Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh My Stars!

For the newly opened Oh My Stars on Elliott, glass star jewelry- after Elliott's closure, moved to the elephant.

There is a gacha, for those who like to gamble and see what fun thing they can get, with transfer versions that you can trade and give away:

And, a scripted set with a HUD that lets you do all the gacha possibilities, plus more:

(Clawtooth hair, limited edition ~silentsparrow~ Lysi in the first one)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kandi Kane and Holidaze

A few festive things for the season, from Schadenfreude:

(Cirque bra, Dawn Langwidere skin, Imperial Elegance pose)

(~silentsparrow~ snufferbux jacket, belladonna:lepidoptera tattoos, and, erm, I have a crapton of green ~silentsparrow~ pants, that's one of them on him... and Imperial Elegance poses)
The leather of the belts can be changed with the HUD from the Strigen belts, if you have that!

(Imperial Elegance poses)

The Stripey Patchmas pants and Stripey Christmas Vest are out again as well. All at the elephant, of course.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Allegory's Attic- Frames & Safey Pins

I create my own sculpts. Most of them I probably won't ever license out, but some of them I don't mind so much. Putting together a set also gives me a reason to finish some of the extra pieces that I haven't uploaded because I haven't needed _yet_. And so, the first 2 sets from Allegory's Attic:

A set of frames:

The framed snowflakes use the square frame from this set.

My safety pins:

The Electro-spook cameo earrings with ears use the closed safety pins from this set, as do the Striges skirts.

Sculpt kits will be only available through the marketplace. They are also ONLY to be used in the official Second Life grid, use in any other grid will require licensing specifically.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How 'bout them Apples?

Lloyd's been, well, destroyed. Quite vigorously. And with a lot of enjoyment, as we all laughed and danced while exploding buildings. However, the elephant remains, just as he's been, unscathed by the destruction going on around him.

So! New at the elephant! Some more makeup layers! Eyeshadows and Lipsticks/Nailpolishes packs, in bright saturated colours.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Starlust's Last (One Night) Stand

But you know we're just lying to ourselves. There will be more on night stands, it's that kind of motel.

The Starlust is undergoing big changes. Part of these big changes involve trying to stay open for people so they have time to move....but not charging rent because most of them will be having to move. And LL's not going to waive tier there, so, fundraiser! This weekend only, as I fight Appy's desire to delete it all because she's not so good at accepting the help.

Lots from lots of people, in front of the motel. From me:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Langwidere Bright Planet of Dreams

And yet more glitter! Skins and tattoo extras. The last of the trio of Planet of Dreams, the brights. Also, basement, elephant, take the TP in the poster (because there's a landing point on at the elephant to prevent people from getting embedded in walls. It wasn't pretty).

(Lazy Places hair, Schadenfreude dress)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Langwidere Warm Planet of Dreams

More glitter! This time the warms of Planet of Dreams. Skins, and lips and nails on the tattoo layer.

These are moved straight to the basement below the elephant because, well, I'm horrible and am torturing myself with the round walls, so I just threw my hands up and said nuuuuuuuuuu this time. There's a poster in the elephant that will take you straight to the gator room, which is where this all is!

(Clawtooth hair, Pig bodice from Horrorfest)

Clementine and Natasha

Ok, so I'm a little behind in my blogging as I just totally whoops forgot these. New pets!

Clementine is the dumbo rat you may recognize from around the Starlust, and the Christmas rats Flopsie and Mopsie. She's got the same three fur colours as the Flopsie and Mopsie shoulder pets, but is not all gussied up for Xmas. Without whiskers she weighs in at 15 prims, with whiskers...quite a few more.

(hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth; sweater is either Pig or Thimbles, Ms. Apatia Hammerer confuses me with her multi storeness!)

And Natasha, you might recognize from around the Starlust at Halloween. The pink one makes me sing Lullaby to myself. Well, you know. Even more than usual.

Both are mod, and quite poseable. And both are at the elephant!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scream Queen

This MAY be the end of my Halloween released. Maybe. There's more I could do, it's just whether I'm going to keep trying to get it out and done in time.

(hair is One Fine Day by Clawtooth by Clawtooth....and the reason this had to happen. Shoes are by Sixty Nine, but it looks like they only do hair now, which makes me emosad because I loved the skully accessories)

Bits can be mixed with Striga as well, if you are so inclined, the seams et al. match up so you can mix tops/skirts.

Did you know that ELVIRA IS BACK? It's true. There are new episodes. You can find out some of the stations that carry it on the official site. It doesn't list all the ThisTV stations though- that's what I'm watching it on. Unfortunately last week they got the times wrong so I missed the first half hour of The Giant Gila Monster, dammit. I can't tell you how much I've missed Elvira, I'm all about the cheesy horrible horror movies (bet you couldn't guess). I have such fond memories of Elvira hosting Attack of the Killer Tomatoes....

Anyway! Scream Queen! At the elephant!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok, first, to get you in the mood, you should watch this music video.

Done? Isn't that awesome? Don't you love bees now?

Now that wasn't really the reason the bee stuff happened, but I must admit, working on them did remind me of it.

come into my parlour

Stripey short dresses, named after the honey priestesses of Ancient Greece. Of course, there's yellow, unusual for me, because I find it a pain in the ass to work with. There's also a not-dress option, I don't even know what to call it. Sort of lingerie but not really? They're somewhat related to the Nancys, and have a bee zipper pull in the back instead of the spider there. They are, of course, also available each colour separately. I've been messing around with the way I package things a bit lately.

