Friday, January 29, 2010

The Stumblebum Family Circus!

The Stumblebum Brigade is coming to town again, this time a few of the brigadeers have decided to bring you a very special show.

A one weekend engagement! After which they will be gone, never to be seen again!

The Owl circus!

From Schadenfreude! A special edition of the Chapiteau Chapeau, in brown, with Owls!

And the Cirque Intimates, to match the brown Owls!

From ~silentsparrow~! Chapiteau shirt and corset set, and bloomers and skirts set, in Owls!

From Lazy Places! Shoes and Boots, in Owls!

From the rest of the Stumblebum Brigade! Well, you'll just have to go see, won't you? It wouldn't do to ruin all the surprise!

1. pda ~
2. Djinn & Tonic
3. Lamb ~
4. Pig ~
5. Pididdle ~
6. Silent Sparrow ~
7. Impulse ~
8. Schadenfreude ~
9. Strumpit ~
10. Lazy Places ~
11. Nomine ~

As a reminder, the event starts at 12 am SLT on Saturday and ends 12 am SLT on Monday (Sunday night).

Circus circus!

Some new circusy striped goodness! The hat matches ~silentsparrow~'s Chapiteau set, and features the same artwork. It comes with a HUD that lets you mix and match colours from all the regular release Chapiteau sets- all 5 cameos, stipes in the 5 colours and black, hatbands and scarves to match, with optional lace edging on the scraves. (They're probably not really really scarves, but I tie scarves around my top hat, so that's what I shall call them!) There will be separate hats that also include addon HUDs (so you can use that HUD with this one, and be able to mix those options in too) with the special edition Chapiteaus: in fact, starbunny is out at Ozimals, with the rest of the exclusive starbunny ~silentsparrow~ goodies.

This hat is available both at the elephant, and at ~silentsparrow~
(hya's in Launa Fauna skin; ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau henley and corset; Schadenfreude Fey ears, Cinder hair. I'm in all my stuff, including unreleased eyes, skin, and hair)

And just at the elephant, more stripes! Striped and ruffled underthings, in a rainbow of options.

(Schadenfreude Fey ears, Kinder horns, Chapiteau Chapeau (with starbunny addon, there on the end), unreleased eyes, skin, hair)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fey ears with plugs, Electro-cute Plugs

Fey ears with just plugs- 9 plastic base plugs. All plugs will change with addon HUDs with additional plug artwork when they are released- there will be more plug styles released as the mood hits (and ear styles), and you'll be able to grab the plug art HUDs you desire to be able to control all the plugs you have.

(another fantastic Clawtooth hair, see, perfect for ears!; ~silentsparrow Datura; Pig Ozfest; ~silentsparrow~ fledermaus tattoos; unreleased eyes and skin I've been wearing far too much!)

And an addon! The Electro-cutes in shiny plastic plugs. This includes the plugs themselves for human ears, and the ability to change all Schadenfreude plugs (like, if you have the ears above, this will change those plugs too!)

(both hairstyles by Tiny Bird; ~silentsparrow~ tudor rose tattoos; Schadenfreude Sparrowflake eyes, Diamond Dogs and Moonage Daydream Langwidere skins, Electro-cutes tanks)

You can find these at the elephant!

Etherial Fey Ears

A collab between myself and the lovely Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash, my ears, her magnificent jewelry:

They come in the same tones, with the updater for more later, just like all the rest of the ears!

You can find these ears at Schadenfreude and Balderdash!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kinder Horns, and Scribble has a Spotty Bum!

Now this one is a bit complicated. Because, you see, it's a collab with Scribble, even though the pieces all work awesomely separately as well. Firstly, I shall tell a story.

Once upon a time, Radio Signals, who is, like most (if not all) of the designers in SL who make wonderful things that I love, a fantastic traditional artist as well as someone who creates amazing things in SL, took a day off SL to draw. And made this:

yay deer

And it is beautiful. And, well. Why not make that come to life in SL, since, you know, we can do those things here? That's one of the things that makes SL awesome to me- we have the possibilities to do things here that we couldn't do as easily, if at all, in RL. We've got this awesome weird little artists colony here of people who can bring their creations to life, and you can walk about being that art.

