Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok, first, to get you in the mood, you should watch this music video.

Done? Isn't that awesome? Don't you love bees now?

Now that wasn't really the reason the bee stuff happened, but I must admit, working on them did remind me of it.

come into my parlour

Stripey short dresses, named after the honey priestesses of Ancient Greece. Of course, there's yellow, unusual for me, because I find it a pain in the ass to work with. There's also a not-dress option, I don't even know what to call it. Sort of lingerie but not really? They're somewhat related to the Nancys, and have a bee zipper pull in the back instead of the spider there. They are, of course, also available each colour separately. I've been messing around with the way I package things a bit lately.

(Poses by Lazy Places. And yeah, the rest is a selection of mine that's out and not and I've just not been bothering lately to do proper credits for that, sorry!)

And to complete your bee costume, a bee bum and wings! Like the Nancys coming to be because of the spider bum....the Melissae came to be because of the bee bum.

(Poses by Imperial Elegance)

And a quartet of new Amortentia stockings, in lighter and brighter colours, to match some of the Melissae.

All out at the elephant!

See Acha floating away in green!

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