Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Schadenfreude Monstera deliciosa in Medusa Planter

monstera deliciosa in medusa planter

For Collabor88's Rainforest birthday, a delicious monster plant (also known by many other names, but delicious monster wins) potted in a stone head planter.  There are 2 finishes on the head- stone and mossy stone, and the plant and head are separate so you can plant something else in there if you prefer.  1 Land Impact with plant and planter linked together at "actual size."

This August at  Collabor88 until September 6th!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Schadenfreude Fruits of Summer

The Okinawa Summer Festival started this morning!

fruits geta

The Fruits Geta are round おこぼ/ぽっくり下駄 oboko/pokkuri style geta clogs (with the center hollowed out, instead of the teeth) laquered with 13 fruity options (no rares).  Unrigged and modify, you can move and resize them as needed for your feet.

fruits wagasa

The Fruits Wagasa are 和傘 umbrellas to match them, with the same options as all Schadenfreude Wagasa- 2 colours of canopy (each fruit comes with a matching colour fade version), assorted options for sections to customize your umbrella as you prefer, open versions to hold and closed versions to rez (all 1 LI each), transparency and wet settings. HUDs can be used across all Schadenfreude Wagasa for more options.

okinawa summer festival

The Okinawa Summer Festival opens August 3 at 8am SLT, and closes August 31 at 8am SLT.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Schadenfreude Kokeshicha and Daruma Coffee

Vending machines and drinks at the last round of KURENAI- canned teas with packaging designed after traditional Japanese kokeshi dolls, and canned coffee after Daruma dolls.

kokeshicha vending machines

The 自動販売機 vending machines come in three aged finishes- new and clean, a lightly dirty rusted version, and a much rustier older machine that's been out in the world for a while.  Each also comes in 2 languages- Japanese こけし茶 with the prices listed in yen, and English KokeshiTea with the prices listed in L$ (which, as the prices are more analogous to USD, I'm going to call Lustian Dollars, and some day make more currency than just the imitation Hammerer piggy penny).  On touch, each machine will give a random can of tea to whoever touches it.  You can replace the ad board with the kokeshi dolls with your own choice- the shade map is included so you know what parts will be on display.  Each machine is 2 land impact at the display size, including the removable feet and concrete base (I land impact if you remove that for an interior installation!)

kokeshicha cans

There are also display versions of each of the seven flavours of tea (Ocha- green tea, Matcha, Kukicha, Mecha- bud tea, Hojicha, Genmaicha- popcorn tea with added rice, and Mujicha- barley tea).  Each piece is 1 land impact, and it includes an open can, a closed can, a can that opens and closes on touch, 3 crushed cans (one crushed down, two squished on their sides), a can "doll" that is 2 cans on top of each other with the front/back of the can design making the kokeshi doll, 3 clusters of 4-5 discarded cans, and a can to wear and drink from (with opening can animation and sound, as well as drinking).  The uberpack lets you texture change the cans, so you can mix clusters- and also includes 2 more can "dolls"- a 3 can tall and a 7 can tall.

daruma coffee

There is a game to play at this round of KURENAI too, catch fairies to exchange for prizes!  You can get this set of Daruma Coffee 達磨コーヒー cans in exchange for game points.  There is an open can, a closed can, an opening can, and a worn can to drink from, each in 3 flavors (Sweet with no eyes, Black with one eye filled in, and Ultra with both eyes).

Find them at KURENAI until August 31 8am SLT!
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