My part is the horns. I've been playing around with horns and antlers for quite some time, never really finishing any of it, but this gave me a good reason to stop cursing at textures and figure out something that I liked finally. There are 6 softly ridged colours (in natural neutrals), and 12 hard solid colours (including wacky colours like blue and purple and red and green), and a demo so you can try them on and check out all the colours instead of me smashing them in the ad there somewhere.

(Spotty Bum in special Allegreen bum on the me in the background, Clawtooth hair which is wonderfully sleek for showing off ears and horns in the foreground, ~silentsparrow~ tattoo and Balderdash bracelet peeking out on the me in the back, my ears/skins/eyes/'hawk- skin and eyes on me in back are yet unreleased.)

You can also blame Radio for the "font" there- she doesn't use a font, she writes on all of her ads (which I love a lot, but I'm still a bit shaky with a tablet, so it takes a lot of rewriting/drawing!)

But! So! Radio's side of the awesome here was the dress (which has lots of great options including shorts and leggings and comes with the cute little blouse, and you can get in all sorts of colours to placate your inner rainbow faun, or anyone else who needs the cutest spotty bum ever), and the skull (which is amazingly only 3 prims and I am so jealous of the amazing texture there I cannot tell you), and a great bundle with the artwork for your wall in SL (I hear that she's looking into prints too, so you can have real live art for your real live walls).


Coming soon

There are also exclusives for Stumblebum at Scribble this weekend- a few different colours of the outfit, and a special black skull. BLACK AS MY SOUL.

You can find all these things conveniently together, at Schadenfreude and Scribble locations near you! (If you want to avoid the crowds for the Haiti fundraiser, go to the Scribble in Cupcake, but I don't know if the Stumblebum awesome is there!)

50L Friday

A quick note because I'm tired!

50L Friday stuff:

You know the drill, at the elephant, plus a notecard there with links to everyone!

(Accidentally redthing is not for Haiti. It's a long story. Suffice to say I'm really amazingly incredibly absentminded and didn't even connect the red until 11:45, even though I had been intending to do something _else_ for the fundraiser but was too late getting started, and the call for new vendors had already closed. That other thing shall happen for a future fundraiser for the Red Cross sometime, fingers crossed that by then we can work a deal with our overlords that gets the end charity a better deal with them waiving some of their cut on cashing out!)

After the event is over, items will be available at the elephant or on the Marketplace.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stumblebum Brigade- Fey ears with Ankhs

Kurai jackets & Fey ears with Ankhs! (stumblebum brigade exclusives)

The Stumblebum Brigade has come to town again, with a weekend of exclusive love! This weekend hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ and I are back again, with matching things- this time we both did ankhs. She made fantastic cropped Kurai jackets with ankh accents and beautiful swirl brocade, and I am still on an ear kick, so I made Fey ears with ankhs:

(special Alle green Scribble hat <3; a Clawtooth updo, which led to my discovery that Clawtooth hair suits the ears very well!; Cropped Kurai jackets from ~silentsparrow~; Schadenfreude Geoflake and unreleased eyes and modded Veronique 'hawk; unreleased skin that I've been living in for a while even though it has way less makeup than Alle usually wears)

Kurai jackets & Fey ears with Ankhs! (stumblebum brigade exclusives)

I redid my metals entirely and added a bunch of new options- there are 11 metals that the rings and studs can change to, and the ankhs have matching options (but change separately)- gold, silver, copper, dark silvery steel, gleaming white, shiny black, and a nobium rainbow of hot pink, red, green, blue, and purple. (This jewelry will never been seen again after this weekend, so if you like it, you've got until Sunday night!) These also feature plastic plugs in 9 colours- the plugs will also change with all the addon HUDs with original art that will be released eventually (there's a sneaky preview of one to come in that first picture up there!)

Kurai jackets & Fey ears with Ankhs! (stumblebum brigade exclusives)

As you can see, hyasynth and I went to Ozimals to frolic in our matching pieces- boy hya makes the best gay boyfriend ever <3

Remember, the ears with the ankhs and the jackets and all the other wonderful awesomeness are only available this weekend, Sunday night they go poof! You can find mine at the elephant, and you can pick up a notecard with all this round's participants there as well!

