Monday, December 22, 2008

The Mouse King

I've wanted to do this since for a while, and then it was fighting me (and I was distracted by trees...a bunch of which still haven't been finished, even though Christmas is almost upon us), and I came down with a killer flu that wouldn't die. But! Mouse King!

5 colour choices, as well as the option for the outfit separately if you don't want a mouse head, or the head separately (all the heads are scripted with the 3 colours options), or the crown separately (all the crowns are scripted with 4 metals, 6 gems).

You'll probably need to do a bit of editting on your hair, with the mask. I know I did.

(Outfits: Calico Ingmann Jake hair, Illusions Pirate boots
Head: Maitreya Loelle on the white mouse head, Old Gravy Darkchylde on the brown
Crown: Old Gravy Darkchylde hair, Miriel eyes)

At the elephant, as usual.

Some other looks at the Mouse King:
Achariya plays the Mouse King.
Ryan Darragh of Men's Second Style as the Mouse King.
Achariya again, in the Mouse King coat in a less mousey oujisama look

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Candy Cane Frolic at Oz

Grumble grumble I want to not be sick anymore.

But anyway! There's a Candy Cane Frolic at Oz- it's a bit of a different type of hunt, as you have to find candy canes that will pop up around the sim, and you get gift tags for catching them, which you have to take to the shop for that tag, to get the goods.

Because, I mean, I'm evil, there are 2 things from Schadenfreude. You get one at random with your gift you might be lucky and only need 2 tags, or you might be less lucky and need a bunch to get them both if one stubbornly insists on being yours repeatedly.

Candy cane antlers- like the rest the antlers are colour change on touch, as well as the candy canes (red/green/blue/black and white stripe).

And a silver mousie with emerald eyes, which is a subtle tip of the hat to Ozma of Oz.

Monday, December 15, 2008

More Christmasy

More festive thingies from Schadenfreude:

You may have ridden the large versions of Flopsie and Mopsie, to the tree farm. Little shoulder sitting versions also feature texture change fur (white, brown, grey) and hat or antlers, and are transfer for gifting.

(House of Munster Glitch hair, ~silentsparrow~ eventide jacket (retired), ~silentsparrow~ nemu shirt, Balderdash Whiskey and Merlot necklace and earrings, Miriel eyes)

More antlers, which sculpted ornaments. An assortment of options on touch (antlers white/brown/black, hangers multiple metals where applicable, colour change where applicable, all can hide individual items and toggle fullbright and various shiny settings), and each comes with bonus antlers of plain unadorned, and ornaments and lights like the ones you can get from the stocking, but with touch change options (the lights calculate the light value for you for the glow, or you can override that with a preset).

(Calico Hannah hair, ~silentsparrow~ sylvan suite, Balderdash Whiskey and Water necklace and earrings, Fleur Suzume 3 skin, Miriel eyes)

(Katat0nik Lolli hair, Katat0nik green cherries dress, Balderdash Whiskey and Sunlight necklace and earrings, Skins of Delphi (Katat0nik) skin, Miriel eyes)

(PixelDust Apatia hair, Schadenfreude Strix shrug and Tease bra, Balderdash Whiskey and Merlot necklace and earrings, Miriel eyes)

(House of Munster Glitch hair, Schadenfreude Swamp Lurking shirt, Balderdash Whiskey and Wheatgrass necklace and earrings, Schadenfreude Alabaster Elsa Green Face skin, Miriel eyes)
(Sidebar all: House of Munster Glitch hair, Pig chenille sweater in wine)

As an aside, you can probably tell I got myself the Whiskey fatpack from Balderdash for Christmas, because it's f-ing gorgeous and I couldn't choose just one.

Stripey Patchmas Pants, with sculpted cuffs and sock extenders for form fitting, in green and red stripes with black patches. These are _also_ under the special 25L tree at Axis Mundi, alongside a bunch of other awesome (and cheap) stuff!

(Katat0nik new lime! Ghostfire boots, Schadenfreude Lucent Bow Heels)

And Santagory boots are out again- similar to the Plain Buckle Platforms, but with texture change furry tops, white/grey/black/red, to match the santa hats.

(House of Munster Glitch hair, Veschi Cozily Green Sweater (altered neck))

All at the Elephant. The meeces are also at Haute Couture (and that port will take you god knows where, because I haven't updated it to where I moved) as part of a transfer for gifting bash going on at that sim, and the pants are also under the tree at Axis Mundi.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

We wish you a merry christmas...

Those who've been following Schadenfreude for a bit will know that this was coming: the stocking is out. To those that this may be a bit "what, huh, what's she talking about?!?", the stocking is like the treat bucket. Carry it around, touch it, tell others to touch it, get gifts and sweets and weaponry and antlers. (Due to a server snafu, last year's stocking is half broken and only gives out some of its stuff. But this year's has more anyway, and the only thing that was in last year's and not this is Brackle, and you can get him other ways now.)

