Monday, August 22, 2011

Animal Badges

In the same vein as those ties, hya and I got together and made some badges. She drew the cute animals (I dare you to say badger badge 5 times fast!), and I sculpted the thing to put them on. Texture change with a HUD, fit once and clicky clicky.

(I'd totally be a Ravenclaw, though I've never had bangs and only started cutting my hair as short as that lamb hair when I was a fair bit older. The sweater is from ~silentsparrow~, pose by {TERHO}, skin/eyes/shirt/tie by Schadenfreude)

Out at the elephant, of course.

(p.s. I've caved to peer pressure and am working on wands too.)

Friday, August 5, 2011

You-Know-Who Neckties

Plurk can be a great place for my random kicking in the pants, when I've intended to do something but then, whoops, forgotten, and someone reminds me. There's a new RP for a certain magic school that's coming up soon, and someone reminded me that I'd kinda sorta thought about doing ties in these colours a few times, and never quite got that far. She also stood in for my little model, which meant that I didn't stress over pictures for forever (and what to wear....that usually takes me forever for no good reason!), not wanting to inconvenience her.

(I fear I don't know where most of this came from, aside from the skin being from Curio, and the poses from {TERHO}, which closes in world TODAY- but you might recognize some of it in the flickr of uniform examples)

Thank you Juliet Dragonash, for house hopping for me!

Texture change via 2 HUDs- one does the ties themselves, one the optional attached oxford collars, so you can fit once and then clickity click. And, of course, plugs in with the rest of the tie HUDs too.

At the elephant!

(And then, later, I dressed up a bit anyway. But without the same vendor pressure. Also: Alle would SO get expelled, if they'd even let her in!)

alle would not fit in at school

And here are some girls up to no good!

Slytherin girls

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ozimals Summer Carnival

There's a carnival going on right now put on by Ozimals. There are games and rides and prizes and a big top! The games are quite fun, though I so can't guess my weight, at ALL.

And there are some new things out there. Some from me!

(hair by lamb; pose probably by {TERHO}, which is closing its in world store the 5th, so hustle for some awesome poses on sale!)

Cameo jewelry with silhouetted circus acts. The cameos change with a HUD, and all my cameo jewelry with a HUD interlocks now, so you can change any with any of the HUDs (if you have older ears or the Electro-cute set, use your updater!)

(hair by Clawtooth by Clawtooth; necklace you can't really see is the matching Chapiteau locket from ~silentsparrow~)

More cameos- these are a collab with hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~, featuring her Chapiteau cameo art. Simple earrings, but the HUD can change all my other cameo jewelry for making anything into jewelry to match your ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau finery.

(hair by Clawtooth and Schadenfreude; clothing by ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude; poses by PDA [now closed])

And glam glittery eye star facepaint- you can try your luck with the gacha for a star (they come in singles, left or right eye), or for the extra glam, you can grab the entire pack in copy, instead. Because I want to make you all into members of KISS and/or Jem.

Schadenfreude wants YOU
(I'm totally blaming this silliness above on Amyla. And maybe a bit on Claire. And it's a mix of ~silentsparrow~ and Schadenfreude)

Once the event is over, all items will be located at the elephant.
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