Kurai jackets & Fey ears with Ankhs! (stumblebum brigade exclusives)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fey Ears, Spiral Horns

fey ears, spiral horns

New ears! Stretched fey ears, with spirals in 15 colours- like the Mer-elf ears, there are lifetime updates included for when I add more tones (and the same tones are included to start off with as well). I'm quite fond of these ears, and have been wearing them quite a bit lately. More jewelry styles to come, of course- some very soon! There will be plain unstretched ones as well, eventually, but I haven't gotten to remaking the sculpt yet (the importance of doing that isn't apparent in this set, but will be in other jewelry, eventually).

(miaSnow sacred heart tattoo, ~silentsparrow~ Cheshire tank and fledermaus tattoos, assorted my stuff including unreleased skin)

The horns also come separate if you aren't that into being one of the pointy eared.

(~silentsparrow~ tattoos, assorted my stuff)

At the elephant, of course!

There's also been a sneaky stealth update at the tree farm- 7 more candy colours of bottlebrush tree in all three styles, and copy fatpacks with the ability to mix and match glittery foliage and trunks or bases.

(I really hate taking pictures of trees!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ravens, ears, eyes, hair

Ears, hair, eyes, and raven

Some new things!

One of my cascading releases, as certain things I made to be worn with certain other things (...and just for the ads), because I'm crazy like that.

3 new hairstyles, Branwen, Lethe, and Thomas. The uberpacks, as always, changes with a HUD so you can choose sections to dye as well. Branwen's the one that started this new session of obsessiveness, thanks to hya for suggesting the name that got me on this kick (♥), even if it was evil!

(in the foreground: Curio Elf skin, Scribble ears, ~silentsparrow~ Lysander outfit and oak.acorn.squirrel tattoos, Schadenfreude Tethys raven
in the background: ~silentsparrow~ Gloomy outfit, Scribble Ever After wings, Schadenfreude Langwidere Porcelain Smudged skin
retired Miriel eyes on both)

Lethe's been sitting in my inventory, nameless, for a while. It uses my first hair sculpts, and might actually be the first hair I made with sculpted bits, another one of my infinite A-lines (because that's what I try to get my hair to do, but hairdressers, do they listen? Noooo, they just give me bobs. Most successful I've managed so far was hacking my own hair off one night). I release hairs in chunks because when I get one ready I use the excuse to look through the old ones I haven't let out yet, hence, Lethe finally got textured properly and ready to go.

(in the foreground: ~silentsparrow~ Ritual outfit and goblet, Balderdash Jazz Funeral jeweled bracelet, random things that came up when I searched for "pearl" that I forget what are for the other bracelet and necklace, skin I'm working on, Schadenfreude glitter manicure
in the background: ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau seanorses corset and Nymphai skirt, Schadenfreude Mer-elf ears and manicure
Beloved Designs eyes on both)

Thomas is Thom's longer and floppier twin brother, who's been intended since before Thom was released, but I hadn't quite gotten myself to finish it.

(Scribble ears and Schadenfreude Electro-spook necklace on her, Electro-spook tank/tee on both, matching Orpheus and Langwidere skins
retired Miriel eyes on both)

These hairstyles are now available only on the Marketplace

The raven who made an appearance in the Dusk Vest ad, and his companion who I needed for Branwen:

(Tish hair, Nosfercoat, Geoflake eyes, in progress skin)
Both white and black ravens come in two versions- a shoulder sitting version with curved claws to hold onto your shoulder better (and can of course also be rezzed to perch on braches!), and one with flat feet for standing on flatter surfaces, along with some fluffy bits around his legs.

Finned Mer-elf ears, which I decided I needed for Lethe (which, when I dug it out to retexture it, decided looked like it would be quite suitable for a mermaid). They have a few textures to start (1 pure white shaded texture, and the 8 tones of Langwidere/Orpheus, so it's got a somewhat decent range of natural tones to start tone matching better with tinting from at the moment- and of course most people who are not me wear hair that covers the ears a bit so an exact match isn't usually as required, just close), and of course can be tinted to match your skin better- and I'll be adding more skintones. There is an updater included, so when more tones are added, wear the updater and get the new HUD delivered straight to you!

(~silentsparrow~ Nymphai corset, assorted Balderdash necklaces, layered, Langwidere skins and Geoflake eyes- Mer on large, Sparrow on small)

Ears and ravens are available at the elephant, of course!

