Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fifty Linden Vestday and a lamp!

This week, the pair of vests for Vestday, and a mesh lamp with a bird on it.  The lamp is 1LI, and includes versions to touch toggle the light on and off, and unscripted versions on or off.

The vests this time are two more in the DeVere brocade, to match the bustled dresses in Sapphire and Ezmerelda. They also come with Lolas Tango mesh breasts appliers- appliers for some other Schadenfreude things are available in the giant bra in the middle of the island.

At the elephant, for this Friday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vlinder makeup and Curlicue lashes

 After taking last month's Collabor88 round off (holidays with the family are murder on making deadlines), I'm back with something new.  This round is "imagination" with bright spring-y colours, and I decided upon makeup.  The Curlicue eyelashes are an extreme in fake eyelashes, and come in 4 versions- tintable and black, both in alpha texture and full solid mesh cutout (the mesh cutout versions won't fight with your hair alphas!)  You WILL need to mod these to fit your particular eye shape and placement, but each lash is one separate pieces, so that shouldn't be too hard!

And there are also some glittery eyeshadows, in 6 colours.  They come in a single layer with the entire face and the glitter, and also in sections so you can just choose separate bits to wear if you don't want the entire look- just the glitter down the cheeks, just blushing down the cheeks, blushing and glitter down the cheeks, just eyes with and without glitter, eyes and cheeks with and without glitter, and the glitter lipgloss on its own.

All only at Collabor88 for this month!
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