2 shades of purple choices for beads. The HUD makes it simple- just poke at blobs of colour with the appropriate label underneath and the magic happens (pearls take a while to cycle through due to thre being so many of them and trying to keep lag down- I may bite the bullet and go slightly more lag potential next time to try to keep that down- it still isn't _much_). If you want to change earrings and not necklace or vice versa, click on the label for the thing you don't want to change to grey it out (or again to reactivate). So, bunches of options, and a nice clean interface that you'll probably see on other things as well (since that was the whole point of taking ages developing it!)

Koijini has a second necklace in the box now, with skull and heart dropping down instead of the cross, for those who aren't so hot on crucifixes. Also, sneakypreview of that one is available in the Schadenfrude Enterprises group archive- it's only in one colour, but with the HUD it changes along like the rest!

Aviary Riding hat: hair is Valarie by Pudge; neck is a teeny weeny sneak preview of part of a hugeass thing I'm working on for a sim opening in 2 weeks
Koijini set: hair is Niela by Philotic Energy, which may well kill me with adorable as well as awesome colour change flowers; top is brokenhearts from silent sparrow
I'm lazy and unlinking in this entry, since I always do these writeups out of world.

I'm obviously trying something different with ads, trying to be a little cohesive here. It'll probably last a week before I decide it's too confining and get bored with it. (Ok, more than, seeing how infrequently I put stuff out for you people. I've got to get over my release fear.)

Hop on over to Juicy to see the newthings- La Reina's had a namechange, so same location, just a rose of any other name, etc.

I'm even wordier without my fashion feed crack. I neeeeed you fixed soon!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hot Pink Striped Pants

Just in time to totally miss the pink holiday, hot pink striped pants! I wasn't happy with how the first ones came out, I'd always intended pink, but anyway. In La Reina and OnRez, separately and added into the fatpack.

Thanks to the lovely Nivaya Barbosa here. We're both in that Punch Drunk sequin top, a necklace I'm working on getting done soon just like the bracelets I'm wearing, whee awesome free Halloween tats from Etch'd that I positively adore, and that cuff on her is from Kurotsubaki, I believe. I'm not guessing beyond that.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I think it's safe to say you've heard of Ghost by now- Triangle may be new, but she has a very distinctive style that's gotten a lot of notice.

I tried to attend the fashion show showcasing her work, as well as that of others, but glitchy SL crashed me, so I only got to see the beginning. I did pick up the gift she'd put out though, the Red Mid dress for Chinese New Year (which I'm sure you've seen, or you've been in a cave- but it's disappearing tomorrow if you haven't gotten it), as well as 7am which is quite a fab little thing.

Most of what she does are these gorgeous floaty dresses, softly chiffon, that fit the flexi skirt system perfectly- they breathe with you, and for once I actually like jellyfish skirts (I find many flexi skirts have way too much give for what they're trying to do- in these it's actually a plus!). The softness and the wildness fits her name perfectly, very ghostly. Her ads, with the long nails, often white hair, and exotic makeup, just add to this mystique for me, calling up all sorts of images in my mind of especially Asian ghosts. I suppose because it's way too stylish and exotic for the fuddy duddy Western ghosts with their sheets and chains.

If I look half this fabulous when I'm dead, I will be one happy (and gorgeous) shade.

My first exposure to Ghost was months ago, before she even had a location, with her freebies Prison Socks and the Dirty Snow dress. The prison socks are cute and quirky and unusual, and like all of Triangle's designs, verging into runway couture. Generally I'm not big on runway fashion and find most of it ridiculous and hideous- Triangle, however, pulls of a runway style that I actually like.

