Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vestday and Jewelry

Vestday!  And to accompany the vests, a jewelry set of lightable lightbulbs, necklace, earrings, bracelets, and anklets (bracelets and anklets aren't so recommended in the real world, but you don't have to worry about mesh shattering and embedding glass in your wrists and ankles).  The metal settings are texture change with included HUD with a selection of 11 silvery-goldy-coppery sorts of options.

And a pair of vests, of course!  A couple of plaids this time.  Lolas Tango appliers included as usual.

At the elephant, for Friday!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Casinelle Shoes

The Casinelle shoes from the birthday round of Collabor88 have returned, for good this time. They are inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s- with gold or silver accent stitching, and decorative heels with 5 base options and 15 inset stone options.  The shoes individually come in solid colours, but with the pack, or more than one shoe, you can also use the HUD(s) to mix the uppers.

At the elephant!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Storybook Royalty crowns

The Arcade is open for the month of December!

From me, you can find 13 different crowns, texture change with all sorts of options (all the metal bits come at least in silver, gold, copper, and a shiny black iron- and various other bits come with assorted options. Each comes with a different set of options, so you'll find out what your choices are when you click it!)

Ready for The Arcade!!!

For the month of December, these crowns can only be found at the Arcade!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vestday and barrette

It's Black Vestday this week, but neither of the vests are actually black.  Also accompanied by a plaid rose hair barrette (which can be sort of black so I guess that kind of counts in a way?)

(skin by Essences, makeup by Miss Shippe's Studio, hair by Clawtooth, necklace by Yummy)

And finally the last two of the vests started at Wizarding faire:

(her: skin by Essences, hair by lamb, newts by ~silentsparrow~, pants by Pig, pose by Exposeur
him: skin and eyes by Plastic, book collab with ~silentsparrow~, pose by Lazy Places)

At the elephant, this Friday!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bethlem Apothecary Cabinets

The 8th is once again upon us, as is another round of Collabor88.  This month the theme is Industrial Chic, and I went with furniture- an antique apothecary cabinet rescued from a doctor's office.  The cabinets come in 2 versions, distressed by age old chipped enamel, and a repainted and restored option.  The front door swings open and shut on touch, and you can choose to remove any or all of the glass shelves to adjust the interior for what you wish to keep in there.  They are materials enabled, with a bit of dynamic shine to the enamel and yet more to the glass.

The Apothecary Cabinets are only to be found at Collabor88 the month of November!

 The full release of the Bethlem cabinets is now available at the elephant.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Skully FLF with vouboos and vests

Another Fifty Linden Friday, another Vestday.  And this time another trio of seasonally appropriate vouboos.  Skulls AND sugar, is there really any better holiday?  They are rezzed out on the coffee table so you can see them in person.

 (table by Trompe Loeil, marigolds by MiaSnow, candles by flowey, plate by ~silentsparrow~, bat picture by Schadenfreude)

And some skully vests for the season too (sorry snakes and eagle/ravens, your stripes are next month!)  The Crypt one matches the Crypt Fanceh Pants, of course- the other matches the colourful corset in the Electro-cute skull pack.

(her facepaint by katat0nik, her tats by ~silentsparrow~, her hair by Clawtooth, her choker by Balderdash, her bone necklace by lassitude&ennui, her ears/barrettes/birdskull necklace/bracelets/dress/eyes by Schadenfreude, pose by ~N~ [closed]

his skin and eyes by Plastik, his hair/facepaint/shirt/pants by Schadenfreude, pose by Lazy Places [also closed, I suck])

In the elephant, of course!

I'm way early this time!  That's because Thursday night, the night I would be putting things out normally, is HALLOWEEN.  And I may be out on the town at some party or haunted house instead, all Bride of Frankesteined up (tonight I have to stop procrastinating and finish bleaching my streaks and make sure I _can_ actually get my hair up in that beehive).

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chatterbox Dreamlanders- Sharp Teeth, Pretty Teeth

Awesome head full of teeth from Curio Obscura, amazing stack of books with windows from Lark.

I have teeth on the brain this year, Curio Obscura is to blame.  First it was the Abomination Boots for The Arcade, and now the Mouthfaces for Horrorfest- you can see Hungry there on the ground though I've been creeping everyone out in my vicinity with it as my face lately (and I may never take off the crystal ball typing replacement, sorry everyone for all the random lights and sparklies every time I speak).  My teeth are a bit less monstrous (I still wonder how they chew with their pointy teeth, and never mind how they close those jaws), hand drawn on bright coloured platform heels.

