Sunday, October 20, 2013


way too many pumpkins, coming soon
I keep returning to my Jack o'Lanterns.  One of these days, I'll carve new ones, but I kind of like the faces of that 6, so when something new comes along, they eventually get updated.  This time it's a big update- mesh!  They've been totally rebuilt to be more streamlined, 1 prims and 1 Land Impact each at a reasonable pumpkin size (I made some a bit large around the Starlust, and they're still all only 1LI each), and they also come with 6 uncarved pumpkins now, and there are more colours.

Like, lots more colours, because I'm crazy.  There are, of course, a selection of oranges to mix, white Luminas and blue-grey Jarrahdales, a couple of speckled more gourd types, a variety of solid colours not seen in nature, and greyscale desaturated for those who shun colour.  Most of them come with 2 options, all 12 pumpkins included with both, 3 packs (2 of orange shades and the desaturated) come with 3 texture options with all 12 pumpkins in each.  There's also a scripted uberpack of all 23 textures, that lets you change the inside to either traditional orange or tintable white (which the desaturated pack has) that will change light colour to what to tint the inside to when lit.  Materials enabled with a soft sheen to the skin, and they use projector lights, so they cast their faces on anyone or anything in front of them.

way too many pumpkins at night

Pumpkins are out in the elephant!

white pumpkin

And yes, you do spy with your little eye a treat bucket in there.  This year's treat bucket is finally out (I'm always kind of late!)- swing by the elephant and touch the treat bucket on the coffee table to get one of your own.  Then click click click your bucket and encourage others to do the same!

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