Thursday, February 7, 2008


Ki-Squared is a solo venture by one of the people behind Cupcake! (not to be confused with <3 Cupcake, or Devilish Cupcake, or however many other stores are devoted to that most delicious of mini cakelike substances)- the other two being Hiccup and PUDGE, so you know it's got to be good. Ki-Squared is run by Kiki, so she also gets applause from me for the cleverness of her name.

Ki-Squared is a little bit retro and a lot bit cute (omg, the alien and the banana shirts!)- with a lot of pastels and pinks for you girly girls, but some nice brights and even some deeps for the rest of us.

Ki-Squared also has amazingly kick ass jeans. I'm wearing the black skinny jeans here, because, well, that's the sort of thing I like (the skinny ones are on the pants layer even, and have just the tiniest bit of "flare" at the bottom- not enough to get in the way of my tucking them into boots, but like actual real jeans, with a bit of weight to them), but in a jean pack you get both skinny and flared leg, and can choose between basic blue, black, brown, pink!, lavender, or mint green.

I'm wearing her new Dark Argyle in green here as well, which is pretty damn fab. Alle threw a fit when I was considering putting her in an emo haircut and with big black plastic framed glasses with tape in the middle (let's face it, she was far more likely to be threatening to beat them up in high school), so instead we went to Suffugium to play in the distopian fun for pictures (that's a PUDGE pose, and the short versions of my platforms), and ended up getting these ridiculous x-ray specs dumpster diving. Also worn under the sweater is a free! black tee shirt also from Ki-Squared, which comes in a pack of a lot of nice useful colours, and has really nice wrinkling detail.

The argyle has a great sweaterly texture, and I have this odd weakness for strange patterns (ahem, the stripe pants might have given me away)- the argyles come in a variety of colours, both in the darker, and in some lighter shades. The jeans have a wonderful denim texture to them, and absolutely awesome chunky stitching. Personally, I think these are perfect jeans. Great texture, wonderful stitching, perfect shading, and a little low rise, but not a shelf for the pelvis, so I'm not hanging out in the back. I also have this odd affection for custom buttons (again, the stripe pants may have given me away), and these have a great K stamped into the metal. (I'm also anal about my seams, and these are perfect on that standpoint as well.)

They also give great ass.

Seriously, look at that. That is one fine ass, if I do say so myself.

I've been trying to branch out a little beyond my normal wardrobe of black, black, and more black (seriously, I can't distinguish one article of clothing from another in my closet without a great deal of light in the room), and I have been feeling a little not like Alle with how much I was running around as the Carnies for weeks. So, in totally uncharacteristic fashion, here's the Funky Teal Dress:

Kiki does a great job with her wrinkling again, and the bright teal dress is accented by a hot pink underskirt peeking out. Not content with the yellow tights that come with the teal dress (which are very nice tights, for yellow tights, but yellow is a colour that sort of doesn't exist in my universe), I tinted Veschi tintable tights (the targets, without the sock layer) bright ass purple (massive sale at Veschi going on right now, do not miss the pack of these tights- they've got awesome highlighting and shading on them, as well as tinting wonderfully to match anything you want), and threw on my Mardi Gras beads and the Succubus pumps from 69. Ok, there may be a reason why I stick to black, black, and more black, I start getting dangerous. (Another PUDGE pose, this time in artilleri hanging out with the best hearse ever. The flames make it go faster!)

Check Ki-Squared out in Fashion Mode, or Sensual Productions (ha, she got my old shop).


Achariya Rezak said...

Ah, awesome post. I'll have to check this place out.

Ki-Squared said...

Haha!! I finally got you in some color!! You look -amazing- in it, by the way... and I love love love the purple with that. Now you've got me thinking I should release alternate tight colors as well... damn you Alle.

:D Thanks for the review, preciouspants! My jaw very nearly slammed into my desk when I ran across it!

Allegory Malaprop said...

I have all the colour sense of a two year old :). But I like it!

I do really love that dress, I think I need to crash a party in that outfit someday. I've actually been trying to get myself together to do a write up for ages and SL has been foiling me (I was constantly getting the glitch of objects half showing up in snaps. I don't know if it happens to anyone but me, but it will divide the screen in half and not draw a lot of things, like, oh, my hair, in one half). But you make good stuff lady!

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