(Poses by Lazy Places. And yeah, the rest is a selection of mine that's out and not and I've just not been bothering lately to do proper credits for that, sorry!)

And to complete your bee costume, a bee bum and wings! Like the Nancys coming to be because of the spider bum....the Melissae came to be because of the bee bum.

(Poses by Imperial Elegance)

And a quartet of new Amortentia stockings, in lighter and brighter colours, to match some of the Melissae.

All out at the elephant!

See Acha floating away in green!

Strigen belts, Strigoi Top Hat

Strigen is a HUD control texture change leather belt, with a silver batwinged buckle, and coffin and spike studs around it. You might recognize the basic shape from the belt that holds up the Striges skirts- but now it comes in high and low waist versions, sized for men and women, without the skirts as well.

(BATS shirt from Pig at the Albero gatcha festival though I'm special and have a mod version I tinted; awesome Fashionably Dead vampire skin I've only taken off for ads since I got it; ~silentsparrow~ fledermaus tattoos which are pretty much always on my skin now- yeah, I just didn't change out of what I've been wearing at all for that one; Gritty Kitty hair and Nomine skin on him, not that you can see much! Poses are Imperial Elegance and/or Luth, probably. I forget.)

And I'm totally running out of words with that root for batty things.

The Strigoi Top Hat is similar to the one from Strigoi Viu, but on my new sculpted hat base so it's crumpled a little, with black and brown leather textures for the hat base, and texture change options for the rest of the elements to match the rest of the colours of the rest of the bat elements. There's also a sneaky version of the hat in there with just the band and bat, no trailing bit hanging down the back.

(her hair is Clawtooth; his hair is Lazy Places; his skin is, erm. Den Dou, I think. I have a weird collection of creepy skins, don't ask. And fucked if I recall which pose stand I was on that night, these are both from a few days ago and I forgot the fanfare, sorry!)

In the elephant, of course! Near some of the rest of the batty things. I need to make them a special room or something eventually.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Spiderwebs!

I'm in the first wave of the Albero Gacha Festival, which is full of all sorts of awesome goodies. I've got spiderwebbed posture collars there:

(skin by Fashionably Dead, hair by Clawtooth, bra is one of the Pig gacha items at the festival, pose by Luth)

There are matching pieces at the elephant:

(hair by Scribble, top skin by Fashionably Dead, poses by Imperial Elegance except for the blue Nephila pose which is MYSTERY POSE as I randomly somehow got stuck in it and have zero idea what it was)

Merry widows (yes, feel free to groan), and garter belts with spiders to grip onto your thigh high stockings so they won't fall down.

Also! Have you gotten your treat bucket? He's waiting for you.

treat bucket

Amyla in Nephila
Achariya in Nephilengys and spiderweb tights

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spiderweb Tights!

And shirts, and bodysuits, and gloves. Seamless, of course, because that's the hurdle I had to overcome or they would have happened years ago.

(House of Munster hair, Luth poses)

The elephant awaits you!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I waited until after the initial crush to tell you about Horrorfest, because, well, everyone else was already talking about it so much, I might as well remind you when you had more of a chance to get in, perhaps?

For Horrorfest, there is a variation on Jorogumo- in blue.

And Nancy, in Silent.

These are my items for the Horrorfest's chosen charity, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which urges tolerance of differences. Horrorfest takes up the entire sim of Floyd, and is full of awesome goodies. It runs until Halloween itself.

Your carriage awaits!

Evangeline Schism shows off some Horrorfest items

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jorogumo and the Spiderbum

Like Strix and Strigoi Mort, or Striga and Strigoi Viu, Jorogumo is one of my big sets for the Halloween season, when I let myself indulge in some spooky finery. The female set always precedes the male set, and the male set is usually just barely under the wire. With the whole mesh thing that makes me want to wander off and play with the beta grid....we'll see if I do better this year. Or worse.

Jorogumo is a shapeshifting spider in Japanese folklore. She likes to take the form of a beautiful woman, and lures men to their deaths. Because after all, them's good eatin'. The set is a combination of spooky steampunky and burlesque elements revolving around bustled spider butted skirts.

(hair: Calico Ingmann; everything else is Schadenfreude and most of it, minus the lipstick and this particular ear jewelry, is out somewhere in or below the elephant; poses by Just a Pose, Lazy Places, and Imperial Elegance)

Jorogumo is also available in blue for Horrorfest, for a limited time.

If the full on formalwear isn't your cup of tea, there is also just the spider butt, with assorted leg configurations. This one also is texture change with assorted patterns on the bum in colours that go well with the Nancys. (I'll tell you a secret: the spiderbum is actually WHY the Nancys exist.)

(the blond hair tucked back there is Clawtooth by Clawtooth, everything else is a mix of released and unreleased Schadenfreude, poses by Lazy Places and Imperial Elegance)

Out in the elephant. This year's treat bucket also awaits you on the floor in the middle of the elephant, full of candy and toys as usual. Also, I'm in Horrorfest, but I hear it's a total zoo right now, so I'll tell you about it later!

And you can see Achariya wearing Jorogumo here
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