Sunday, February 10, 2008

La Reina Valentine Hunt

La Reina is having a sim wide Valentine hunt that officially started today and goes through the 17th, with many of the shops on our little heart shaped island contributing. Look for hot pink heart boxes (a lot of them are really big, but a few people have resized them) throughout the shops- I have 4. Some are free, some are dollarbies (this time kids, mine are dollarbies to cover upload fees for all the coat bits- this is why I mostly give away primmy things).

(That is, of course, the Fashionably Dead Frozen skin, as always eyes by Miriel, bottoms of my Buckle Platforms that I still wear 90% of the time, Crimson Striped Pants, and the never trust the living tee poking out.)

4 boxes are hidden around. One with a NosferCoat in Ghost (white), which doesn't come with quite as many extraneous bits as the ones you buy (however will you live without it on the underwear layer?) nor does it have the long pants because I just wasn't liking them in the lighter grey, since they are so nondescript by design. One has a pair of earrings and some bangle bracelets, big sort of 80s plastic hearts that change colour on touch with my normal dialogs (each bracelet in the bangles changes independently). One has a scarf, armwarmers, and legwarmers in red and pink stripes. And one has heart glasses, rosy pink and shattered black. I think mine are all pretty easy to find, I wasn't trying to make it hard on you, since there are so many places to hit these days!

There is also a 100% free heart shaped box on the table, grab one and wear it, then tell people to touch it to get their own candies. Schadenfreude Enterprises has come into some of the Whizzo Chocolate Company's overrun stock, so the following warnings apply:


If I get a moment in build allowed space without running around like a crazy person as I have been lately, I'll be putting a simple little belt out too.

Right this very moment though, I'm at Shoot II waiting for the fashion show with GHOST's wonderful things to start, in my styling no prim avatar to try to contribute as little to lag as possible (I...actually kind of don't hate this system hair, though I might tweak it a little. I've got this sort of rockabilly boufant thing going with my mohawk. I do wish the system tint green was darker though, this is far too light).

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