Sunday, January 27, 2008

silent sparrow

I have a confession to make. If silent sparrow made real world clothes, I wouldn't be able to afford electricity, water, and possibly food. I want these things to wear so very much. You see, hyasynth makes pants that would embolden me to walk up to someone and say "I want to have sex with your pants. It's ok if you're in them. Come on." Yes boys, these clothes will make you lickable.

silent sparrow is currently having a sale- this time many of the things on sale will be retired and never seen again. Sale items, unlike normal items, are copy/no trans, so you're going to have to bring people to the shop if you want to get something for them (ahem, girls trying to dress their boys decently). Personally, I kind of like copy/no trans, because I can alter my clothing with sliders and tints and such and not have to worry about having to change them back to wear them a different way, put them in multiple folders, and whatnot- although the ability to give things away is also nice. You know, when I wouldn't stab someone for trying to steal my clothes.

On the third floor are a lovely variety of goodies, some of which will be in the sale section after the remodel, but the ones that have only some colours? Those will be gone. And, even more secret! In the sewer, which currently has the everyday sale section, everything will be retired. This includes something that I don't know that I would ever wear because I'm not a hearts and pink person, but dear god, this is amazing:

(I'm still debating on buying it. In this case, if it were trans, I would have bought it without hesitation, because maybe I'd have an alt who'd wear it or something. Or love someone enough I would let them borrow it, so long as they promised to give it back!) Seasonally, there is also the Amore set in red and pink upstairs as well (the black is downstairs, so yes! that means this is your last chance for those too!)

I also picked up both Eventide sets downstairs, even though I'm not much for lingerie, because some of the items with that set I needed. I needed or I would die.

(If you haven't been down to the steam tunnels, take the ladder down in the first floor, behind the stairs up, and then keep going down. The sale area is pretty straightforward to get to, just keep heading down, and into the area with the bars. The steam tunnels themselves go on for forever in a wonderful maze that's great fun to get lost in. And, since this sale is due to a redesign of the sim, you'd better see everything there now, since who knows what will be there in the future!)

I also picked up a few dresses for my sojourns to Caledon and Babbage as well as other period and dress appropriate occasions, since Allegory has very little in the way of a dress selection. The Artemisia in grey has the most wonderful scalloped edging on the skirt, as well as a truly delightful pattern. It does come in a less drab selection as well, for those of you who prefer actual colour:

I purchased...quite a few other items downstairs, including things in stronger (and some in bluer!) colours than I otherwise might, but the detailing on them sucked me in, and, well, they will be gone! So I'd best act now, while I still have the chance. Forget me not, for instance, is an amazing shade of blue, with marvelous lace edging that escapes the bounds of the clothing. It has a system skirt, which is an absolute necessity with the amazing edging that graces the bottom of the skirt, as well. I know some people fear system skirts, but I rather do like them in certain cases, as they really do move with you. Plus, they don't suffer from the hideous z fighting that other transparencies do.

Eventually I went upstairs, and ran into Rikka Koi of Crimson + Clover (I hope that's the right SLURL, I'm lazy and not checking), who was, in part, shopping for a dress to wear with her Mrs. Lovett avatar she is currently working on (the skin is gorgeous). She put on the Phoebe, and even though I had talked myself out of it before, because I'd already picked up a couple of other black and grey dresses, upon seeing it I had to have it. The skirt is fabulous, and it has these wonderful lacy accents that are to die for. (I wasn't quick enough on the draw to get Rikka's fab skin, so you have to settle for little old me.)

I also picked up a few more suit like things, with pants, as Allegory is still not a skirt girl, and they, also, would be quite marvelous for dressing up. Amongst others (let's just say my Linden balance is a touch lighter than before, shall we?), I picked up the House of Leaves set. I positively adore the back, and the shoulders, and the leaf buttons, and dear god the brocade on the pants. I don't know whether the name has anything to do with the book, but that is an unusual piece of literature I highly recommend.

I have this thing for jackets (and, the real me has been cold all the time recently so I keep wanting to bundle poor Alle up as well), so I had to get one of the trenchants (in the sewer). You can wear three lengths, without skirt, a short jacket with skirt, and a long jacket. I chose the spider, which is awesome- not only is there the greatest spider on the back, but spiderwebs on the front and sleeves, as well! (Also Eventide pants, and Obscurite gloves. I've got to retexture those boots some day, they've got library velvet tinted or something similarly awful. They predate the nice buckles I use on things now, as well, rather obviously.)