For Mardi Gras, I dressed up a bit (all dressed up and nowhere to go though, I didn't attend any of the parties going on, I just went flitting around the grid), with the Obscurita Femina free mask from Illusions (I positively adore the suggestion of bat wings), in her Zero dress:

(In Silent, of course. I grabbed the sock layer of my striped pants in, ha, Ghost, to cover up Alle's oh so white legs; the tats are Monstrosity from Etch'd, which is my current tattoo place of choice in large part due to liking her freebies, so when I was looking for something else it was the first and only stop I made; the gloves are from my Tuxedo Corset in Noir with the fingers ripped out, I'll have to do that properly sometime instead of using the messy sliders; and here again are the Succubus pumps from 69 that currently own me feet any time they aren't in big boots.)

Here I'm wearing both the prims for the tight miniskirt as well as the long tiered floofy skirt. It's sort of strangely ballgowny without being so stuffy, and unusually in a skirt this long, shows off a fair bit of leg with the way the skirt hangs. It's elegantly deconstructed, it's ruched and wrinkled and soft, the skirt fabric has a fair bit of ruching to it as well giving the whole dress a lot of interest without getting into a pattern. Curse SL for the transparency fighting, but it isn't anywhere near as disasterous or painfully obvious as it is in most skirts.

The red version of Mid's been blogged all over the place, being her new free release, and I've seen a bit on 7am as well. However, Dirty Snow here may be one of her first things, but it grabbed my attention.

(That fur coat may still be in my group archive, I did dawdle a lot on sending it out. I made it because I wanted to wear that dress, but wanted a jacket, feeling cold as I often do. The prims are quite fiddly for your shape, so it may take a bit of editing to look decent. With my Buckle Platforms, and an unreleased Digital Alchemy necklace that I've been dragging my feet on was actually "done" before I released the pendant pairs, when I first opened up shop at the Jewelry Expo.)

Seams may not be perfect, but we're looking at very early work here- it's amazingly ambitious to tackle something like that. Unless you're looking for them, the seams don't jump out as being miserable either, with the way the all over colouring works together.

Does anyone know of a good ice palace? This was the best I could find, and it isn't anything fantastic- there has to be something out there, doesn't there? Makes me miss my moo again, I built a little ice palace in it, although of course, being text the requirements were totally different. Because, see, this dress makes me want to sing:

He has agreed
To take me
To the ice hotel from the magazine

What we will need
Is a gleaming key
Made of ice as well
By the finest ice machine.

(In my tendency to run into the same words in this post, this is from The New Zero, by Rasputina)

Check out Ghost at Sensual Productions, currently the location that appears to have the most complete selection of her stuff.

broken hearted sparrow

Even though it's pink, and it has hearts on it, I couldn't stop thinking about silent sparrow's brokenhearts. It's seasonal, but candies and treasure hunt and belt aside, I'm not big on Valentine's Day...I can't say I've ever had a good one with a significant other (the best was probably with the sociopath, when we weren't even dating, so yeah, not exactly my favourite). But, time is running out to be able to get it, as it's one of the pieces that will be retired as soon as the redesign is up (and they've already started terraforming! Now you can't go beyond the sale section in the basement, the steam tunnels are almost entirely gone).

The first time I was at silent sparrow, I saw someone wearing the blouse from this set. I was utterly taken by it then, although I had no idea where it came from, or anything about it, at the time.

I've been living almost entirely prim free lately (I still can't give up my AO, which, of course, is actually worse than a lot of things, but duckwalk, argh)- no jewelry, system unboots (I might have to actually try to make a texture for them, but the heel shape doesn't really give a lot to work with), and even system hair, although I put on the prims to take these photos (and noticed that yes, I was chugalugging more, so off they went again). You see, SL has been becoming worse and worse for me lately, I regularly crash many times a day. They did something Very Wrong a few rolling restarts ago, and since then things have just been getting progressively worse (from the jira I'm thinking it's a memory leak, but the crickets heard on it from the Lindens doesn't inspire any confidence that it will be fixed any time soon). I've fallen back in love again with my collarbones, wearing the wide necked top from brokenhearts with no jewelry.

I decided I was feeling a bit Queen of Hearts, so I went to The Maze to show you this lovely set. The Maze is quite pretty, a sculpted hedge maze with some really nice stonework, couples poses scattered around, and do make sure you eat and drink things that tell you to.

