Friday, February 8, 2008

never trust the living

Torn tee (well, not so much torn as scrunched up and hacked at with scissors) with the sage advice of never trust the living on the front, and a skeletal hand on the back. This is another oldie but, in my opinion at least, goodie. I still wear this a fair bit, and quite like it.

I think I dropped the longer versions on everyone who'd gotten one already, but if I haven't, ping me and I'll drop the longer version on you. A boything I know was complaining about the belly baring of it, so now there are both short and long versions in the box, each with boy and girl shading (the long versions have jacket layers as well as tucked/untucked underpant/pant layer extentions for the shirt/undershirt layers. The short versions have jacket layers with a transparent bottom half, just on the off chance you want it for layering). Sleeves (and neck) are ripped off the same, because this is what I have a tendency to do to most of my t-shirts. Stupid short sleeves irk me.

In La Reina, and on OnRez.

Official Valentine post in a couple of days, the hunt in LR hasn't truly begun yet, though a lot of people have put things out. There's a box of chocolates for you sitting on the table- hold and anyone can touch, as per my normal holiday freebies. I'll probably be taking the Mardi Gras necklaces down tonight or tomorrow, so act fast if you want them.

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Nivaya Barbosa said...

Hah! My boything's whining did some good for once! <3

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