The Dreamlanders all now come in regular system feet editions and Slink compatible editions- including the Occular eyeballs, the Flitter bats, and the leopard print.  Those are all downstairs, the Chatterboxes are up in the elephant for now.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Horrorfest is here!

 bats! by ~silentsparrow~ also at Horrorfest, our clothing's a mix of ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude, his skin by Nomine (/trying not to tear up), her lips by Luxuria, her horns by lasittude&ennui, his hair by Dura but I've no clue on hers.

Horrorfest is open, full of all sorts of spooky and bloody things.  You can only find this corset there- the Bloody Dompteuse corset, a rigged mesh underbust corset in Standard Sizes for men and women (yes boys, finally you can wear the underbust corsets too).  100% of the sales of this item go towards Horrorfest's charity of choice, the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

Lost in the Woods dresses and Crypt Fanceh Pants

Some spooky little things for October, Into the Woods dresses that have gotten a bit lost in there and found by spiders, and some skully fanceh pants.

hair by Clawtooth, makeup by katat0nik, bat and tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, left bracelet and shoes by lassitude&ennui, skin/ears/eyes/stockings/necklace/right bracelet by Schadenfreude, pose by marukin

hair by Clawtooth, skin by MiaSnow, bat and tattoos and socks by ~silentsparrow~, scarf by katat0nik, left bracelet by violet voltaire, ears/eyes/shoes/right bracelet by Schadenfreude, pose by marukin

The Lost in the Woods dresses are the same dress base that I made for the Into the Woods dresses (which still aren't back yet, sorry!), but instead of the foresty lace, feature silvery spiderwebs (in a materials viewer they are extra shimmery, the white, especially, is less so in a no materials viewer- both are rezzed out in the elephant on dress forms though so you can see what they really look like for you). Rigged mesh, Standard Sizes for the ladies (sorry boys!  Part of the holdup on the Into the Woods dresses is the boyifying).

Also a pair of Fanceh Pants with a dark grey and black skull print- Standard Sizes for men and women.  The rest of the Fanceh Pants will be around...eventually, this is all you can find for the moment.

his hair by Dura, her hair by Clawooth, her scarf by katat0nik, her lipstick by Luxuria, his shirt and vest and bat by ~silentsparrow~, shoes and her bracelet by lassitude&ennui, his skin/stitches/nails and her horns/ears/shirt/necklace/gloves/socks by Schadenfreude, his pose by Eternal Dream, her pose by AnaLu

To be found at the elephant!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I keep returning to my Jack o'Lanterns.  One of these days, I'll carve new ones, but I kind of like the faces of that 6, so when something new comes along, they eventually get updated.  This time it's a big update- mesh!  They've been totally rebuilt to be more streamlined, 1 prims and 1 Land Impact each at a reasonable pumpkin size (I made some a bit large around the Starlust, and they're still all only 1LI each), and they also come with 6 uncarved pumpkins now, and there are more colours.

Like, lots more colours, because I'm crazy.  There are, of course, a selection of oranges to mix, white Luminas and blue-grey Jarrahdales, a couple of speckled more gourd types, a variety of solid colours not seen in nature, and greyscale desaturated for those who shun colour.  Most of them come with 2 options, all 12 pumpkins included with both, 3 packs (2 of orange shades and the desaturated) come with 3 texture options with all 12 pumpkins in each.  There's also a scripted uberpack of all 23 textures, that lets you change the inside to either traditional orange or tintable white (which the desaturated pack has) that will change light colour to what to tint the inside to when lit.  Materials enabled with a soft sheen to the skin, and they use projector lights, so they cast their faces on anyone or anything in front of them.

Pumpkins are out in the elephant!

And yes, you do spy with your little eye a treat bucket in there.  This year's treat bucket is finally out (I'm always kind of late!)- swing by the elephant and touch the treat bucket on the coffee table to get one of your own.  Then click click click your bucket and encourage others to do the same!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Boozle and Bat Garter Tights

(both hairstyles by Clawtooth for this round of Collabor88; hya's broom by Ana_mations; hya's shoes by lassitude&ennui for Wizarding Faire; hya's skin by Essences for Wizarding Faire; my hat by Balderdash; our jewelry by lassitude&ennui, Balderdash, ~silentsparrow~, and Schadenfreude; newt by ~silentsparrow~ for Wizarding Faire; cauldrons by Atomic for Wizarding Faire; poses by Just a Pose and Imperial Elegance; trees, leaves, stockings, ears, and my boots by Schadenfreude)

The 8th has come again, and that means a new Collabor88!  This October round has the seasonally appropriate theme of "Black Magic", so I made my witches a short fluffy little number, and tights to fend off the chill with bats on them.