I also finally caved on the Midnight Circus outfit, which isn't on sale, but I've been lusting over since I first saw it, when I was broke and measured everything in uploads and could never believe I'd be able to afford it. I think I'm partly making up for the karma of the A being on the lucky chair the very first time I was back to the sim after she added the dusk set!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Fundraiser Skins reminder

I have this love hate relationship with Flickr since they were bought out by Yahoo. As soon as I end up logged out of any of my Yahoo takes months to get back in, because we have this little disagreement about what my password is, and their password recovery system...doesn't work. I've even sat on the phone with human beings for hours trying to deal with this, and generally get a "well, that's just too damn bad" for my troubles.

I cannot articulate how very much I want to go on a murderous rampage at Yahoo some days. This is even a minor case of it, they have been nothing but trouble for years.

Because of this, this picture won't be posted on the another skin mod club. (His skin was made before Eloh released her wonderful male skin, so he does have different shading, and ever so subtly hairy arms and legs.)

These skins are now available at Another Fundraiser, as well as a dizzying array of others. Amusingly, with the format, it looks like the other skins really don't want to be next to them. Which, well, I can't blame them so much, because my skins are probably cannibals.

(Bloodrage pasties from Dark Eden on her, Truth, um, starts with a K, hair on him, eyes by Miriel)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Creepy Carny Skins

I've been busting my ass working on a (not so) secret project for someone else, so Schadenfreude things have gotten a touch neglected. Soon there will be free Mardi Gras beads out for you to wear, and demand people to show their boobs to you, before touching them for beads of their own. I just need to figure out what I'm going to put them in in the shop!

However! As part of projekt, I made a couple of skins for the ads, because I'm crazy like that. They are modded Eloh skins, and as such, I've dropped them into Another Fundraiser, so you too can be a creepy fucking Carny, and for charity even! (I usually find out about these charity things too late to be able to participate, I'm pretty excited to be able to contribute.)

For the ladies, messed up whiteface and eyemakeup, little doll lips, chipped black nailpolish, and Tarot card tattoos:

For the gentlemen, manly chest, very subtley hairy legs/arms/and a touch of chest, a lack of girlparts (you'll have to trust me here, as I wasn't going buff on the ads), chipped black nailpolish, and clown makeup from your nightmares:

Keep your eyes peeled for when these are available!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

silent sparrow sale!

Bargain hunters: Get thee to silent sparrow! A bunch of new (and gorgeous) stuff is on sale until tomorrow at 4pm, in honour of the lovely hyasynth's birthday.

I've been waffling on a number of silent sparrow items for a while...Alle really doesn't clean up that well. However, it's transfer, so maybe someday I'll either let her look a little less scrungy, or I can give it to an alt (I suppose there's always the option of giving it as a gift to someone...but no. That will not happen, they are not leaving my possession). In the meantime, I can still drool all over the screen, even if Alle does look a little silly. (I guess I'm just going to have to make her put on some proper hair...oh, the horror.) I, on the other hand, would wear these things out, even if I did look silly.

Alle actually can pull off the koumori suit in orchid. She rarely wears dresses, and it's a lovely suit set, so it's butch enough for her, she might even get to keep it, for times when she wants to look dress up and look smashing- with or without the tails (without shows off these dead fabulous pants). (I ran off to one of my very favourite sims for pictures, Tableau, although I am sad because I cannot for the life of me get the Ouija board to work.) I even need to point out how amazing this is? I want this coat for real, and I would totally wear it until it was falling apart and then buy another one. The bat buckles are works of brilliance (koumori, of course, is bat in Japanese), hyasynth's brocade, it should go without saying by now, is always gorgeous and fabulous and sumptuous and I don't even have the words. It's multi-tonal, it's subtle on the pants (which have lovely detail under the coat, as well, with pockets and all, but that involves taking the coat off! Even with the coat on you can see that you get one of the fabulous bats on the pants, so. very. sexy) There are 2 sets of shirts and attachments for men and women, so you're set even if you have a tendency to crossdress, like me. There are these marvelous buckles that match the ones on the pants on the shirt, which you can't see with the jacket on- I'm sure eventually I'll be able to wear the shirt without the jacket over it, I'm still so in love with the coat I have trouble taking it off. I'm not even wearing the fingerless gloves in these pictures (though I am now), but they're also the more subtle brocade like the pants, and gorgeous. These gloves alone could be the focal point of an outfit.