And a new special set of geoflake eyes, pale ice blue, with sparrows. These are only available in the attic at silent sparrow- when you teleport into the shop, head upstairs and through one of the doors to the area of fun stuff, including a few other exclusives from hya's friends!

(the ad shows a zoomed in as far as I could manage with SL being wonky with my camera, on just the body part layer eye- no post processing aside from cutting it out, what you see is what you get. And the prim eyes will be yet crisper.)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Eyes, ties, and 50L Fridays all weekend long!

Firstly, the time sensitive information- though not as much as most weeks! Since you should all have been partying when things were put out, and you should be at home (well, it doesn't have to be _your_ home) asleep and preparing for your hangover today, 50L Friday this weekend goes until Sunday.

2 things this week, unisex and even, *gasp!* skewing to the boys for a change:

The plunging deep V vest in purpley dusk.
her eyes: Beloved Designs, the work of Aisuru Rieko (as one might have problems searching through various beloved things, her blog is also in my sidebar). This may sound funny in light of things further down in this post, but I adore her eyes and recommend them highly. Miriel's eyes are still more of what I think of when I think "me" (I've been wearing them for so long it's not a surprise!), but when I am complimented upon my eyes, after sharing the sad tale of Miriel's departure, I point them in Aisuru's direction instead, as her eyes are also magnificent and share a lot of the same qualities that made me originally fall in love with Miriel's.
her necklace: Violet Voltaire, of course!
their hair and her skin: unreleased, the former should be out soon(ish) as going through all the hoops to get hair ready for release takes a few days, the skin is me tilting at windmills leisurely remaking my skin base, and starting to play with alternates before I even have the blank slate ready.
her raven: also unreleased, also probably going to be out soon.
his shirt and skin: Schadenfreude Noir Oxford, Cameo Orpheus Clean

A matching set of eyes and necktie- they will both be available after 50L Friday, _but_ only in the uberpacks for each. If you want them without everything else, now is the time to act!

The eyes and tie set are the stragglers (as I have a tendency to often throw in an extra to the uberpacks, just because) from the eyes and ties also released last night. Neckties to match the snowflakes you can find in lantern and framed form in the gifthaus, the geometric repeats taken out of the more wintery context can be worn all year round but those looking for a somewhat less traditional but not in your face tie, I would think. All 10 designs (the Kraken also features the mermaids, and thus the mermaids were the one to become the bonus extra) from the snowflakes, separate or in the scripted uberpack that all the ties feature:

And matching eyes. The eyes are proof positive that I'm insane, btw, as I decided yesterday to make them. Thankfully I already had a bit of an eye template (for those who've been in the Schadenfreude group for a long time, you might have my only other foray to date into eyes hiding somewhere in my inventory- they were huge cartoony brown eyes, and quite silly by design, they also grace the Llamas and the unicorns, stuffed and mounted on my wall), so I wasn't entirely starting from scratch (because then there's no way I would have made the deadline, it was dicey as it was! Ads always seem to take forever and I'm not really sure why they should take near as long as they do). I changed a bit here and there about it, completely redid a few things, and added the snowflake motifs subtley overlaid into the irises:

The whites are the built in SL eye whites (I personally am not a fan of the red and yellowy ones that seem to be so popular these days, but that's a personal preference!), so you can tint these to a degree in Appearance without it bleeding into the whites of your eyes. I wouldn't recommend a great deal of tinting as you'll lose a lot of the depth, but a slight tint generally isn't that bad.

SL native eyes are a fairly low resolution (which generally isn't a huge problem as they are rather a small detail thing, and one has to intently gaze at one's eyes to see the degredation), so these patterns _are_ rather subtle. There are also prim eyes included, with a blank base, for those both who would like to have eyes with a touch more clarity, and those who would like to mismatch eyes. (And of course those are mod too, so you can have eerie fullbright at midnight eyes or other special effects if desired!)

I had rather a lot of fun making the eyes, and you might see more eyes from me without the hidden patterns, and in sizes more than just the standard SL size (which is a bit large for some people's eyes, depending on shape. It is what I wear though, large though they may be, the more realistic size never looks right on me).

All of this and more, of course, at the elephant! The 50L Friday stuff is in the usual place on the steps up into the elephant's head, straight ahead and past the table when you walk in (as last night rezzing was being absolutely horrid and people were having problems seeing anything).

After the event is over, items will be available at the elephant or on the Marketplace.
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