"and what is the use of a book review," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversations?"

(Schadenfreude striped pants in ash, current jewelry project, and horribly ugly system unboots. Oh, and Miriel eyes, as she is my crack eye dealer of choice)

This set has the most brilliant detailing with the hearts, they're surrounded by lace, and the hearts themselves have the most delectable painterly texture. I'm utterly in love with the socks and gloves, as well- they were not neglected in the least. (69 Succubus pumps, of course)

Two skirts are included, short and long. I even finally broke down and made a skirt shape. I actually like system skirts in a number of ways- even scripted, flexi skirts only succeed in moving with you so much, and you can't spread a pattern like this across multiple skirt prims successfully. (That's a Long Awkward Pose pose)

It's also got the most wonderful knickers, so here you go. I've been wearing this corset underneath the blouse, and the knickers under my pants, the lace edging peeks out here and there. I'm generally not one for teh sexxxy, but I find it much more deliciously decadent than these teeny weeny things.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

La Reina Valentine Hunt

La Reina is having a sim wide Valentine hunt that officially started today and goes through the 17th, with many of the shops on our little heart shaped island contributing. Look for hot pink heart boxes (a lot of them are really big, but a few people have resized them) throughout the shops- I have 4. Some are free, some are dollarbies (this time kids, mine are dollarbies to cover upload fees for all the coat bits- this is why I mostly give away primmy things).

(That is, of course, the Fashionably Dead Frozen skin, as always eyes by Miriel, bottoms of my Buckle Platforms that I still wear 90% of the time, Crimson Striped Pants, and the never trust the living tee poking out.)

4 boxes are hidden around. One with a NosferCoat in Ghost (white), which doesn't come with quite as many extraneous bits as the ones you buy (however will you live without it on the underwear layer?) nor does it have the long pants because I just wasn't liking them in the lighter grey, since they are so nondescript by design. One has a pair of earrings and some bangle bracelets, big sort of 80s plastic hearts that change colour on touch with my normal dialogs (each bracelet in the bangles changes independently). One has a scarf, armwarmers, and legwarmers in red and pink stripes. And one has heart glasses, rosy pink and shattered black. I think mine are all pretty easy to find, I wasn't trying to make it hard on you, since there are so many places to hit these days!

There is also a 100% free heart shaped box on the table, grab one and wear it, then tell people to touch it to get their own candies. Schadenfreude Enterprises has come into some of the Whizzo Chocolate Company's overrun stock, so the following warnings apply:


If I get a moment in build allowed space without running around like a crazy person as I have been lately, I'll be putting a simple little belt out too.

Right this very moment though, I'm at Shoot II waiting for the fashion show with GHOST's wonderful things to start, in my styling no prim avatar to try to contribute as little to lag as possible (I...actually kind of don't hate this system hair, though I might tweak it a little. I've got this sort of rockabilly boufant thing going with my mohawk. I do wish the system tint green was darker though, this is far too light).

Friday, February 8, 2008

never trust the living

Torn tee (well, not so much torn as scrunched up and hacked at with scissors) with the sage advice of never trust the living on the front, and a skeletal hand on the back. This is another oldie but, in my opinion at least, goodie. I still wear this a fair bit, and quite like it.

I think I dropped the longer versions on everyone who'd gotten one already, but if I haven't, ping me and I'll drop the longer version on you. A boything I know was complaining about the belly baring of it, so now there are both short and long versions in the box, each with boy and girl shading (the long versions have jacket layers as well as tucked/untucked underpant/pant layer extentions for the shirt/undershirt layers. The short versions have jacket layers with a transparent bottom half, just on the off chance you want it for layering). Sleeves (and neck) are ripped off the same, because this is what I have a tendency to do to most of my t-shirts. Stupid short sleeves irk me.

In La Reina, and on OnRez.