The bird lolitas are also on sale, and I picked up pica, because I'm a bit of a magpie myself. Also, green may be Alle's colour, but purple is mine, and she looks rather nice in purple, with her hair. Alle looks a little funny in a dress (she's going to have to get a dressier mohawk!) but I DON'T CARE, because this dress is so gorgeous. There are also so many incredible pieces in this set that you can easily make a number of different outfits with just the pieces included!

I lust after this dress, and want a real one (sigh, the feathers would get all ratty, and it would be a horrible pain to clean). There are all these little feather details all over it (the feathers, of course, one and all are flawless little works of art). I wore some black leggings underneath the bloomers because Alle's blindingly white knees were, well, blinding (I need to work on some good stockings one of these days), but without it's more obvious that the bloomers are lined with feathers as well. There are 4 different corset/belt options for wearing over the shirt (the belts with the hanging feathers off the side! _love_), there are 2 different pairs of gloves. There are attachments, there are wings, I need to make an alt just to wear this dress. I'm not sure she would ever take it off, and she would have the boobs to pull it off too. Assuming she wouldn't have to buy her own because Alle would refuse to give it up.

I also went home to change into the group gift suit, which if you don't already have, I don't know what hole you're living in...but it is dark, drab, and utterly without beauty. (I've been hiding poses all over the store lately, because it makes me smile.) Blue is not really my colour, but this blue....I'm in love. Alle is a hot glam rocker in this suit, and lives a fabulous life of excess.

The reason was that I was inspired by actually, you know, changing my clothing more than once a month, to dress up in some mad finery, and take Al on a little visit to Versailles (of course, Al makes anything seem 10 times more foppish than it is actually is, Real Men would of course make this suit more manly- ahem, and even if you wouldn't, you're still going to make your girl swoon):

These pants...not only are the lovely pinstriped, but they also have the most brilliant gear detailing. I adore the lacy sleeve attachments, and there are gorgeous matching gloves. There is a reason one of my precious group slots is devoted to silent sparrow, she gives away things of incredible beauty.

(And then I ran home to put the koumori suit back on, even through I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go! I should log off to get some sleep and I can't stop staring at myself.)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Jewelry sets from Room 34

In the mall of one of my satellite stores (and one might notice I'm picky and don't just put up shop in every mall I come across, I have one main store, and two satellites), is this little shop, Room 34. He just put out 4 lovely jewelry sets of earrings and necklace for L$200 each:

(I'm showing you the ads because they a) show them all off well, and b) I'm too lazy to splice pictures together of me wearing them all, so nyah. Besides, the hot redhead is far more styling than me! Even if I did just run to the silent sparrow SALE and buy fancy new things. I even look remarkably stylish, considering how casual Alle tends to be...if I ever get an alt, maybe she can wear all the fancy frocks that Alle looks at and decides she can't pull off.)

Also amazingly awesome? They come inside matching snowglobes! This is the Sunny Skies one:

It snows when you touch it, too! The snowglobes alone are serious cuteness, and you aren't even told you'll get them!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More freebies abound!

Christmas may be over, but freebie season isn't!

The Real Goddess has a hot free shape for you. They've just opened, and they've got a super cute selection to choose from of shapes for sale, as well.

And how about an entire free AO? Demoiselles has moved from right next to me to a few shops down, off the grassy area, and released an utterly adorable free AO. (The link dumps you in the bottle in my shop because I am LAZY and don't feel like logging in to copy the SLURL. Hop off the table, leave the shop, turn right down the boardwalk, and you'll soon see the grassy area on the left.)

Bring your favourite n00b over to pick up something that actually looks natural and isn't all wacky and hip jutting all the time. You might as well come by yourself and grab it, because you never know when it might be fun! Last I checked her other pose sets were still around too, don't forget to grab those babies, you never know when she might decide to take them away!
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