Friday, January 23, 2009

White Stripe Pants

New pants: cousins to the original striped pants, these have white stipes. I've had these and not released them for a loooooong time- tintmatching attachments was, well, kind of horrid with the "lighting bug" with avatars- and especially noticable with light coloured attachments, they were way more sensitive to lighting changes. (People keep talking about Windlight starting this- I recall tinting my attachments before Windlight though!) And, like the other stripes, these have sculpted cuffs that you can choose to wear with them, and I was quite irked with them.

(available separately, or in a fatpack of all of them, at the elephant)

So, what changed? Turns out the avatar DOESN'T actually take lighting differently from objects (well, it sort of does, but in a way that doesn't actually matter- tinted avatar layers take light just the same as untinted because of the way the multiple layers of clothing have to be baked, whereas tinted _objects_ are more sensitive to light levels- hence why even tinting DIDN'T ALWAYS MATCH, YOU LINDEN JERK), the avatar has been tinted grey in the viewer- aside from the tinting YOU can add, the viewer had it hardcoded by some Linden, name unknown probably to keep away the angry mob, because seriously, wtf?

But that has been found! And is being fixed. We're in a transition period right now: it's only fixed in the Release Candidate, 1.22, so some people have it, some don't. When 1.22 goes live, as people eventually update to it (since you can get away with older viewers often now, until something serious comes along to make you switch), it will become more common, but for a while it's going to be some using it, some not.

Those using it? It's time to untint all your prim attachments, that you (or the designer) tinted grey to get by the problem. These are packaged untinted (and mod, of course!), and I'm slowly untinting my prim attachments but haven't started replacing them in all of the old vendors yet. If you're not running the Release Candidate, you may want to tint these! Generally it's close to Red 204, Green 204, Blue 204 (which is 80 luminosity, which is what the avatar is actually tinted to).

This is a prime example why attachments like this really need to be mod. Some scripts may have the ability to alter the tinting, but flat resizers do not, and any case of attachments that need to blend with a clothing later....yeah, it's no good.

In light of LL taking over OnRez and discontinuing service: If you wish to send these (or any no transfer Schadenfreude items) to a friend, please drop me a notecard so I can do it personally. xstreetsl has an atrocious interface for updating listings, so I will be discontinuing offering things on the web.
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