Official Valentine post in a couple of days, the hunt in LR hasn't truly begun yet, though a lot of people have put things out. There's a box of chocolates for you sitting on the table- hold and anyone can touch, as per my normal holiday freebies. I'll probably be taking the Mardi Gras necklaces down tonight or tomorrow, so act fast if you want them.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Ki-Squared is a solo venture by one of the people behind Cupcake! (not to be confused with <3 Cupcake, or Devilish Cupcake, or however many other stores are devoted to that most delicious of mini cakelike substances)- the other two being Hiccup and PUDGE, so you know it's got to be good. Ki-Squared is run by Kiki, so she also gets applause from me for the cleverness of her name.

Ki-Squared is a little bit retro and a lot bit cute (omg, the alien and the banana shirts!)- with a lot of pastels and pinks for you girly girls, but some nice brights and even some deeps for the rest of us.

Ki-Squared also has amazingly kick ass jeans. I'm wearing the black skinny jeans here, because, well, that's the sort of thing I like (the skinny ones are on the pants layer even, and have just the tiniest bit of "flare" at the bottom- not enough to get in the way of my tucking them into boots, but like actual real jeans, with a bit of weight to them), but in a jean pack you get both skinny and flared leg, and can choose between basic blue, black, brown, pink!, lavender, or mint green.

I'm wearing her new Dark Argyle in green here as well, which is pretty damn fab. Alle threw a fit when I was considering putting her in an emo haircut and with big black plastic framed glasses with tape in the middle (let's face it, she was far more likely to be threatening to beat them up in high school), so instead we went to Suffugium to play in the distopian fun for pictures (that's a PUDGE pose, and the short versions of my platforms), and ended up getting these ridiculous x-ray specs dumpster diving. Also worn under the sweater is a free! black tee shirt also from Ki-Squared, which comes in a pack of a lot of nice useful colours, and has really nice wrinkling detail.

The argyle has a great sweaterly texture, and I have this odd weakness for strange patterns (ahem, the stripe pants might have given me away)- the argyles come in a variety of colours, both in the darker, and in some lighter shades. The jeans have a wonderful denim texture to them, and absolutely awesome chunky stitching. Personally, I think these are perfect jeans. Great texture, wonderful stitching, perfect shading, and a little low rise, but not a shelf for the pelvis, so I'm not hanging out in the back. I also have this odd affection for custom buttons (again, the stripe pants may have given me away), and these have a great K stamped into the metal. (I'm also anal about my seams, and these are perfect on that standpoint as well.)

They also give great ass.

Seriously, look at that. That is one fine ass, if I do say so myself.

I've been trying to branch out a little beyond my normal wardrobe of black, black, and more black (seriously, I can't distinguish one article of clothing from another in my closet without a great deal of light in the room), and I have been feeling a little not like Alle with how much I was running around as the Carnies for weeks. So, in totally uncharacteristic fashion, here's the Funky Teal Dress:

Kiki does a great job with her wrinkling again, and the bright teal dress is accented by a hot pink underskirt peeking out. Not content with the yellow tights that come with the teal dress (which are very nice tights, for yellow tights, but yellow is a colour that sort of doesn't exist in my universe), I tinted Veschi tintable tights (the targets, without the sock layer) bright ass purple (massive sale at Veschi going on right now, do not miss the pack of these tights- they've got awesome highlighting and shading on them, as well as tinting wonderfully to match anything you want), and threw on my Mardi Gras beads and the Succubus pumps from 69. Ok, there may be a reason why I stick to black, black, and more black, I start getting dangerous. (Another PUDGE pose, this time in artilleri hanging out with the best hearse ever. The flames make it go faster!)

Check Ki-Squared out in Fashion Mode, or Sensual Productions (ha, she got my old shop).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stripe Pants, and whoops I forgot about Jerry

So I'm slower than molasses when it comes to finishing things. I've been tweaking the &@$%ing sculpted cuffs on these for...months (seriously...the white ones? The first pants I ever made. I wore them exclusively for months until they made me feel a little too circusy all the time and made something more versatile). Note to self: trying to stripe match attachments = insane. And there was something else I was really hoping to get done by Mardi Gras, well, ha. Happy Mardi Gras, anyway! Make sure to party hard!