One of the great things about the way I do the stocking- I can continue to add things and you don't have to get a new one to get the new stuff. Like, I added a new style of antlers after I set it out, for which I am going to Hell, but I grew up celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah and they sort of became this one weird holiday, where Hanukkah brought the ceremony and the gradual presents and Christmas brought the decorating ridiculously and MORE presents, and it was awesome.

The stocking is on the table in the elephant, just walk inside and it's pretty hard to miss.

And, completely unrelated, but this may be useful to some so I'll link to it here: me rambling on image formats and their uses in SL. There's a section at the end about avoiding the dreaded alpha halo, as well as ways to avoid accidentally getting an alpha channel with something solid so you have alpha flicker unnecessarily. Feel free to plumb the journal for more other semi useful crap, I've got some crash course interesting tips for sculpts that are somewhat horribly disorganized as I was writing myself notes on how to do things so _I_ didn't forget them.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Xmas tree farm

I've been chugging along on Christmas trees lately (read: obsessed), and now the Christmas Tree Farm is open on Horst. You can see a few teasers at the elephant, some of the colour change, and a couple of the things are out there. Also, I would like to introduce you to Flopsie and Mopsie:

Flopsie lives at the tree farm on Horst. She will take you to the Schadenfreude elephant, if you hop on her back and touch her to take off.

Mopsie lives at the elephant. She will take you to the tree farm if you hop on her back, and touch her to take off.

Please do be aware: They cross sim borders. While the transition has been smooth more often than not, occasionally they can get lost (Mopsie especially seems to have a bit of a problem with directions at times), and there are rare occasions when you can get trapped in dead space because the handoff between sims fails completely. I still ride them back and forth constantly anyway, because I find it _way_ too fun, and even with my pokey computer, it's rare that I get trapped.

At the tree farm, you will find assorted trees I've been working on:

2 prim pine trees. You can remove the trunk, to make them one prim pines, if you are looking for that aggressively low prim for your sim and they still work rather well.

In with the festive glass is a large bird ornament that seats two (with an assortment of colour change options for glass, feathers, and metal). Also a selection of single prim shiny glass trees (just buy the one that strikes your fancy directly off the lot).

I have cats...I have a cat right now who really loves shimmying up the Christmas tree and nesting in it at eye height. So not only are all of the birds that inspired the ornament in storage and unlikely to be seen anytime soon (she is worth it though!), feather trees are completely and totally not something for me to consider having. Pretty as they are. However, in SL I can indulge without worry, so the tree farm features a feather tree forest in assorted sizes and colours. There are also matching wreaths.

There are still some more things I'm working on for the farm. We'll see if they get done!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things

There's a new suit from ~silentsparrow~, nemu. It even got me to finally change clothes (a Christmas miracle!) with its lush brocade, vest with amazing decorative frogs, sculpted scrunched up sleeves and meticulous jabot, and damn I want these gloves in RL.

Seriously, am I not fecking gorgeous?

Yes, this time of year I am especially festive in green. I need to crash a holiday party in this.

I've not had the time to do much of the Peace on Earth hunt (nor will I, in all likelihood, sadly), but when I heard that Balderdash was participating, I had to squeeze time out of putting out feather trees until my eyes bled to stop by and snap that up. Saiyge makes the most incredibly detailed and delicate jewelry, this picture does not even _begin_ to do these earrings justice, the closer you look, the more you see.

Oubliette is also quickly becoming one of my favourite sims to explore when I have a moment free, and its only just been born recently.

The antlers that I've barely taken off since I got them (and only then for particular purposes, after which I put them right back on) are Sika, from Illusions. Yes, they make me extra festive, shush. I tend to leave them on black (as my soooooouuuuuuullllll), but they also have an easy touch retexture to a variety of horns and metals.

The hair that currently has my lust is the adorable Chelsea 'hawk, Glitch, from House of Munster, which goes marvelously well with the antlers with the long bits in front. It's also a colour change fatpack of assorted shades of green. (Really, how can you not love a place with the name "House of Munster"?)

In Schadenfreude related stuffs, the Christmas Tree Farm has moved to Horst, because I could spread out and be a filthy prim hog in that big open area there. The 2 prim pines and the feather tree forest is out, and I'm slowly plugging away on the ridiculous rest of the trees I'd like to do. I'll probably finish them sometime around January 1 =p

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fantasma Plaza opening

A really cute spooky little enclave in the forest, Fantasma Plaza opened today. There are a number of awesome opening gifts out, and as I've also got a little place there, there is a skelebeater (men and women's included, of course) and a pair of earrings out as mine.

Crappy snap courtesy of SL being a severe bastard today, and having toooo much to do still. Also, laziness, as I didn't take off the coat or the shirt, but anyway, that's the Haunted 'beater, and you can almost make out the earrings.

(With Lolli Munster's House of Munster Glitch hair, ~silentsparrow~ cygne cuffs and pants, Illusions Sika horns, Miriel Absinthe eyes, Schadenfreude Wolsey Suit shirt, cropped fur coat, and a skin that'll be out once I finish tones, which knowing me will be 9 months. Note that I have barely changed since Ach's post....yeah, it's a good thing SL doesn't have smell-o-vision, as Alle would be pungent)
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