The Boozle dress (named after Scary Godmother's cat Boozle, and I'm excited the Scary Godmother doll is getting made in Real Life!) is partial mesh- only the skirt is mesh, so it will fit a much wider range of sizes without stuffing your bra or having to change your shape radically to fit.  The skirt comes fitted to the 5 Standard Sizes for women, and the 5 Standard Sizes for men, and the top comes with and without boob shading, so it's also got a more appropriate option for the less endowed among us.  Lolas Tango appliers are included for those of you who have a bit of extra oomph in the chest region.  There are 5 colours of Boozle, the four solids have a brocade pattern, and the bleached splattered black one is a plain cotton material.

The Bat Garter Tights have a thicker material at the top and bottom, separated by hand drawn lace bats.  They come with Slink foot appliers, for those of you who like the mesh feets. 

All at Collabor88 for this October!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wizarding Faire!

newt (wizarding faire), cuffs, and tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, necklaces from lassitude&ennui (snake eye for wizarding faire), hair by Clawtooth (upcoming c88 round, starts the 8th), shirt by Pig, bookshelf by Alouette (last session of the Arcade)

Mischief Managed is having a Wizarding Faire- it opened today at noon, and goes until the 20th.  There are many wizardly goodies to be had from all sorts of people- including a couple of my sim mates!  ~silentsparrow~ has wonderful newts, and lassitude&ennui has fabulous witchy shoes and a selection of necklaces- I'm wearing the snake eyed one there.

From me, you can find three new wands (there will be one last new wand released after the Faire, I like the number 3 better than 4 when it comes to magical things, and also actually more pertinently, I have too much work to do and setting up wands takes quite a chunk of time so I ran out!).  Like the previous three wands, they are texture change with 13 texture options, and two of the three have 2 texture sections so the accents can be a contrasting colour if you choose.  They also come with a few spells!  There is a new spell added to the previous list, you can now conjure newts!  Newts are courtesy of ~silentsparrow~.  The old wands have been updated with mesh versions (the ads for them are currently lying about being sculpt, I need to squeeze in time to fix that, but haven't gotten to it yet!), and if you have an old wand you should have gotten a message and an updating wand sent to you last night.  Wear an updating wand (the one that came with your wand also works!), and you will be sent a new copy of your wand(s), updated for mesh and materials, with the new newt spell written in your spellbook.

The wands themselves are 1 LI each, if you choose to display them, and with the box are 2-3 LI (3 LI for the unlinked version that you can move around according to your wish, 2LI for the linked version that opens and closes on touch).  The post about the previous wands can give you a little more information about the scripted features they all come with.

There is also a new book!  Like the previous collab book with ~silentsparrow~, it has scripted page flipping and unscripted versions, can be held in the left or right hand for reading, and features original artwork (this time by me!).  This one also has some materials on the gilded areas (though not on the flipping pages- materials are not scriptable, so I couldn't switch them out with the proper bits!)

There are also framed prints of each page available in a set, also materials enabled.  1LI each picture, or 1LI each pair linked, 3LI for the set of 5 linked together.

And!  Last but certainly not least!  A jewelry set with ~silentsparrow~, with her original animal art, and my original mesh (do I have to say this?  I guess I should.  I don't use templates, I make all my own mesh- it means I can do what I really want to do, am not limited to using someone else's building blocks, and I have full control over how textures and everything work.  All those things above?  Also all my own original mesh and you won't find them anywhere else- with the exception of the frames, which you might find elsewhere eventually because I do sell full perm mesh frames on the Marketplace, but not this style frame yet- and I'll probably only ever sell basic full perm stuff like that.  Same goes with anything I make unless I make a point of saying a friend did stuff with me for it- and that goes for texturing too, but I do collabs with textures with friends more often!  Like these!).  The jewelry set consists of earrings, a necklace, and a ring, and there's a set with each house animal set in a shield crest.  The metals are texture change with 11 options (golds and silvers and coppers and pewters and irons of varying shades).

All only to be found at the Wizarding Faire right now!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Vestday and Jewelry

It's Vestday again!  This time the vests are accompanied by a jewelry set.  Wood crests with pictures of stag heads burned in, on a texture change chain (silvers and irons and golds and coppers and such).

