Friday, October 15, 2010

Jorogumo and the Spiderbum

Like Strix and Strigoi Mort, or Striga and Strigoi Viu, Jorogumo is one of my big sets for the Halloween season, when I let myself indulge in some spooky finery. The female set always precedes the male set, and the male set is usually just barely under the wire. With the whole mesh thing that makes me want to wander off and play with the beta grid....we'll see if I do better this year. Or worse.


Jorogumo is a shapeshifting spider in Japanese folklore. She likes to take the form of a beautiful woman, and lures men to their deaths. Because after all, them's good eatin'. The set is a combination of spooky steampunky and burlesque elements revolving around bustled spider butted skirts.

(hair: Calico Ingmann; everything else is Schadenfreude and most of it, minus the lipstick and this particular ear jewelry, is out somewhere in or below the elephant; poses by Just a Pose, Lazy Places, and Imperial Elegance)

Jorogumo is also available in blue for Horrorfest, for a limited time.

If the full on formalwear isn't your cup of tea, there is also just the spider butt, with assorted leg configurations. This one also is texture change with assorted patterns on the bum in colours that go well with the Nancys. (I'll tell you a secret: the spiderbum is actually WHY the Nancys exist.)

(the blond hair tucked back there is Clawtooth by Clawtooth, everything else is a mix of released and unreleased Schadenfreude, poses by Lazy Places and Imperial Elegance)

Out in the elephant. This year's treat bucket also awaits you on the floor in the middle of the elephant, full of candy and toys as usual. Also, I'm in Horrorfest, but I hear it's a total zoo right now, so I'll tell you about it later!

And you can see Achariya wearing Jorogumo here

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