Friday, December 30, 2011

The Last Fifty Linden Friday. Ever.

Fifty Linden Friday is coming to an end- this is the very last one. A number of current and previous participants in the event are giving it one last hurrah, myself included.

I have two offerings: a mesh chandelier with candles, and, of course, it wouldn't be a FLF for me without a vest!

(hair: Find Ash on him, Fashionably Dead available for FLF on her; ~silentsparrow~ Jay Gossamer dress pieces and accessories for the Puffling Present Pursuit on her; Schadenfreudde Oxford shirt and striped pants on him; unreleased skins; Schadenfreude Dollparts tats on her; MALT and Imperial Elegance poses)

A the elephant, where you can also pick up a list of all the participants. Mine will still be out for the weekend with New Years and all, but I wouldn't count on everyone following suit.

Thank you barb, for a great event! It will be missed.

After the event is over, items will be available at the elephant or on the Marketplace.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Peacock Feather Trees

A resurgence of my obsession with feathers: peacock feather trees. The come in natural green, and a selection of dyed colours:

At the elephant! They are rezzed out around his feet at Baba Yaga's and you can take home the one of your choice right off the lot, and they are also in the basement with the rest of the trees. And! They are in the Starlust Motel lobby, with a selection of other festive goods from some of the vendors of the Starlust!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rat with Wings

There is an event going on at the Alley shops at Hogwarts: Your Story, the 12 Days of Christmas. Every day, one of the alley merchants puts out something new and special and exclusive- today is my day! I had a teeeny tiny accident when playing around with my wand (see levitation, I'm, uh, not good at that either), and accidentally gave my pet rat wings. He actually kinda likes them.

(skin: Tres Blah, hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth, sweater: ~silentsparrow~, eyes: Miriel (no longer available))

Transfer for sharing the flying rats, at Schadenfreude in Diagon Alley (end of the road, next to the bank!). The shops are open to the public, though much of the rest of the sim is restricted for role play.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have this thing for glass ornaments. I have boxes and boxes of them packed away, and lots and lots of birds (one year I decorated a 7 foot tall Christmas tree primarily with glass birds! I might have a slight obsession...). However, I also have an adorable cat who climbs Christmas trees, so I haven't seen any of them for years.

A few years ago, missing my pretty ornaments rather terribly, I made a bunch of ornaments. I added more this year, and did a bit of tweaking on the old ones (most notably sculpting the clips for the birds, as I finally wrapped my head around a rather clever way to get the shape I needed- so they are 3 fewer prims now). I might even be getting close to as many birds as I have packed up now!

The ornaments are all sculpt and traditional prims (flexi birdy tails)- the tailed bird clip ornaments are 3 prims each, all the rest of the ornaments are 2 prims each, including S swirl hook (I haven't used any of THOSE that I have packed away in years either. The unbreakable ornaments are all wired onto the tree with pipe cleaners, so the cats have to take them apart to get them off. Which they do).

There are 3 different ways to get them.

You can spring for the entire pack, texture change scripted with dialog and HUD, to mix and match metals and glass and feathers however you desire:

You can get transfer singles in the 3 gachas (nowhere near all the possibilities are in there, and each gacha already almost has 100 options in it...):

And you can get colour packs with a selection of ornaments by colour:

The colour packs and the uberpack also come with a mesh broken ornament. The uberpack also comes with a mesh box for storing your ornaments after the seasons.

It's all available out in the elephant! And there's more Christmasy stuff hidden away in the basement.
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