Friday, March 22, 2013

Eggs for Breakfast

There are two more sets of eggs, beyond the pastel Easter set.  One set is natural eggs, with white, tan, and brown solid eggs, and speckled robin, tan, and brown eggs- all also in white egg cups, with candle options.

And then there is the Gentleman's Breakfast, a set of 6 eggs I've taken a sharpie to and doodled on a selection of mustaches.  Those come with pastel striped pants for egg cups.

And there's also a pack of all three sets of eggs, with texture change HUD options- the 6 striped pastels from the Gentleman's set, and 9 solids (which mostly match the ceramic of the Tako tea set, though the green's a bit more spring green, if you would like some eggs with your tea), so you can mix them however you so desire.

Each egg/egg in cup/ candle is 1 LI, and they can be found at the elephant!

Vestday and Eggs!

Another Friday, another vestday.  Also, eggs for Easter!  Mesh eggs, 1LI each, just eggs, in egg cups waiting to be broken and gobbled up, and re-purposed old shells, filled with wax with wicks, turned into pastel candles- touch them to light the candles or put them out.

And this week's vests are DeVere brocade, in black and creamy ivory.

At the elephant!  (Now with more eggs- there are 2 other sets of eggs not on sale for FLF, and a pack of all of them plus some more options)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adore&Abhor Amargosa boots

Adore&Abhor is celebrating their 5th anniversary, and has invited some special guests to help celebrate- I happen to be one of them!  From me, you can find a special pair of Amargosa boots (the rest of which still aren't quite around yet, sorry!  Soon...probably...), in pink and blue.

You can go for the pink set, or the blue set, or the pack of both- they all come in Standard Sizes for men and women, with a HUD with pink and blue laces, wood and black soles, 4 grommet metals, and solid and decorated in the colour (or in the case of the pack, both colours in solid and decorated- the HUD lets you choose toe/heel, tongue, and sides to your choice for mixing options).

Only at Adore&Abhor's event, which ends April 16th, after which they will disappear!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Classix Nouveaux and Ultravox

This month's Collabor88 theme is "New Romance"- which led me on a bit of a side track to the New Romantic pop culture movement (what can I say, I love me some 80s), especially in light of the colours this round.  Because I'm a great huge dork, the shoes I made for this round are named after a couple of bands that were big in the New Romantic scene.

Classix Nouveaux are somewhat traditional saddle shoes (the lines are, perhaps, not QUITE strictly traditional), with sizes included for men and women (also mod to fit if you need to tweak), and Ultravox are their foxy sister, with a bit of a heel.  They both come in a slew of single options, in solids, stripes, and polka dots; and in packs with all the options and then some, with more mix and matching potential.

Both shoes are only available at the lovely new Collabor88 build for this month!  After the event has closed, there will (eventually) be more options as well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Tako Tea Set

This time at The Arcade is a tea set- bedecked by tentacles. Each piece is texture change on touch with 9 colours of ceramic options (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, lilac, white, black, and a two tone brown and blue), so you don't need to hunt for your colour of choice!

There are 13 different pieces (though you might want multiples of some of them- depends on how many people you want to invite to tea!)- the teapot, cake stand with petits fours, tea tray, creamer, sugar bowl, 4 cups (empty, with tea and a slice of orange, a latte, and hot chocolate with marshmallow and cinnamon stick), and 4 plates (empty, with oranges because I don't want you to get scurvy, with petits fours, and with petits fours and an orange).

The Tako Tea Set will only be available at The Arcade for the month of March, after which it will be moving home (because I love it and would cry if I had to discontinue it...).  I am going to be refining the models when I get the time, and cross fingers, trying to get them 3D printed in ceramic (here's hoping they aren't too complex or fragile for the material!), to bring them into real life.

But for now, you can have them in Second Life, at The Arcade!

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