And the vests this time are in celebration of the upcoming Wizarding Faire:

At the elephant, for this Friday!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Collabor88 Fanceh Pants

(on her: hair by Clawtooth, makeup by Miss Shippe's Studio, tattoos and cuff by ~silentsparrow~, torque by lassitude&ennui, earrings and necklace by Yummy, bracelet by Violet Voltaire, shirt and bra by Pig, skin/eyes/nails/socks/shoes by Schadenfreude

on him: hair by Dura, skin by Mother Goose, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, shirt and socks by Pig, shoes by lassitude&ennui

both poses by Luth

environment: house/table/chairs by Tromp Loeil, birdcage by Cheeky Pea, raven/trees/pumpkins by Schadenfreude)

For this autumn round of Collabor88, I made some knickerbockers in 5 seasonal tweed and brocades.  What can I say, I like the weird short pants.  I wear them with boots, usually.  The Fanceh Pants come in the 5 Standard Sizes each for men and women, and are material enabled, but not with anything in your face about it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fifty Linden Vestday and Wings

Fifty Linden Friday has come again, and this time I have a pair of unrigged mesh wings. They are texture change with 5 texture options- a pastel rainbow, white, grey, black, and white with black tips.  They are modify so you can adjust and resize and mess with them to your heart's desire.

hair by Eaters Coma, tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, skin by Schadenfreude

And of course, it wouldn't be a Vestday without vests!  A vest two pack of tweed and red plaid this time.  It's the same tweed pattern as you can find on the Chibi cat and the dress form, and the plaid can be seen on another of the dress forms.

On him, Dura hair, Plastik skin, Schadenfreude shirt, eyes, and pants- the pants are coming soon to c88
On her, Clawtooth hair, Miss Shippe's Studio makeup, ~silentsparrow~ and katat0nik tattoos, Pig underpants, Violet Voltaire collar, Schadenfrude pin, skin and eyes
in background: Alouette bookcase, ~silentsparrow~ pwnie, Schadenfreude Chibi cat, all from The Arcade, teacup from Schadenfreude from previous session

The wings are also tintable to be any colour you want.

 hair by Clawtooth, tattoo sleeves and dress by katat0nik, chest tattoos by ~silentsparrow~, makeup and skin by Schadenfreude

At the elephant, for this Friday!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chibi Cats at The Arcade

The Arcade is upon us again for the month of September.  I made stuffed cats for it this time, to carry around or cover your bed with.

The cats come with a hold pose if you keep them at the default attachment point (left forearm), or do not pose you if you choose another, so you don't have wonky random arm if you want to wear them on your shoulders or head or whatever. Two of the cats are a mini collab with hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~- Kasey is named after her cat, and uses her brocade pattern, and Rosa matches one of her Pwnies and uses her hand drawn rose pattern, also in The Arcade.

Some of them come with accessories that you can unlink and trade with other cats, if you so desire!

(They come with: top row: Pumpkin, Lafeet, Boots, Neckbone (First of His Name), Sweetie
bottom row: Unicat, Pegacat, Batcat, Supercat, Percival, Ziggy)

Only at The Arcade for the month of September.  You can see what everyone is offering at the guide!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fifty Linden Vestday and Socks!

This Friday I made some socks.  I've stealthily been working on Slink sock appliers lately, you can find appliers to just about everything in the elephant now.  These polka dot socks are new, so the appliers are included, and the black set is on sale this Friday for FLF.

There is also a set with the reverse, black polka dots on bright socks.  Those are not on sale for FLF though, the rules say a max of two things a round, and there had to be vests! It's a rule.

The vests this time match the Lune Amargosa boots, swirling stitched clouds and contrast inset stars and moons.  Lolas Tango appliers are included, for the busty gals.

(Thank you Perse and Emee for being my lovely and patient models!)

At the elephant!

Casinelle Shoes for Collabor88

This month is Collabor88's second birthday!  A whole bundle of guests are participating, bringing all sorts of Art Deco fabulousness, as the theme this time is Gatsby (as in The Great).  There's an amazing new build by Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil to hold it all (seriously, amazing details, check out the floor, and the stairs, and lounge in the awesome pool).

 Taken at Flashmans Nouveau

I made a pair of shoes this round, heavily influenced by 1920s styling- including the customizable heel- you can choose the base material, and the stones, to trade out your heels with new ones to give the same old shoes a new look.  All shoes, including singles, come with a HUD to change between 5 heel bases and 10 stones, and if you get more than one single colour, you can also use the HUDs from each one to mix the rest of the shoes (the pack comes with one big HUD with all the options in one convenient place).

There are also materials versions included of the shoes- the most notable differences being that the metal on the heel shines, the stones have a more realistic shine to them, and the metallic stitches on the shoe itself will also reflect the light. The shoes are also modify and resizable, as I like to do when I don't have to deal with rigging, so if you need your shoes a little larger or a little smaller, have at it!

At Collabor88 the month of August!

The full release of the Casinelles are now available at the elephant.
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