Striped Pants in a variety of colours, separately, or in a grand old fatpack of all of them plus the black on black, which are a fatpack exclusive.

I've been loving silent sparrow's Midnight Circus as much as I knew I would, but I've got this weird thing about wanting yet more matching bits. I mean, it isn't as if it's a skimpy set to begin with, with 2 tops and gloves and bloomers and skirt and boa and more more more, but while I was working on the striped pants now, recoloured that would go quite well with the top...So, groupgift! Join the Schadenfreude Enterprises group for the Stripe Pants in Midnight Circus (I forget how long ago my last random thingie was, there might be something else in there too). (I usually don't pimp my group, nor do I really really use it as much as I should, I forget new product announcements half the time even.) The Midnight Circus, as well as having darker black (you know, usually my blacks are darker than everyone else's, but not in this case!) stripes and the dirtier white stripes (if you haven't noticed, Ghost is a purely desaturated white, with no brown or blue overtones...and I'm anal about my colours), also has black piping along many of the seams to echo the piping on the top.

What horrible lighting in this picture. Please forgive my crappy photographer skills, and forgetfulness to make it sunrise. But look at those fabulous feathers! Midnight Circus is not part of the sale right now, it's on the first floor, go left as you walk in, then around that corner to the right. And make sure to visit the magnificent build at silent sparrow before it becomes something else! All those lovely gear and bird windows.

(Credits in the above and ads: Top, boa, and gloves are Midnight Circus by silent sparrow; eyes are, as always, Miriel; shoes are the fabulous Succubus by ::69::, which are going around the blogosphere because they are indeed awesome and even made me break my "no no mod shoes" rule that regularly makes me cry; tats are Monstrosity by Etch'd; as well as the bottoms to my Platform Boots in the back view because the (ahem, no mod) bows do stick out a little bit in the back though I'm wearing them still anyway; necklaces are the free Mardi Gras beads you can pick up at my shop in one of my early variants, I think they current have hot pink as the front knotted necklace in honour of LR; hat and earrings are things that I'm trying to get my ass in gear about and finish. Ha ha, not that you can tell at the angle in the picture, but that's something of a pun regarding the earrings.)

Also, I totally forgot to introduce you to Jerry. If you've been by the shop recently, he's the big skull on the top shelf, and he is also featured in earrings that I released a bit ago and totally forgot about announcing.

(That's the Tableau graveyard in the background, so we're continuing to be Mardi Gras appropriate.)

If you're still with me, be sure to swing by La Reina for your free Mardi Gras beads (wear them, and anyone can touch them for a necklace of their own!), which is where this stuff is also all out (alternately, you can get the pants from OnRez here, and Jerry earrings here). Valentine stuff gets its own post shortly.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Last day for Another Fundraiser!

I'm sure you've all been to pick up some of the amazing (and amazingly cheap!) skins from Another Fundraiser. But if you haven't, or you were trying to decide if you wanted one, you're coming up on your last chance, so act fast!

I'm used to being pretty pale all the time, so I think my very favourite of the skins is the bossa nova silent vamp. The eyeshadow is absolutely fabulous, at the edges of the eyes (and it looks totally awesome when your eyes are closed, as well), perfect little drawn on eyebrows, and wonderful vampy little bow lips. Teeth and tongue are desaturated as well, to complete the Silent Film look!

(Taken in Silent, of course. Top is ~silent sparrow~ Midnight Circus, Eyes by Miriel (Luminous pack, I think), Necklace is Schadenfreude Pearl necklace with cameo [heh, most uninventive name ever]. Dress will probably be released sometime in the not too distant future, hair may or may not ever be released, and those particular earrings probably won't see release, though similar will at some point.)

I promise I'm going to actually release something again soon. Meantime, swing by for your Mardi Gras beads, since Mardi Gras is already almost here!
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